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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2161-2170

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2161
Just thinking about the hundreds of poisonous snakes in his family’s infamous pit sent shivers down his spine.

Shaking his head, Amare knew that he had to stay focused. Tonight was his best shot at killing Gerald. If he failed, there was a high chance that he wasn’t going to be able to hunt Gerald down in time tomorrow. What more, even if he did miraculously find Gerald again then, he wouldn’t be able to do anything in broad daylight unless he wanted to attract unnecessary attention to himself.

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Whatever the case was, after silently touching down on the ground after leaping from the sixth floor a cold smile formed on Amare’s face as he growled, “To think that you’d actually release your essential qi… Don’t you know you’re being hunted down?”

With that said, Amare began bolting toward the direction where he had sensed the essential qi. With how fast he was, he was barely even visible, and anyone he passed would’ve only been able to sense a cold breeze passing by…

Gerald himself was already standing in an open area while puffing a cigarette, the cigarette’s smoke looking particularly conspicuous in the darkening sky…

The youth had learned about this place from Ichiro from one of their casual conversations. Apparently, this area had been bought by the war department to build a new training ground. However, due to some issues, the project had been suspended till this very day. Regardless, since this piece of land was owned by the war department, nobody dared to come to this place. Those from the war department didn’t have any reason to come all the way out here just to train either, which made this the perfect place to deal with the Crawford cultivator.

Either way, it wasn’t long after before Gerald felt someone closing in at rapid speeds, prompting him to mutter, “Well aren’t you a fast one…”

Though it was already pretty dark, with the help of the Herculean Primordial Spirit, Gerald could now see clearly in the dark. In fact, being a cultivator, he could even see the blood circulation and essential qi running through people. With that said, Gerald soon saw Amare appear not too far away from him…

“Gerald, right?” asked Amare as he stared at the youth. Since Gerald had already released his essential qi, Amare saw no reason to hide his anymore either.

Watching as Amare released his own essential qi, Gerald simply crossed his arms before calmly replying, “That, I am.”

“You’re just an abandoned descendant of the Crawford family, you know? If you had just lived in the secular world properly, none of us would’ve even bothered about you. With that said, to think that you would suddenly appear and attempt to snatch Master Will’s rightful position as the heir of our family! Due to your actions, can you really blame us for hunting you down?” scoffed Amare as he tossed his jacket off, exposing his muscular body…

Not only was he strong in cultivation, but he also had one of the best physiques within his family. With that said, a cultivator of the same level wouldn’t be his match at all, and this was proven in the many competitions within his clan that he had won over the years. Hell, it was because of his strength that Daryl had appointed him for this errand.

Regardless, upon hearing what Amare had to say, Gerald was momentarily surprised, though he quickly smiled before replying, “You think I’m competing against Will for that position…? Putting that aside, from what you’ve said, I’m assuming you’re here under Will’s orders. After all, I’m pretty sure Daryl didn’t allow any of you to harm me. If he finds out, I wonder if you’ll be subjected to serious consequences…?”

“That… That has nothing to do with you!” growled Amare as he clenched his fists tightly. Truth be told, he didn’t even dare to imagine the consequence once the patriarch found out about all this…

“Well, whatever the case is, come at me. Show me how strong you Crawford cultivators can get. Then again, after beating up two of Will’s men back then, I have a feeling that you’re going to be a let down as well,” scoffed Gerald who barely felt any pressure despite being in the presence of one of the Crawford family’s top cultivators…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2162
“Shut it!” scowled Amare who was itching to finish Gerald off. Amare wasn’t a person who liked small talk, and since Gerald was his target, there was even less reason for him to say anything. With that, Amare suddenly disappeared…!

Immediately sensing a surge of essential qi around him, it quickly became obvious to Gerald that this person was much stronger than the men Will had previously sent after him. As he was thinking about this, Amare reappeared before Gerald, his fist already aimed at his chest!

Feeling a gale of cold wind coming his way as Amare launched his punch toward Gerald, Gerald simply took a few steps back to dodge the attack. Naturally, Gerald wasn’t afraid of fighting back. He only avoided the attack since he wanted to better grasp how strong Amare truly was.

Realizing that Gerald had managed to dodge his attack, Amare’s eyes turned even redder than before as he declared, “You’re pretty fast!”

Following that, he immediately restabilized himself before lunging toward Gerald again!

Instead of dodging, however, Gerald simply used his arm to deflect Amare’s attack, sending Amare stumbling to the side! Unable to balance himself in time, the immense force of Gerald’s deflection caused Amare to crash into a pile of rocks…! Howling as his head collided against some rocks, Amare soon felt blood trickling down his now throbbing forehead…

Fumbling to his feet, Amare glared at Gerald as blood flowed down his chin and dripped all over his clothes…

Pain was nothing to him. After all, though the injury would’ve been terrible for regular people, he could just rapidly patch himself up with his essential qi.

Even so, that didn’t save him the humiliation of stumbling so stupidly before Gerald… He just couldn’t stand it…! It didn’t help that Amare knew that Gerald hadn’t even used much force to deal this much damage to him…! This scene would’ve been much less humiliating if he simply wasn’t strong enough or got injured due to his carelessness…!

Amare had never felt this stifled in his many years within the Crawford family…!

As Amare was thinking about all this, Gerald couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile before saying, “Seems that you’re not that good in martial arts after all. Just so you know, I only used the most basic of techniques in Tai Chi earlier. Is that all it takes to defeat you?”

And here Gerald thought that this person would be an expert. As it turned out, he wasn’t really much stronger than Will’s previous men.

“Don’t get too cocky…! I was just careless earlier!” growled Amare who was glad that nobody else was around to witness his blunder. After all, if his family found out about this, he would surely lose face…!

Though Gerald wanted to reply, he quickly shut his mouth again. There was… a red dot on Amare’s shoulder and seconds later, it disappeared.

Knowing that the red dot had been moving in his direction, Gerald immediately activated his essential qi to bolt to the side…!

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2163
A split second later, a muffled gunshot could be heard, followed by the sound of something whizzing across the air at lightspeed…! Barely a second later, a bullet flew past the spot Gerald had initially been standing, hitting a rock and causing it to explode into a million pieces…!

Had Gerald not reacted in time earlier, the bullet would’ve surely pierced through his heart! Even if he had his essential qi to protect him, Gerald knew that in the end, the essential qi would only leak out uncontrollably, causing his body to break down which would disallow him to recover…!

Wiping the blood off his chin with his sleeve, Amare couldn’t help but sneer, “Seems that you’ve offended quite a lot of people! “

With the unknown assailant’s help, Amare now knew that he would definitely be able to kill Gerald…!

“Mind your own business,” replied Gerald as he took a deep breath… before releasing an immensely murderous aura.

Gerald, for one, knew that if this unknown sniper and the Crawford cultivator worked together, there was a chance that he wouldn’t make it out alive tonight. After all, though his Herculean Primordial Spirit was strong, it didn’t make him invincible. What more, he still wasn’t able to use the full power of his spirit…!

Regardless, that earlier shot was naturally from Vulture. After Kai had told him that Gerald was in the training ground, Vulture had constantly been keeping an eye on Gerald, patiently waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Though he could’ve killed Gerald earlier during the day, he didn’t want to create a chaotic scene since Gerald was with the investigation team, which explained why he waited till now to act. Though it was much darker now, Amare’s constant shouting made it easy for Vulture to tell which figure belonged to Gerald. Still, to think that Gerald could dodge his attack…!

While he had previously scoffed at the idea that Gerald was as strong as Kai had said, Vulture was now starting to believe Kai’s words. After all, being able to dodge such a precise attack in such a short amount of time was something no ordinary person could hope to do.

Whatever the case was, Vulture then tossed his sniper rifle away before expertly leaping off the fourth floor! Making sure he didn’t fall too quickly by stepping on the sides of the building, Vulture soon landed on the ground and began walking toward the duo…

Raising a slight brow, Gerald was prompted to ask, “… And you are?”

“Just know that I’m here to take your life. No further questions,” scoffed Vulture.

Watching as the man donning a trench coat, cap, and even a black mask swiftly approached, Gerald stared right into Vulture’s grim eyes before rolling up his sleeves and replying, “I see. Then let’s settle this together.”

Ever since he got rid of the three large clans in Yanam, he hadn’t had a proper battle like this.

Either way, after healing the wound on his forehead, Amare looked at Vulture before shouting, “Let’s team up to take him down, brother!”

Vulture, however, didn’t reply. Instead, he simply pulled out a shiny bayonet from his back before rushing toward Gerald! While he wasn’t as quick as Amare was, he was still pretty fast. After all, he was already fighting against Gerald in the blink of an eye.

Seeing that, Amare wasted no time and immediately mobilized his essential qi before rushing forward as well! Amare, for one, knew that he needed Vulture’s help to finish Gerald off, even though he had no idea who Vulture was or what conflicts he had with Gerald…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2164
Regardless, Vulture and Amare wasted no time launching an onslaught of attacks on Gerald from both sides!

Though Vulture wasn’t as strong as Amare, his outstanding fighting skills made up for that. As for Amare, though he lacked Vulture’s arsenal of skills, all his attacks were infused with essential qi. With that in mind, Gerald was well aware of how deadly this duo was. One slip on his side and he would definitely suffer heavy injuries…

Understanding that, Gerald remained on the defensive for three minutes straight… then five… and ten…

Despite being in a two on one battle, Gerald was nowhere close to being at a disadvantage as he evaded their attacks. In fact, he was now capable of sneaking in kicks and punches! Due to those attacks, Gerald eventually managed to force Vulture to start backing away from him.

In the end, unlike Gerald and Amare, Vulture didn’t have the support of essential qi. In other words, he had been relying on his own strength throughout this fight, and he was starting to slow down. Vulture was well aware that this continued on, he would eventually find it hard to even handle Gerald’s single-handed attacks.

Just as Vulture was thinking about this, Gerald noticed an exposed weak spot when Vulture was retracting his arm. Not wanting to miss the chance to strike, Gerald immediately launched a punch at Vulture’s chest!

Eyes instantly widening as his face paled, Vulture quickly took a few steps back, holding onto his chest and panting the entire time. Had Vulture been an ordinary man, that punch could’ve either knocked him out or even killed him…! However, Vulture’s physique was far from ordinary, so he was still able to stand. Even so, that didn’t mean that he hadn’t suffered substantial damage.

From how painful his chest felt whenever he breathed, Vulture figured that several bones in his ribcage had been broken, resulting in the broken bones piercing his organs…! Knowing how badly injured he was, beads of sweat rolled down Vulture’s forehead as he considered his options while watching Amare continue fighting Gerald. In the end, Vulture knew that continuing to move any further would surely result in his death. With that, Vulture gritted his teeth before slowly inching toward a pile of bricks where he then sat…

After gently feeling around his chest, Vulture slammed his fist onto the ground while growling, “…Four.”

Every time his face went pale in agony, Vulture had counted that as a broken rib. With his forehead now drenched in sweat, he knew how terrible his current condition was. Vulture’s best course of action now was to lie still. Moving any further would only cause his injuries to worsen to the point where death was extremely possible…

“Gerald Crawford…” grumbled Vulture as he glared at the youth while regretting his arrogance. If only he had heeded Kai’s warnings and taken Gerald more seriously, Vulture would’ve surely been more careful with his moves. Thinking back, he should’ve immediately retreated after his first shot failed to hit its mark. Had he done that, he wouldn’t have ended up in such a pitiful state…

Either way, with Vulture now out of combat, the winner of the fight was clear.

Though Gerald’s attacks slowly became more frequent, Amare like Vulture lacked Gerald’s stamina, and soon began blocking more than he attacked. While Amare could still sneak in a few counterattacks, the longer the battle went on, the more evident it became that this was going to be Gerald’s victory.

With that said, soon enough, Gerald managed to strike Amare’s left arm hard enough to dislodge it! Seeing that Amare was temporarily handicapped, Gerald took the chance to grab the man by the neck!

With how forceful Gerald was choking him, Amare knew for a fact that it would only require a bit more force for his neck to snap…!

Smiling as he continued squeezing Amare’s neck, Gerald then said, “Since we have the same surname, I may consider sparing your life if you share interesting information with me…”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2165
“I have nothing to say! I admit defeat! You’re stronger than me, what else do you want?! ” growled Amare, knowing that his life was now in Gerald’s hands.

“How dauntless,” retorted Gerald with a laugh before activating the power of his Herculean Primordial Spirit and poking a few spots on Amare’s body… Gerald was now temporarily paralyzing Amare, and once he was done, he tossed the defeated man onto the ground…

Though Amare immediately attempted to get to his feet, he quickly realized that he couldn’t move an inch…!

Understanding that he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, Amare could only watch as Gerald walked toward Vulture…

After lighting a cigarette, Gerald squatted in front of the injured man, shaking his box of cigarettes while asking, “Want one?”

Glaring at Gerald, Vulture who was still clutching onto his chest growled, “What do you want?”

Honestly, in his body’s current state, even saying that one sentence caused him enough pain for any regular person to pass out…

“I just want to know who hired you, that’s all. Not going to lie, you’re pretty strong, so I’m sure you’re quite a famous assassin. With that said, I can only imagine the Kanagawas hiring you. Am I wrong?” asked Gerald as he narrowed his eyes. Aside from Kai, who else would hire such a high ranking assassin to finish him off?

Gritting his teeth in response, Vulture simply sneered, “I know nothing!”

Being in the top ten in the assassin list meant that he had to fully adhere to the professional ethics of assassins which meant that he couldn’t expose any of his employer’s information, even if he had to die.

This rule had been rooted in his mind ever since he joined this field of work, and he had never abandoned it.

Upon hearing that, Gerald simply shook his head before laughing as he turned to look at Amare before looking back at Vulture and scoffing, “Another dauntless person…”

The fact that neither of them was cooperating was honestly starting to annoy him… With that, Gerald stopped laughing before stepping on Vulture’s chest as he growled, “Are you really sure you don’t know anything?”

With the bones now piercing straight into his organs, Vulture’s eyes widened as he began coughing mouthfuls of blood… By this point, even breathing was getting difficult..!

“Don’t make me repeat the question,” said Gerald as be narrowed his eyes.

Knowing full well that he’d die if he said anything, Vulture simply retorted, “Just kill me already! I’ll never say it…!”

“Since you suggested it, be my guest,” replied Gerald as his eyes went stern. He already knew that Kai had sent him, so there was no reason for him to keep this man alive. With that, the sickening crack of bones could be heard as Gerald’s foot completely crushed Vulture’s ribcage…!

Drowning in his own blood, Vulture could only manage a gurgle before the life in his eyes vanished… Though his body was now limp and lifeless, Vulture’s eyes retained their furious glare. It almost seemed as though Vulture had still been racking his brains on how to murder Gerald, seconds before his death…

“Now that he’s taken care of, it’s time I returned to you,” said Gerald as he turned to look at Amare, not even bothering to look at Vulture’s corpse. After all, he just needed to use his essential qi to completely evaporate the body, leaving zero traces of Vulture behind…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2166
After witnessing Vulture’s horrible death, Amare no longer attempted to hide his utter horror as he yelled, “I… Impossible…! None of this should be possible…!”

He was the top cultivator of the Crawford family…!

How on earth had Gerald defeated him so miserably…?!

Honestly, he wouldn’t be having such a hard time grasping this situation if Gerald had grown up with him in the family! After all, everyone had different talents!

However, Amare knew for a fact that Gerald had been an abandoned descendant who had been living in the secular world this entire time! Even if there were cultivators out here, none of them should’ve been strong enough to be able to teach Gerald such powerful skills! Skills that disallowed Amare, the cream of the crop in his family, to not even land a single hit on the boy…!

“Impossible? What is it?” asked Gerald as he stared at the paralyzed man.

“Y—your inhuman strength…! You shouldn’t be this strong! You can’t be!” retorted Amare as he continued glaring at Gerald.

“It’s a long story that I’d rather not talk about. Regardless, tell me everything you know about the Crawford family and I may just spare you. After all, we still share the same surname. If I let you off alive, however, know that I’ll have to scrap your cultivation as well. Deal?” replied Gerald with a laugh.

“…That…” muttered Amare as he seriously began considering his options…

In the end, killing Gerald wasn’t even a mission from the patriarch. It was just Will’s secret order. With that in mind, while the patriarch would eventually learn about all this thus making punishment unavoidable for Amare, if he shared everything Gerald wished to know, at the very least, he would be spared to live another day. What more, since this was still Will’s order, perhaps the patriarch would sentence Amare to a lighter punishment…

Looking at how seriously Amare was considering all this, Gerald fished his phone out to check the time. It was already one in the morning, and he knew that soldiers would begin patrolling the area in another two hours. Knowing that he had to clear the scene up before they arrived, Gerald was prompted to say, “You have ten minutes to consider your options. Nothing more.”

Ten minutes passed quickly enough, and since Amare hadn’t said a word, Gerald knew what this meant.

Though he couldn’t get any information out of Amare, Gerald already had news about the Seadom tribe. With that in mind, he knew that uncovering the secrets of Yeaning Island was simply a matter of time…

Regardless, Gerald then narrowed his eyes as his hand slowly began moving toward Amare’s neck…

Since Amare was completely paralyzed, all he could do was widen his eyes as Gerald’s hand came dangerously close to his neck…! The fear of death was finally sinking in on him…l

Just moments before Gerald’s hand was against his neck, Amare quickly gulped before crying out in a trembling voice, “P-please…! Wait…!”

“Finally willing to talk?” replied Gerald as he slowly withdrew his hand…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2167
“J-just ask me anything you wish to know! I’ll share anything that I can answer…! ” said Amare as he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Gerald’s hand retracting.

Sitting right in front of him, Gerald simply replied in a hushed tone, “First off, was it Will who told you to assassinate me?”

“I-it was… You see, the patriarch sent me off to do some errands for him, but just before I left, Will called me over to his room to give me the assassination order Since he’s the patriarch’s successor, I couldn’t just refuse…”

Smiling subtly in response, Gerald then said, “I see. Come to think of it, aren’t you worried that Daryl will find out about this?”

Gerald, for one, had figured that only Will wanted him dead. As far as he knew, Daryl was only interested in testing his abilities.

“W-well… as long as I return in time, the patriarch shouldn’t find out… I was already planning to leave this afternoon, you know? But then you suddenly showed up…! What more, just as I was wondering how to make a move on you earlier, you took the initiative to bait me out here with your essential qi! I couldn’t say no to that!” replied Amare with a sigh.

Had he known that things would end this way, he would’ve never agreed to Will’s request…

Nodding in response, Gerald thought for a bit before asking, “… And are you the one who killed that special forces agent from Yanam?”

“… That… was me, yes…” replied Amare as he reluctantly nodded.

“I see… Putting that aside, I have one final question. As long as you give me an honest answer, I’ll spare your life and let you leave unharmed. How do I get to Yearning Island?” asked Gerald as he narrowed his eyes at Amare.

Now that all his other questions had been answered, Gerald made sure to save the best for last. While it was true that he had managed to find Fujiko thus potentially allowing him to contact the Seadom tribe, if he managed to get the information straight from Amare, then he’d be able to start making plans much earlier.

“… Trust me when I say… I don’t know either…” muttered Amare.

“… What? Aren’t you a top cultivator of the Crawford family? How could you not know about this?” replied Gerald with a slight frown. This was the exact same reply he had gotten from Will’s previous men!

“I swear! I really don’t know! Aside from the patriarch and a few core clansmen, the rest of us are left in the dark about all this…!” explained Amare.

“Then how did you leave the island? And how are you going to return?” asked Gerald as he raised a brow.

“Leaving the island is easy… All we need to do is to take a boat and sail for about ten kilometers before we enter the ocean… However, if we wish to go back, we’ll need to inform the family in advance… Following that, either the patriarch or a senior member will guide us back…” explained Amare.

“… I’ll ask one final time. Do you truly not know the way back to the island?” asked Gerald as he lit a cigarette and began puffing it.

“My answer remains the same… While Yearning Island may seem like a regular island, I’ve never been able to see it on my way back from sea… The only way I can get to the island is if I send a message to the family and sail for a little while more… Shortly after, I’ll be able to see the vague outlines of the island, and that’s howl usually get back..” replied Amare as he shook his head.

Truth be told, Amare was just as curious about the island as Gerald was. In fact, he had even tried asking the other family members about this in the past, though he would end up getting harshly reprimanded every time he did so. Due to that, he eventually stopped asking…

Regardless, after a brief silence, Gerald nodded before saying, “… I believe you.”

Though he didn’t believe Will’s men before this, Amare’s case was different. After all, Amare was currently in a life or death situation. Because of that, Gerald knew he wouldn’t lie. Besides, Amare’s answer was way too similar to what Will’s men had said for it to be a mere coincidence.

However, even if Amare and Will’s men had simply been trained to give the exact same answer if they were caught, Gerald didn’t really mind. After all, he knew that he was going to learn the secrets of Yearning Island from the Seadom tribe sooner or later…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2168
“Is… there anything else you’d like to know? I’ll answer honestly!” replied Amare who was now feeling that Gerald wasn’t the person he had previously assumed to be.

The truth was, he had initially thought that Gerald was an evil and ruthless person who would do anything to breach into the Crawford family and exploit them once he became the patriarch. After their brief interaction, however, he now felt that Gerald was actually a rather gentle soul, contrary to his initial belief.

While it was true that he still killed the assassin from before, Gerald had every right to do so since he was ambush-attacked by him… Regardless, Gerald had also made it a point that he was going to spare his life just because they shared the same surname. It was honestly making Amare feel slightly touched…

Amare’s train of thought was cut short when Gerald calmly replied, “That’s all I needed to know.”

“I see… Well, as promised, you can scrap my cultivation now and I’ll head home immediately… ” said Amare in a n equally calm tone despite knowing full well what would happen once his cultivation was taken away from him.

Essentially, he’d turn into an ordinary person, and Amare was pretty sure that those he had previously offended would take the chance to treat him harshly…

Even so, having to experience that was worth it as long as he could remain alive. After all, all wasn’t lost. He simply had to start from scratch again. If he died now, however, everything would truly end.

Hearing that, Gerald simply poked twice on the chakras on Amare’s chest before replying in an indifferent tone, “Just leave.”

“… Huh?” asked Amare as he slowly regained control over his body. Hopping to his feet, Amare couldn’t help but feel exceedingly confused at the moment. After all, Gerald scraping his cultivation in exchange for his life was already extremely merciful of the youth. So why was he letting him leave just like that? Had Gerald forgotten that he had attempted to assassinate him earlier?

“Unless you’re secretly a masochist, I suggest you leave while you can,” said Gerald with a chuckle.

“… I… Of course, I’m not…” muttered Amare who couldn’t feel any murderous intent from Gerald as he slowly walked toward the youth.

Taking in a deep breath, Amare then asked, “… I just don’t get it. That man and I were tasked to assassinate you, you know? With that said, since you killed him, why aren’t you ending my life as well?”

Puffing on his cigarette, Gerald eventually replied, “… It’s simple, really. It’s because you’re a Crawford and he isn’t. While I didn’t grow up with the rest of the cultivating Crawfords, I’m still Daryl’s grandson. As a child, I made quite a few fond memories with him, you know? While I still have no idea why he abducted my family which is the reason why I’m trying so hard to meet him on Yearning Island, you see that doesn’t change the fact that you’re still a Crawford. Just so you know, given the choice, I’d very much prefer saving people rather than killing them…”

“… I…” muttered Amare as his voice slowly trailed off.

After all, he had never stopped to wonder why Gerald was trying so hard to get to Yearning Island. Now, he was finally aware that the patriarch had captured his family… Still, since the patriarch was Gerald’s grandfather, that essentially meant that he had abducted his own son and daughter-in-law!

Whatever the case was, Gerald then handed Amare a cigarette before asking, “Have you seen them?”

“… Only once, but even that was quite a while ago…” replied Amare as he took the cigarette and lit it with Gerald’s lighter.

Hearing that, Gerald momentarily trembled as his eyes grew slightly watery. Shaking his head, Gerald then asked, “… How were they doing back then?”

After thinking for a moment, Amare eventually replied, “… Well, they were being treated rather well, honestly. The patriarch emphasized that none of them could be mistreated, so though they’re being kept in the backyard, they should still be well fed and clothed… At the very least, they still were back then… Regardless, apart from the patriarch and his cronies, nobody else is allowed to enter…”

“… I see. Is Will allowed to enter?” asked Gerald as his expression turned gloomy…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2169
“No, actually… While it’s true that Will is the patriarch’s adopted child and that he has a high status within the family, the patriarch has honestly always been on guard around him… In fact, the patriarch has made sure to disallow Will from entering

Several important places on the island, including the backyard where the patriarch lives. I, for one, have never seen Will enter that place…” muttered Amare with a slight frown.

“… I see. Well, what matters is that they’re still safe… I’m at least relieved to hear that…” said Gerald as he let out a sigh, the weight of his immense worry finally lifted.

A brief moment later, Gerald turned to look at Amare before saying, “… Either way, you can leave now. Also, if you wish to remain alive, remember not to say a thing about what happened here tonight. Understand?”

“Got it. If Will asks me about this, I’ll just tell him that I failed to locate you in Japan,” replied Amare with a nod.

“I trust you, now leave,” said Gerald as he gestured for Amare to go.

Bowing toward Gerald, it was clear that he was feeling thankful toward the youth. At that moment, he made up his mind that if Gerald ever set foot on Yearning Island one day, he would adamantly refuse to fight against him, even though the family would punish him for it.

Regardless, after tossing away his cigarette butt, Amare quickly disappeared into the darkness. Gerald himself simply continued smoking his own cigarette as a cold breeze caressed his cheek…

Shortly after, the cigarette burned out, and Gerald shook his head before starting to walk toward Vulture’s corpse…

Searching the dead man’s body, Gerald couldn’t help but mutter, “So you Kanagawas still aren’t willing to give up, huh? Then there’s no need for your family to remain in Japan…!”

Whatever the case was, aside from a pack of cigarettes and a few bullets, Gerald couldn’t find any form of identification on Vulture. Since these didn’t interest Gerald, the youth simply sighed as he placed a hand on the corpse’s body…

Mobilizing his Herculean Primordial Spirit, he then began releasing a blazing heat from his palm… and in just a few seconds, Vulture’s body completely evaporated. Since Gerald had used his essential qi to do the deed, not even the corpse’s smell remained. Just like Adler, Vulture would simply mysteriously vanish from the face of the planet… Either way, now that that was taken care of, Gerald quickly turned around to leave.

Soon after, he arrived at his guest room where Master Ghost and Aiden could be seen waiting patiently on the sofa.

Upon seeing Gerald, Aiden immediately hopped to his feet before checking around Gerald’s body while asking, “Brother Gerald! You aren’t injured, are you?”

“Of course, not. Shouldn’t you be well aware of my strength by now?” replied Gerald with a laugh as he closed the door behind him.

“Has everything been settled?” asked Master Ghost as he stepped forward as well.

“In a way. As it turned out, the Yanam soldier really was murdered by the Crawford cultivator. I fought him earlier, and though he definitely wasn’t weak, he wasn’t as strong as I had initially anticipated either. With that said, I just let him off the hook,” replied Gerald as he took his jacket off before walking to the water dispenser to get himself a drink.

“You… let him go…? Why?” asked Master Ghost and Aiden, feeling rightfully puzzled.

“I just don’t want to kill other Crawfords if I can help it. After all, the one who abducted my parents was Daryl, not them. Besides, since I spared his life, he now owes me a favor,” replied Gerald as he put his paper cup down…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2170
“So… You only let him off to get his help once you finally get on the island…?” asked Master Ghost.

“Thinking back, it was still mostly the fact that I didn’t want to kill another Crawford,” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

With how important saving his parents was to him, Gerald wasn’t about to place his trust on any of the cultivating Crawford’s ‘help’.

“…If that’s the case, then didn’t you just free a tiger back into the mountains…?” asked Master Ghost who was starting to get slightly worried.

Though he hadn’t told Gerald about this, Master Ghost had secretly made a fortune telling for Gerald some time back, and he found out that Gerald would encounter something dangerous potentially even life threatening once he arrived at the island…

“Again, his strength was pretty average, so I don’t really see him as a threat. If he even dares to come after me again, I’ll just kill him,” replied Gerald rather nonchalantly as he waved his hand.

Seeing how confident Gerald was, Master Ghost simply said, “…Well, I’ll trust your judgment since you sound so sure about this…”

“I’m glad. Speaking of which, while fighting that cultivator, I came across another assassin who tried to kill me in the process. With how strong he was, I feel that he could’ve been a ranked assassin on the assassin list. Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling that only Kai would think of something like this,” replied Gerald.

“A high-ranking assassin? Where’s his body, brother Gerald? I’ve investigated over fifty assassins on the assassin list, so I can recognize most of them pretty well!” exclaimed Aiden who suddenly appeared much more excited than before.

Smiling helplessly, Gerald simply replied, “I’m afraid there’s no body to speak of…”

“…Huh? Did he manage to escape…?” asked Aiden, feeling slightly disappointed. Still, if they managed to catch that assassin later on, Aiden would surely be able to recognize the assailant. Following that, there was a chance that they’d be able to find out who hired the assassin in the first place!

“Not at all. What I’m saying is that I evaporated his corpse!” explained Gerald.

Aiden had already seen what Gerald was capable of, so he hardly had any trouble accepting this. With that in mind, Aiden simply sighed before replying in a slightly disappointed tone, “I see… What a shame… It would’ve been nice to leave him alive…”

“Well, there’s no point talking about him anymore. How about things on your end? Is the competition over yet?” asked Gerald.

“It is, though it’ll still be a few days till we get the results. While I wasn’t as good as Miss Fujiko, I don’t think I scored too badly. In fact, I have a feeling that I should be close to the top!” explained Aiden as he thought about his performance in the previous days.

“That’s good to hear. Well, since there’s nothing to be done in the meantime, let’s contact Fujiko first to discuss the matter about us staying with her family. I’m saying it now that you two have to be extra careful from now on. After all, we’re now simultaneously dealing with an extremely prestigious family and a family of assassins. While I wouldn’t normally see the

Kanagawas as a threat, I still believe that Kai was the one who hired that assassin I killed earlier. With that said, please be alert at all times,” said Gerald as he narrowed his eyes.

The Kanagawas had pissed him off enough. Everyone from that family needed to die…!

“Sure thing! The higher ups have already told me that I’ll be given a month’s worth of rest after the competition. With that said, hopefully things can be settled before then,” replied Aiden who really wanted to help Gerald save his parents. Even so, Aiden was still Weston’s ‘King of Soldiers’. In other words, if he suddenly received orders to return, Aiden wasn’t about to disobey his orders…

Regardless, Gerald then replied, “Things should be settled Within the month.”

“Should we start making our move tomorrow, then?” asked Master Ghost.

“Indeed. We’ll meet up with Fujiko then before heading to the Futaba manor together. We’ll start discussing our next moves once we’re there,” said Gerald with a nod.

Nodding as well, Aiden then placed his hand on his stomach before muttering, “Um… Brother Gerald…? Are you hungry? I can head out to get some food for you…”

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