The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2151-2160

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2151
With how confident Vulture sounded, Kai was sure that Gerald would definitely be murdered this time…!

After looking at Gerald’s picture for a while and memorizing it, Vulture couldn’t help but feel that Gerald looked slightly familiar. While he couldn’t tell why that was, he made sure to hide his curiosity by asking, “Regardless, while I can definitely finish him off, about the commission…”

Hearing that, Kai gestured at one of his men before saying, “Bring it over.”

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Nodding in response, the subordinate then disappeared into another room before quickly returning with a suitcase…

Watching as his subordinate opened it before Vulture, Kai then crossed his legs before adding, “There’s two million dollars in there. If you kill Gerald within three days, I’ll transfer five million more dollars into your bank account as the rest of your commission. If it extends past three days, however, I’ll have to lower it to four million dollars instead. Even so, I believe you’ll need a week at most to take him out. What do you say?”

“Fine by me,” replied Vulture. After all, he was being given seven million dollars when the target wasn’t even a tycoon or senior government official! As long as he planned right and did everything correctly, this mission was going to be a cinch!

“Very well, then! Your task begins tomorrow morning! Speaking of which, feel free to rest here in the next few days, sir. Those two women will naturally remain here for your pleasure. However, if you don’t think they’re enough, feel free to ask for more! As long as you’re able to kill Gerald within the allocated time, I’ll grant you anything!” declared Kai with a smile.

Following that, Vulture watched as Kai and his subordinates left the villa. Once they were gone, he took a sip of water before returning to his room…

As for Kai and his men, after getting into their car, one of his subordinates couldn’t help but ask, “Where to now, Mr. Kanagawa…?”

“To the entertainment company. They organized a selection event recently, right? Let’s see if there are any beauties around! It’s high time we celebrated!” replied Kai delightedly. Since Gerald was now as good as dead to him, Kai was so elated that he honestly wanted to have a car race just to show how overjoyed he was.

“Got it!” replied his subordinate with a nod before driving the car toward the Kanagawa’s entertainment company…

As for Gerald, he naturally had no idea about any of this. Regardless, after a good night’s rest, the energized youth decided to walk around the training grounds alone while Aiden and Fujiko headed off to participate in more competitions.

Naturally, he wasn’t doing this just to have a stroll. The truth was, Gerald wanted to locate the Crawford cultivator from before.

After all, before hitting the hay the night before, he had momentarily sensed that person’s presence. From what he could tell, the person was either within the training ground or somewhere near it. Since this was an urban area, there were numerous hotels for that cultivator to hide in.

While Gerald wasn’t really afraid of that person, he was worried that trouble could brew if he allowed the cultivator to do as he pleased. Gerald, for one, didn’t want those close to him to get affected by that.

As he was walking around, Gerald bumped into Ichiro who was quick to jog over before asking, “Oh? What are you doing here, Mr. Crawford?”

“I’m just taking a stroll,” replied Gerald with a faint smile.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2152
“If you don’t mind, could we talk for a bit, Mr. Crawford?” asked Ichiro as he heaved a sigh. Ichiro, for one, couldn’t talk to his colleagues about some things and he didn’t have any close friends nearby. With that in mind, he figured that Gerald would be the perfect listener.

“Sure. I don’t mind,” replied Gerald with a nod, figuring that he could possibly learn more clues about the person who had murdered the Yanam special forces soldier. What more, this was his chance to see if the Japanese military had managed to figure out that he was Adler’s murderer.

“I’m glad you agreed! Please, follow me. You know, my family mailed some good tea to me recently, I’ll let you try some,” said Ichiro with a smile.

Following that, the duo soon found themselves walking into Ichiro’s office. Upon entering, Ichiro immediately told his secretary to get some tea ready before gesturing for Gerald to take a seat

“The problems keep stacking up, Mr. Crawford… If I’m to be honest, I don’t even know where I should start investigating! But if I don’t start getting results, I may not even be able to keep my job! ” muttered Ichiro in resignation.

“You’re telling me. There truly has been quite a bit going on around the Japanese training grounds recently Still, haven’t you managed to obtain other clues about the two murders since the last time we talked?” asked Gerald with a nod.

“Nothing with Adler’s case… To think that we haven’t been able to find anything even after half a month has passed! There just doesn’t seem to be any traces of the man left! I truly think that Adler’s disappearance is an unsolvable case… As for the other person, we’ve found his corpse and sent it back to Yanam. While we’re currently doing a thorough investigation based on the clues the murderer left behind, we don’t know if we’ll be able to sniff him out in the end…” explained Ichiro.

Ichiro was only speaking this casually about all this since he knew that Gerald wasn’t part of the military. He was also pretty sure that Gerald wasn’t involved with either of the cases, which was why he didn’t mind sharing all these details to let off some steam.

“I see… For your sake, I hope you’ll be able to find the culprit soon…” replied Gerald with a nod.

“Thank you… You know, the colonel told me that if I continue failing to uncover these two cases, not only will the colonel be fired, but I’ll be forced to resign as well. You can tell that they’re serious just by how many Japanese military soldiers are standing guard over the training grounds now. After all, a third case would be disastrous… I’ll be frank and say that I’m thankful that the only victims are those from Yanam. It means that we only need to compensate Yanam with gifts or something else. If the cases involved someone from Weston, the Western Union, or any of the European countries, we’d truly be in hot water! ” said Ichiro as he shook his head with a sigh, clearly vexed out of his mind.

As Ichiro’s secretary returned with some tea prompting Ichiro to hand a glass over to Gerald, Gerald couldn’t help but ask, “Indeed… Speaking of which, there’s a lot of hotels nearby, right? Since you have the murderer’s height and general body description, maybe you could find him within the hotels in the area. Just a thought…”

Naturally, Gerald was only suggesting this since he was planning to do so himself in the first place. However, Ichiro simply replied, “I’ve already done that to no avail Hell, we did it the day after the incident, but there simply were no traces of our culprit. I suspect he must have immediately fled after doing the deed…”

Frowning slightly, Gerald was prompted to ask, “… Are you absolutely sure…?”

While he initially had his doubts that the person was a Crawford cultivator, after what Ichiro had just told him, it seemed that the culprit really was a cultivator…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2153
However, the fact that the Japanese Military hadn’t been able to locate him even though Gerald had clearly sensed that person’s presence the night before was puzzling, to say the least.

“Of course, I am! Don’t worry, the investigation isn’t anything confidential so there’s no reason for me to lie,” replied Ichiro as he waved his hand.

“Indeed… Well, I wish you luck with your investigations! Do tell me if you require any help. I don’t mind since I feel we get along well,” said Gerald with a subtle smile.

“… Do… Do you really mean that, Mr. Crawford?” asked Ichiro after momentarily freezing.

“What reason would I have to lie?” replied Gerald with a chuckle.

“That… That’s wonderful! With how strong you are, the culprit will definitely be caught in no time!” exclaimed Ichiro rather excitedly. Ichiro, for one, knew that Gerald alone had caused quite a mess within the Yanam Military, and only someone exceedingly strong could achieve such a feat.

“You flatter me. Regardless, I’ll stick to my word,” replied Gerald as he stuck his hand out for a handshake, knowing full well that he was only doing this in hopes of easing his search for the Crawford cultivator.

What more, with the Japanese military’s investigation team involved, the culprit couldn’t just reveal his cultivator abilities, thus forcing him to take on Gerald with only his martial arts skills.

Regardless, once Ichiro calmed down a little, he couldn’t help but ask, “…Come to think of it, what benefit do you get from all this, Mr. Crawford…? After all, you’ll only be wasting time and energy by helping us…”

Chuckling in response, Gerald thought up an excuse on the spot before replying, “As I’ve said, I just feel that we get along well. Besides, though Aiden’s busy with the competition, I don’t have anything better to do.”

“I see… Well, whatever the case is, please accept my thanks on behalf of the military investigation team! If you manage to capture the culprit, I’ll surely ask my military superior to record your merits!” said Ichiro as he returned Gerald’s handshake. Since Gerald was willing to lend his aid at his lowest, Ichiro now saw Gerald as a good friend.

Laughing in response, Gerald released their handshake soon after before replying, “Let’s work hard and capture the crook as soon as we can, then!”

Since Gerald had agreed to help, Ichiro wasted no time and immediately led Gerald to the colonel’s office.

Upon hearing from the colonel’s secretary that the case could potentially be solved soon, the colonel prioritized returning to his office instead of continuing to watch the competition.

Once the colonel got there and sat at his desk, Ichiro immediately began reporting all the recent incidents to him while Gerald remained seated on a couch within the room.

A few minutes later, the colonel got to his feet and scanned Gerald from head to toe before asking, “… Gerald Crawford, correct?”

“That, I am,” replied Gerald as he got up before nodding.

“As you already know, I’m the colonel of the Japanese military, and I go by Shin Oda. Ichiro has told me that you’re willing to help us solve the two murders. While I’m happy to hear that, I do wonder if you have any hidden agendas…” said Oda as he returned a nod…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2154
“Oh…? What agendas could I probably have?” asked Gerald as he raised a slight brow, clearly not expecting the colonel to ask that.

“Don’t get me wrong, but since I’m the one in charge, I need to remain vigilant at all times. We’re all aware of the giant mess you created back in Yanam, Gerald. With the Yanam military’s leader missing which is why Carter is now in charge I’m simply worried that you may do the same to our military,” replied Oda as he stated at Gerald.

With how dangerous this mission was, Oda knew that if things got out of control, there was a high chance that anyone present would be as good as dead…

Hearing that, Gerald burst out laughing before explaining, “While I can understand where you’re coming from, I’m afraid you still don’t understand how I operate. You see, I only did that to the Yanam military since they kidnapped my friend. They even used his life to threaten me, you see. With that in mind, I assume you’ll see things from my point of View?”

“I have heard about that too,” replied Oda who had previously been told the same thing while he was researching the Yanam incident.

Honestly, Oda would’ve tried his best to save his friend as well if they were kidnapped by the Yanam military. Of course, he wasn’t as strong as Gerald, so he would’ve used other methods to do so.

Whatever the case was, Gerald then said, “Either way, I’m just helping you since I get along well with Noda. I won’t deny that I’m just doing this because I’m bored either. However, if you still think I’m too dangerous, feel free to reject my offer. If you do, I won’t ask any further about this affair,” said Gerald in a low voice.

While there was an instant change in Ichiro’s expression upon hearing that, since Oda was present, Ichiro remained silent on the spot…

Shaking his head, the colonel quickly replied, “Just to be clear, this affair is between you and Ichiro. I have nothing to do with any of this, and I’m just making a routine inquiry. With that said, you’re free to help, though if anything happens, know that Ichiro’s to bear full responsibility.”

Oda, for one, knew better than to mess with a strong person like Gerald. Even so, he couldn’t deny that Gerald was a very viable solution to capturing the culprit. Regardless, since this conversation had been recorded by the recording system in the office, Oda now knew that if any trouble arose, Ichiro would be the one to blame instead of him.

“Don’t worry, sir! Gerald and I will definitely capture all the culprits in no time flat!” declared Ichiro as he patted his chest.

“I await your good news, then. Speaking of which, you’re a Westoner, right, Gerald? I’ll be giving you a temporary identity in the meantime since I can’t think of any other way to justify you working for our military’s investigation team. This’ll make things much more convenient for you as well,” replied Oda as he opened his drawer and took an insignia out before handing it to Gerald.

Looking at the words on the insignia, Gerald then read out, “Investigation team temporary investigator…”

“Indeed. That will be your current identity. Thankfully, you don’t hold any governmental positions in Weston or this would be against your country’s laws… Regardless, go ahead and start investigating. I’ll be heading back to monitor the competition, but if there’s anything you two find, inform me immediately, got that?” said Oda as he nodded before leaving the office.

Regardless, now that Oda had agreed, Ichiro instantly felt relieved. With Gerald’s help, they were certainly going to crack the case in the nick of time! Now fully motivated, Ichiro turned to face Gerald before declaring, “I’ll be counting on you from now on, Gerald!”

“Likewise. And don’t worry too much, I’m just using this as an excuse to pass time,” replied Gerald as he smiled while shaking his head…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2155
“Either way, let’s get you to the office first! I’ll call over the other investigation team members to introduce you to them. While we’re at it, I’ll take the chance to explain your temporary role in this investigation! ” said Ichiro as he placed his hand on Gerald’s shoulder.

“Can we talk while eating?” asked Gerald as he patted his belly.

“Of course! You know where my office is, right? Go wait there for me first as I head out to get some food!” replied Ichiro. Forget eating, even if Gerald had requested to be someplace else, Ichiro would’ve readily rented someplace within the military grounds.

Fast forward to half an hour later, everyone from the investigation team had arrived. Naturally, upon seeing Gerald there, they were all rightfully curious. After all, to all of them, he was a suspect in Adler’s disappearance. While they had no evidence that he had committed the deed, in the end, Gerald still had a motive to commit the crime. With that in mind, since Gerald was just sitting there, many of them thought that Gerald had taken the initiative to surrender himself.

Just as they were deep in thought, Ichiro entered the office with a few bags in hand. As the pleasant scent of roasted chicken filled the room, Ichiro declared, “I’ve brought over some roasted chicken, so be sure to share among yourselves. I’ll detail all of you as you eat.”

Following that, he placed a roasted chicken in front of Gerald making sure to hand out the rest to the other team members as well before sitting on the main seat and drinking a glass of water.

After clearing his throat, Ichiro then said, “Now that everyone’s here… I’ll cut straight to the chase. Gerald and I have just returned from the colonel’s office, and we’ve gotten the green light to make Gerald a temporary investigator. With that said, he’ll be helping us investigate the two murders from today onward.”

“…What? Why is he suddenly joining our investigation team?”

Ichiro’s announcement was like an exploding bombshell, and everyone couldn’t help but look at Gerald with incredulous gazes. After all, how on earth had a suspect suddenly become their colleague?

On the contrary, Gerald looked cool as a cucumber as he ate his roasted chicken, barely even caring about their gazes and comments.

“I’m excluding Gerald from our list of suspects. After all, the case is already half a month old and we still have no evidence against him. Due to that, I say that that’s enough to prove his innocence! Besides, Gerald’s been kind enough to willingly help us with this investigation! With that said, please put your shock aside and start revealing any information you’ve obtained! It’s high time we solved these cases!” explained Ichiro.

“Loud and clear!” declared everyone as they nodded, not daring to disobey Ichiro.

Following that, they all placed their written reports on the table, prompting Ichiro who had just sipped on more water to say, “Alright, take turns explaining what you found in the past two days.”

Hearing that, everyone did as Ichiro ordered. While everyone else was dead serious as they read their reports, Gerald who had his legs crossed simply continued eating his roasted chicken…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2156
By the time the others were done, Gerald had just finished his roasted chicken.

Watching as Gerald wiped his hands, Ichiro handed two tissues to the youth before asking, “So… Figured anything out?”

“Hardly. To be completely frank, the information was near useless, so I wasn’t really paying attention. Though I have to say, the roasted chicken is pretty good, so you guys should eat it while it’s hot,” replied Gerald as he wiped his mouth.

“You…! ” growled the other investigators, clearly annoyed that Gerald was just dissing on all their hard work. What a waste of breath!

“What’s wrong?” asked Ichiro.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing major. Regardless, you guys should start investigating the hotels around the training ground. I advise you to register every non Japanese staying in the vicinity! Believe me when I say that that’s the only information that’s going to be useful for now!” replied Gerald as he waved his hand.

“Do you honestly think that we haven’t already investigated the surrounding area? Also, all the foreigners? Do you think registering all of them and putting them on file is going to be a cinch or something? You’re not even a proper member of the investigation team! What would you know about our work and authority?” retorted several of the other members.

“Just do as he says. Remember, the colonel has given him permission to be on our team, so the colonel and I will be bearing all the consequences. With that said, if you disagree with Gerald, you can either take this to the colonel’s office or leave!” growled Ichiro as he slammed his fist onto the table.

Hearing that, everyone became so frightened that they instantly fell silent. While Ichiro was usually an amiable person, everyone in the investigation team knew that Ichiro was the kind of person who didn’t make any exceptions to who he grew angry at, not even his family. In fact, he had such a bad temper in his earlier years that he was known for driving several people out!

With that in mind, the rest of the investigation team could only yell, “Loud and clear!”

Knowing that they could only obey Gerald’s orders for now, the group of people quickly tidied up their documents before walking out of the office…

Gerald himself simply shook his head before saying, “It’s such a pity that they didn’t eat their roasted chickens…”

Watching as Gerald took the remaining chicken and began feasting once more, Ichiro waited for his secretary to close the door before looking at Gerald and asking, “Truth be told, I’m finding it hard to see the logic of your order… After all, we’ve already scanned through all the hotels in the vicinity multiple times. While it’s true that there are multiple foreigners, none of them look like the murderer at all…”

“Tell me again what that murderer’ s physique was like. And did he leave behind any footprints?” asked Gerald as he looked back at Ichiro.

“From what we’ve gathered, the person is around six feet tall and has a rather sturdy looking figure. Aside from that, his footprints were size twelve… As I’ve previously said, we found nobody who matched the description, which is why we assume that the culprit has left the area,” explained Ichiro.

“Just a thought, but couldn’t the culprit have worn platform shoes? Also, it’s easy to look sturdy if you have piles of clothes on. As for the shoe size, couldn’t the murderer just have worn larger shoes?” asked Gerald in between chews.

“… That…” muttered the stupefied Ichiro as his voice momentarily trailed off…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2157
Though he was in the investigation team, Ichiro didn’t specialize in solving mysteries. The cases he usually dealt with were dangerous, but straightforward. With that in mind, what Gerald had just said had never crossed his mind.

It was also at that moment when Ichiro realized that the footage from the surveillance camera could be completely useless. While it was true that they had managed to capture the man’s face, after hearing what Gerald had to say, Ichiro now wondered if the culprit had been wearing a rubber mask as well…

“I don’t blame you for being speechless. Regardless, that’s why I said the information your subordinates provided earlier was completely useless. It’s also why I told them to quickly identify any foreigners living in nearby hotels. Call it a gut feeling, but I have a hunch that the person is still here,” replied Gerald with a subtle smile.

“… Hold on, why only foreigners?” asked the confused Ichiro.

“You’re free to investigate the locals if you want, but I feel that the murder is more of an act of revenge. After all, the culprit only killed those from Yanam, which is why I don’t think the locals did it. I could be wrong, though,” replied Gerald.

Gerald, for one, knew for a fact that he was only ‘helping’ them in order for him to locate the Crawford cultivator. While he admitted that it was a selfish motive of his, he also believed that the cultivator was the murderer of the Yanam special forces soldier. With that in mind, he had reason to believe that investigating the locals would only be a waste of energy.

“… I see! Either way, don’t you worry! I’ll order my subordinates to run thorough investigations on all the surrounding hotels!” declared Ichiro who now trusted Gerald more than ever. After all, Gerald had just given them new leads to look into. Now, there truly was a chance for them to crack the case!

Gerald himself who had just finished his second roasted chicken released a large burp before saying, “I’m sure you will. By the way, the roasted chicken really is delectable. You wouldn’t mind me taking the rest back, would you?”

As Gerald was thinking about letting Master Ghost have a taste as well, Ichiro simply laughed heartily as he replied, “Feel free! Honestly, if you like them so much, I’m willing to send them to you every day!”

“There’s no need for that. Either way, I’ll be heading back first. I’ll contact you again tonight,” replied Gerald as he carried the remaining roasted chicken away with him…

Watching as Gerald left, Ichiro then stood on the spot for a while, slowly taking the time to process all that Gerald had said. Eventually, he grabbed his coat before dashing off to keep an eye on the investigation efforts…

Gerald himself soon got back with the roasted chicken in hand. Upon entering the room, Master Ghost who was watching television couldn’t help but get to his feet as he asked, “Is that roasted chicken I smell?”

“Bingo. Noda Ichiro, the head of the Japanese military’s investigation team, got them for us. Well, me. I ended up becoming a temporary investigator for them to hopefully ease my search for the Crawford cultivator,” explained Gerald.

“I see. With the investigation team on our side, not only will your odds of finding the cultivator increase, but even if the cultivator discovers you, he probably won’t dare to attack,” replied Master Ghost after thinking about it for a bit.

“Indeed. Either way, eat up. The chicken’s untouched, if you’re worried about that,” said Gerald with a nod as he placed the chicken before Master Ghost.

“Glad to hear. You know, I was just about to head out to get some food earlier, but it seems you returned in the nick of time,” replied Master Ghost as he took a good whiff of the chicken before tearing off a drumstick and stuffing it into his mouth.

“I suppose. Speaking of which, I’m heading out to the hotel tonight to have a look around. With any luck, I’ll find the Crawford cultivator and quickly get rid of him,” said Gerald as he sat before Master Ghost. “Would you like me to join you?” asked Master Ghost with a nod.

“Well, with the investigation team there, you should be safe. With that said, sure, why not?” replied Gerald after thinking about it for a bit.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2158
With night swiftly approaching sometime later, Gerald and Master Ghost quickly began making their way to where Ichiro and the others were.

As for the members of the investigation team, after investigating throughout the day while constantly being urged by Ichiro, they managed to scan through at least half of the surrounding hotels and guesthouses. Aside from being registered, any foreigner living in those places were temporarily detained under the Japanese military, and were currently being guarded by Japanese soldiers…

Regardless, as the duo continued making their way to where Ichiro was, Gerald made sure to detail what he had encountered in the past two days to Master Ghost. After listening to all that, Master Ghost couldn’t help but say, “It honestly surprises me that the investigation team would obey your orders like this…”

To Master Ghost, Gerald should’ve been the prime suspect of Adler’s disappearance. Even so, he was simultaneously glad that the investigation team hadn’t been monitoring Gerald too closely. After all, it allowed Gerald to actually join their team! What more, Ichiro sounded like he really trusted Gerald.

“Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting things to go this smoothly either, though I’m not complaining. Regardless, since I’m making my move under the guise of an investigation team member, the Crawford cultivator will surely not anticipate the presence of

Another cultivator. With that in mind, once I gain sufficient knowledge about him, it’ll be easy for me to take him out,” replied Gerald with a nod as he continued walking forward.

Shortly after they left the training ground, the two of them were greeted by the sight of several investigation team members and nearly endless Japanese soldiers on both sides of the street, all of them vigilantly guarding the entrances of all hotels and guesthouses in the vicinity.

Though several drivers immediately turned to leave the area upon seeing all this, there were still quite a number of spectators. These people lived around the training ground, and they were well aware that it was a rare occasion for the military to get this riled up. With that in mind, it was only natural for them to start discussing what was happening among themselves.

Either way, upon noticing Gerald’s presence, Ichiro immediately dropped whatever he was doing and jogged over to the youth while shouting, “Gerald! Over here!”

Since Gerald had agreed to help him, Ichiro treated him like a friend now, which explained why he dropped the formalities when addressing Gerald.

Smiling in response, Gerald was prompted to ask, “How are things going, Mr. Noda?”

“Things are going well. We’ve temporarily detained all the foreigners living in the vicinity, and they’re currently being guarded by soldiers. Though you told me not to, I also registered all the locals in the area, just in case. Regardless, we’ve found a few suspicious people throughout our investigation, and I’d like you to have a look at them,” replied Ichiro with a grin, clearly expecting the case to be cracked soon.

Ichiro, for one, had a hunch that the culprit was among the people whom he deemed were suspicious. From what he could guess, the person had probably remained here since he still wanted to murder more of Yanam’s soldiers.

“That’s great to hear. Do lead the way,” said Gerald as he turned to look at Master Ghost with a smile.

Following that, the spectators watched as the duo followed Ichiro into one of the hotels…

After walking past the soldiers guarding the hotel’s entrance, Gerald was greeted by the sight of several hotel staff members gathered at the lobby. Though there were soldiers in here as well each armed with a gun, Gerald was more interested in the six people seated on the couch.

Watching as Ichiro pointed at them, Ichiro himself then said, “Those are the suspects, Gerald. Though you told me that the culprit was probably an expert at disguising himself, I went ahead and gathered people who looked similar to the individual captured on the surveillance system. I don’t plan to let them go till you have a good look at them.”

The second Gerald’s name was mentioned, one of the men seated on the sofa who was wearing a Windbreaker slowly lifted his head. Upon seeing Gerald, he couldn’t help but frown.

The man himself was none other than Amare, the Crawford cultivator…!

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2159
Based on the time limit the patriarch had given him, this was supposed to be Amare’s sixth and final day in Japan. If he was still unable to locate Gerald, he would still have to leave tomorrow, thus failing to complete the mission Will had assigned him…

Just as he was feeling that all hope was lost and that he was going to fail to get on Will’s good side, Gerald appeared before him! Amare couldn’t have asked for anything better! Still, with so many Japanese soldiers in the vicinity, Amare knew better than to act rashly. With that in mind, he took a brief glance at Gerald just to confirm his identity before quickly averting his gaze.

The second Amare averted his gaze, Gerald immediately noticed that someone had been staring at him. Raising a slight brow, Gerald then turned to look at the individuals seated on the sofa…

While he couldn’t pinpoint who had been staring at him earlier, the person in the middle stuck out a bit more from the rest. With that in mind, Gerald took a deep breath before activating a small portion of his Herculean Primordial Spirit… Only to realize that there wasn’t even the slightest fluctuation of essential qi. With that, he quickly retracted his primordial spirit.

Though there weren’t any essential qi fluctuations, Gerald couldn’t help but feel that that person wasn’t an ordinary man. Trusting his gut, Gerald made sure to take note of that man…

Seeing that Gerald was staring so intently at those people, Ichiro leaned closer to him to ask, “Do you have any methods to get the truth out from them? Since they’re all foreigners, we can’t just lock them up and interrogate them since that will cause trouble with the embassy.”

“Unfortunately, I’m not the best at interrogating, so I’ll leave that to you guys. Regardless, there are some things that I’d like to think through first,” replied Gerald, his gaze still fixed on the man with the Windbreaker.

Gerald’s intuition was practically screaming that the man in the Windbreaker was the Crawford cultivator. Even so, Gerald wasn’t planning on doing anything till he sensed essential qi from that suspicious individual…

Regardless, upon hearing that, the slightly disappointed Ichiro could only say, “… Alright…”

However, Ichiro’s mood quickly lifted after he reminded himself that Gerald wasn’t a professional investigator. He was just here to help, and it wouldn’t make sense for him to know how to properly interrogate people…

Either way, if they really wanted to get information out of these foreigners, the best course of action would probably be to get the local police officers over. If they set up a temporary interrogation room instead of bringing the foreigners to the police station, it would only become a ‘questioning session’, thus avoiding the embassy’s involvement. Besides, if they did that and the suspects became vindictive, it wouldn’t affect him or his team.

Whatever the case was, after sizing the man up for one final time, Gerald turned to look at Master Ghost before saying, “… Let’s head back for now. We shouldn’t interfere with their jobs.”

Master Ghost had already been with Gerald for such a long time that he could already tell what Gerald’s slightest actions or movements indicated. With that in mind, he simply nodded in response, prompting the duo to leave the hotel…

Ichiro immediately got to work as well, quickly contacting the local police station to get some interrogators over…

Though Gerald remained silent throughout their journey back, upon entering their room and closing the door behind them, Gerald immediately heaved a heavy sigh as he took his coat off. Following that, he lit a cigarette and took two puffs of it…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2160
“Sensed anything back there?” asked Master Ghost who had a vague idea of what Gerald had experienced.

“Indeed… Remember that man in the Windbreaker? One of the suspects sitting on the sofa?” replied Gerald with a slight frown.

“I do. I made sure to memorize all their appearances,” said Master Ghost with a nod.

“Well, I have a feeling that he’s the Crawford cultivator, though I can’t be certain just yet…

Regardless, I’m heading out later tonight,” replied Gerald as he continued huffing on his cigarette. In no time flat, the cigarette’s lifespan had ended…

“Are you planning to secretly get rid of him?” asked Master Ghost.

“Negative. Again, I specify that it was only a gut feeling. Until I’m sure, I won’t lay a finger on him. Regardless, since I was able to notice him, I’m sure he noticed me as well. In fact, it was probably when Ichiro first mentioned my name when I realized I was being stared at. Either way, my plan tonight is to slightly expose my cultivation to draw that person out. Once I confirm that he’s a Crawford cultivator, I’ll get rid of him swiftly,” explained Gerald as he placed his burnt out cigarette in an ashtray.

“I see… Speaking of which, were you able to get a grasp of how strong he was? After calculating for a bit, I feel he’s weaker than you, though you shouldn’t let your guard down till you’re absolutely sure,” replied Master Ghost in a slightly worried tone.

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t really treat anyone from the Crawford family seriously aside from Will who wants to compete with me so much just to secure his position as ‘heir of the Crawfords’. Quite honestly, I’d like to meet him just to see how well my grandpa’s insight is,” scoffed Gerald before shaking his head with a smile.

“Well… Since you’ve said that, I won’t ask any further than that… Still, do be careful. After all, in the end, the Crawfords are still a cultivating family. After suffering consecutive losses in your hands, I’m just worried that they sent a stronger cultivator after your head this time…” muttered Master Ghost. While it was true that Gerald was inhumanly strong, the Crawfords still had hundreds of years’ worth of experience as cultivators. With that in mind, nobody truly knew how strong that family was…

Hearing that, Gerald simply chuckled before patting Master Ghost’s shoulder as he said, “If you’re so worried, why don’t you do some calculations to see how dangerous this encounter will be.”

“That’s unnecessary,” replied Master Ghost as he waved his hand…

Following that, Gerald took a cold shower. Once he was done, he took the photographs of his parents, elder sister, and Mila out… By the time he finally peeled his gaze from the pictures, the sky was already darkening…

Upon hearing a few messy footsteps walking past his window, be carefully returned the photographs into his pocket before lighting a cigarette and heading toward the window to look downstairs… Only to see Ichiro and the rest of the investigation team walking away.

From how dejected they looked, Gerald figured that they hadn’t been able to gather anything. Then again, if the Crawford cultivator truly was the one responsible for that death, then it was pretty much impossible for regular people like them to gain any new hints.

Whatever the case was, once they were out of sight, Gerald tossed his cigarette away before slipping his coat on…

Soon enough, he was walking past the training ground’s large entrance… and the second he left the area, Gerald immediately activated his Herculean Primordial Spirit, making sure to expel some essential qi at the same time…

Barely even seconds later, Amare who had just been cleared of his suspicion was alerted to the sudden fluctuation of essential qi.

With that, he opened his room window… and in no time at all, his figure vanished from the spot.

He only had a day left before he had to leave Japan… He needed to act quickly or Daryl would surely punish him for returning late…

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