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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2181-2190

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2181
“Do you want to learn this?” Seeing Gerald’s expression, the old man asked with a smile.

“I’m a cultivator. How am I supposed to learn ninjutsu?” Gerald’s smile faded, and he asked in confusion.

“Of course you can. Cultivation and ninjutsu are of the same origin. They both draw on the natural power between heaven and earth. There are just some slight differences. You are a cultivator yourself, and you have the power of the Herculean Primordial Spirit. Learning ninjutsu on such a basis is very easy, so I guess you can get started in a few days,” said the old man as he looked at Gerald.

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“That’s good news.” Gerald didn’t refuse. If he could learn this ability and enhance his power, his chances of saving his parents and then his sister, who was in the Sun League, would increase greatly.

“Do you want to learn now?” The old man couldn’t wait to start.

“It’s better to settle the matter at hand first. I’m a little uneasy as the Kanagawa family and the Hanyu family issues are not settled yet.” Gerald shook his head. He wanted to learn, but it was not the time yet.

Or rather, he should say that he had no time to learn at all.

He couldn’t just let go of the Futaba family’s affairs and focus on studying here. That would go against his original intention of coming to Japan.

“Okay, then. I shall wait until you have settled this mess.” The old man did not insist and asked Fujiko, “Do you want to stay here for the night or go back home?”

“I think we’d better go back. The Kanagawa family hired an assassin in the international assassin list to kill me last night. Judging from his skills, he should be in the top twenty. I need to settle this matter. Besides, the Kanagawa family cannot continue to exist.”

Gerald took a deep breath. Thinking of what had happened yesterday, his face turned dark all of a sudden.

“Go ahead, then. If it’s like what you’ve said, they should be removed.” The old man nodded.

“Well then, we shall go back first. We will come to visit again when we have the time.” Gerald stood up and gave him a fist and palm salute.

“That’s not necessary. You can leave your phone number and just call me directly if there is anything.”

The old man fished out a pen and paper from under the table, wrote a phone number on it, and handed it to Gerald.

“I had forgotten about this.” Gerald smiled in embarrassment as he took the paper.

From the time he had arrived at the foot of the barren mountain, he had felt that this was a very traditional family. They seemed to do things like how they were done a hundred years ago. After being here for a long time, he had forgotten all about these modern tools. If the old man hadn’t mentioned it, Gerald wouldn’t have remembered that there was such a thing as a telephone.

After exchanging phone numbers, Gerald left with Fujiko.

On the way back, Gerald kept thinking about what the old man had said. Indeed, What was said today was too much for Gerald to digest for the time being. He didn’t expect this old man from the Yamashita family to have such a relationship with Daryl.

Of course, Gerald felt a bit relaxed now. No matter if it was the matter of Yearning Island or the Kanagawa and Hanyu families, with help from the Yamashita family in the investigation, it was clearly better than fighting alone.

However, Gerald didn’t have high hopes for them to find out the location of Yearning Island.

“Are you a cultivator?” Fujiko turned her head.

“Yes.” Gerald did not hide it and answered in a low voice. “About my identity, you must not tell anyone about it, including the power of the Herculean Primordial Spirit in me. If outsiders know about it, I will get into endless trouble.”

“I understand. I will not tell anyone about it.” Fujiko nodded and replied very seriously.

“Hmm…” Gerald knew what Fujiko had in mind. “With the Yamashita family’s help this time, I think the matters of your family should be resolved soon.”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2182
Soon, the two arrived at the Futaba Mansion.

Before they arrived, the experts arranged by the old man had already arrived.

“Gerald, who are these people? I asked them just now, but they wouldn’t tell me. They simply told me that they came here on orders. Are they the helpers you found?” At that moment, Takuya was standing at the entrance of the manor. When he saw Gerald, he quickly walked to him and asked, pointing to the people on both sides of the manor.

“I think it’s better to go inside before we talk about this.”

“Thank you for your help. Please tell me if you need anything!”

Gerald wasn’t prepared to explain this in front of these people. Instead, he waved at them and brought Takuya and Fujiko into the house.

In the parlor, once they got inside, Takuya repeated his question.

Now, the situation of this family was very complicated. They did not just have to face the Kanagawa and Hanyu families, but even the people inside the family were coveting his position. One mistake could push him to the end of the world.

“Don’t worry, Patriarch Takuya. The people outside are members of the Yamashita family. They were ordered by the old man to come and protect us.” Gerald sensed Takuya’s anxiety, so he explained quickly as soon as they were seated.

“Why would the Yamashita family help us?” Takuya opened his eyes wide, his face full of disbelief.

“About this, you should just rest assured. That old man was an old friend of my grandfather, so, he was willing to help us,” said Gerald with a smile.

“I see…” Hearing Gerald’s words, Takuya felt relieved.

“By the way, Gerald, we will have another family meeting the day after tomorrow. They insist that you must be present.” Takuya was relieved, but then, he turned to Gerald and continued.

“Was it the white haired old man’s idea?” Gerald narrowed his eyes and said with a smile.

The last time when he had first come to the Futaba family, Gerald had attended the so called family meeting once. During the meeting, the people who rarely came had actually wanted to force Takuya to abdicate his position. Gerald remembered this very clearly.

“I can’t say that it’s him. Now that our family is no longer as prosperous as before, it’s logical that they would want to appoint a new patriarch. However, I can’t let them drain the family of its last sustenance. You are our honored guest and now Fujiko’s boyfriend, though superficially, so no matter what, you have to attend the meeting.”

Takuya couldn’t help but sigh when it came to his family matter.

“No problem, I can attend.” Gerald nodded in agreement He would never make it difficult for Takuya.

“Then, I am very grateful for this. For what has happened to the family recently, if it was not for your help, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be sitting here safely at all.” Seeing Gerald agree to it, Takuya immediately showed a relaxed smile, and the look he gave Gerald became more and more benevolent.

“This is what I should do.” Gerald waved his hand. He had never gotten used to accepting people’s thanks, and it would make him feel very awkward.

“Still, there’s one thing I cannot understand.” After laughing, Takuya was clearly relaxed.

“What is it?” asked Gerald, “If I know about it, I will surely tell you.”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2183
“It’s still the same question. You’ve helped us so much and even put yourself in danger. Besides, you even offended the Kanagawa and Hanyu families. Although you are very strong, you don’t have to get yourself into so much trouble at all. I just want to know why you’re doing this. What is your purpose? Or is it for Fujiko’s sake?”

Takuya rubbed his hands and asked in embarrassment.

This question had been lingering in his mind. He had thought about it countless times, but still, he could not find an answer. So, he could no longer hold it in and asked outright.

Fujiko looked at Gerald.

“There is indeed a purpose.” Gerald looked at them and hesitated for a while, but then, he still told them the truth.

“That’s not a problem. As long as you say it, we will definitely meet your request.” Hearing what Gerald had said, only then did Takuya feel that this was a bit more normal. For someone so strong, he didn’t have to offend other people for the sake of a small family like his at all.

“We will talk about this after settling the matter at hand.” After contemplating, Gerald did not say anything else about Yearning Island.

“Okay. Since you don’t want to talk about it now, I won’t ask you anymore. But again, for the reason that you’ve helped us so much during this time, I will try my best to fulfill your wish. Even if you want the position of the patriarch of this family, I will give it to you.” Takuya banged on the table and said in a deep voice.

“This is really not necessary.” Gerald waved his hand and laughed. He had never wanted to become a patriarch or anything. Not only would he not get any benefits, but he would also bring himself a lot of trouble.

“You have just come back from the Yamashita family, it is better to go and rest first. I will tell the members of the family to come here tonight, and we will discuss everything clearly. If they want to take advantage of the fall of the family to get something, I will put them off the idea!” With Gerald here, Takuya spoke with great confidence.

“Yes.” Gerald nodded.

Gerald parted with Fujiko at the door of the parlor and returned to his room.

The afternoon passed quietly. When the sky was turning dark, only then did Gerald wake up.

He really had to say that although he was facing a lot of trouble at the moment, he could always sleep well in the Futaba Mansion. He could sleep peacefully almost

He really had to say that although he was facing a lot of trouble at the moment, he could always sleep well in the Futaba Mansion. He could sleep peacefully almost every night.

After lying on the bed for a while, Gerald rolled out of the bed and pushed the door open.

“Brother Gerald, you’re awake.” As soon as he opened the door, Aiden immediately ran into the room.

“Why are you here?” Gerald was shocked and took two steps backward. When he saw Aiden, who was standing in front of him, he asked.

“Hehe, I’m still not used to this place. Besides, I have rested for a whole day, and I don’t feel tired anymore. I don’t know where to go, so I just waited for you here. Someone told me that I have to attend a dinner or something tonight.” Aiden scratched his head.

“Where’s Master Ghost?” Gerald glanced at the door twice.

“He has been called for by Patriarch Takuya,” replied Aiden quickly.

“It’s getting late, let’s go.” Gerald looked at the time and said, “Perhaps everyone in the Futaba Mansion will not have a peaceful time today.”

Thinking about the situation last time, Gerald knew what he would encounter this evening.

“There’s a conflict in this family?” Aiden was not a fool. He knew what Gerald meant when he said that.

“If there was no conflict, maybe the Futaba family would not have fallen to their current state.” Gerald shook his head with a smile. He would not bother with the matters of the family. As long as he kept Takuya and Fujiko safe, he would be able to learn the secrets of Yearning Island.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2184
As Gerald and Aiden were talking, they walked to the parlor.

It could be seen that after all these people had come, the security of the manor had obviously been enhanced. He could even see security guards in other uniforms. This should be because Takuya was worried that these people might encounter an accident in the manor, so he had hired the security guards from a security company outside.

After all, they were still members of the Futaba family even though they had left the family a long time ago. If they encountered any danger here, he would be in trouble.

“Aren’t you Futaba Suke?” The moment Gerald entered through the door, he saw a young man standing inside.

He was the young man who had threatened him in the garden after the meeting last time. Now that Gerald had seen him, he would not pretend that he didn’t see him, but was ready to talk to him instead.

“You are indeed a lucky one!” Suke knew what had happened to Gerald recently, and he murmured under his breath with gloomy eyes.

If it was not for Gerald blocking the way, he would have achieved his goal a long time ago.

Now, because of Gerald, their chances had been destroyed again and again. He was even considered an untrustworthy villain in the eyes of the other party as he had always given them inaccurate information.

Not only did the other party not get any benefits, but they had even lost many people because of this.

“How did you know that I’ve been in danger recently?”

Other people might not have heard Suke, but Gerald’s hearing was much stronger than an ordinary person’s. He walked straight to Suke and asked as he took out a cigarette and lit it.

“What a joke! How would I know?!” Suke was so shocked that he broke out in a cold sweat.

He lowered his head and kept avoiding eye contact. If he was caught red-handed, he would have to spend the rest of his life in jail.

“It’s best that you don’t know. Sometimes, in this world, the more you know, the more dangerous it is for you. Maybe, at one point, you might even lose your life.” Gerald smoked the cigarette and stretched out his hand. Then, he patted Suke’s shoulder and asked indifferently, “You should know this well, right?”

“I know, I know.” Suke was so scared that he didn’t even dare to breathe.

He knew about the mysterious disappearances of Endo and Izumi. Instead of saying that they had disappeared, it would be more accurate to say that they had obviously been defeated by Gerald. Moreover, they didn’t even have the chance to send out a message. For someone to have the ability to do that, killing him would be as simple as flicking his hand.

“Patriarch Takuya! ” After pressuring Suke, Gerald walked two steps forward and saluted to Takuya.

“Well, it seems that I didn’t introduce you clearly to everyone last time. Let’s reintroduce you this time.”

Takuya nodded and pointed at Gerald. He said loudly, “This is Mr. Gerald Crawford from Weston. He is the honored guest of the Futaba family. He’s also Fujiko’s current boyfriend.”

“Patriarch, you cannot say that. Fujiko has a marriage contract with Kanagawa Kai of the Kanagawa family. Our family is already in a difficult situation. If we break the contract at this time, I’m afraid we can’t afford the consequences!”

“Yes, Patriarch. We can accept him as our guest. As for the matter between him and Fujiko, please reconsider it!”

Sure enough, once Takuya had said that, many voices rang out. These people did not respect him as the patriarch at all, and among them, some were already doing great in their businesses by taking advantage of the influence and privileges of the family.

“There is no need to discuss this matter anymore. I am the patriarch of the Futaba family, and I am also Fujiko’s father. I have the absolute say in this. Enough. If anyone mentions this again, don’t blame me for not showing mercy!” Takuya frowned and said in a low voice.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2185
He was expecting the opposing voices and had prepared for it, but when they began arguing, he felt very uneasy. After all, he was the patriarch, but even his words were questioned and rejected by his clansmen. There was no difference at all for him to hold the position as the patriarch or not.

“Then, what is it that you want to tell us that you’ve summoned us today?”

“If it’s just about this, we didn’t have to go through all this trouble at all. You could have just called and informed us. You won’t listen to our opinions anyway!”

Seeing Takuya get angry, the other people did not dare to say anything. But when the parlor was silent, Masaru said these words in a hoarse voice. After all, he was Takuya’s uncle, and he could still afford to completely ignore Takuya’s words.

Once Masaru had said that, everyone nodded in agreement.

“It is indeed about this matter. However, I thought that we had not met each other for a long time, so I took this opportunity to gather you here to discuss the future of the family.” Although Takuya hated this, Masaru was still his uncle. With all the clansmen here, he still had to show Masaru some respect.

“You are Gerald Crawford?” Masaru didn’t reply to Takuya and looked at Gerald instead.

“That’s right.” Gerald put his hands behind his back, standing tall and straight modestly.

“Your temperament is not bad. Takuya said that you are a Westoner. I wonder which family you belong to and what kind of status you have in Weston. The Futaba family is a famous family in Japan anyhow. Although it is gradually declining now, not just anyone can come and marry Fujiko!”

Masaru sized Gerald up.

Right after praising him, his tone became sharp. Everyone looked at Gerald immediately. They had been hoping for Fujiko to marry Kai because of the status of the Kanagawa family.

But now, if Gerald had a high status in Weston, they wouldn’t need to consider the Kanagawa family anymore as they could get more benefits from Weston.

“I’m sorry to let you down. I don’t have a glamorous family background nor do I have any power,” replied Gerald with a smile.

“You have no power and no influence, yet you are dreaming of marrying Fujiko. This is simply not going to happen. It would have been nothing when the family was still strong, but now, the Futaba family is on the verge of falling. We must let Fujiko marry Kanagawa Kai and get assistance from the Kanagawa family. Only then will our family be able to get out of this crisis!”

Hearing what Gerald had said, Masaru rejected him at once.

“Uncle, Fujiko is my daughter and your grandniece. We must think about her happiness and not simply treat her as a sacrifice for the sake of the development of the family. Haven’t you heard those things about Kanagawa Kai?” Takuya took a deep breath and tried his best to reign in his anger.

“Of course I know that. Still, this can’t be helped. If Gerald Crawford had a high status in Weston, I would have certainly agreed.” Masaru’s face showed that he did not allow any refusal. He obviously did not see Takuya as the patriarch.


“’When I say no, I mean no!”

Finally, Takuya couldn’t hold it in anymore and banged his fist on the table.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2186
Takuya’s sudden anger made everyone stunned, and they did not dare to speak. Even though they didn’t have any respect for this patriarch at all, this didn’t mean that his power wasn’t still there.

Based on Japanese laws, if someone in a family went against the patriarch’s order, not only did they need to bear the consequences of both family law and legal aspects.

The fact that they dared to leave the family and even use the family’s name to gain certain benefits was all because they saw Takuya as a down to earth man, and that he wouldn’t do anything to them seeing as how they were all part of the Futaba family.

“Takuya, I know that Fujiko is your daughter, and that is why you want the best for her, but as a patriarch, you have to put the whole family first! We need the Kanagawa family’s help anyway. If we break the marriage promise, not only will the Kanagawa family not help us, but they might even turn around and attack us. We really can’t bear the consequences anymore!”

Seeing Takuya become enraged, Masaru tried to persuade Takuya, trying to make it seem as though he had always wanted the best for the whole family, which was why he had asked whether Gerald had any power or status that could possibly help the family.

“If Gerald could get some help from his family, maybe we won’t be in danger anymore. However, with the feud from the Hanyu and Kanagawa families whom he offended, regular families might not be able to help us out.”

“If you can get help from the Yamashita family, we wouldn’t care about the matter between you and Fujiko anymore!”

Right then, Futaba Suke, who had been quiet the whole time, spoke up suddenly, fixing his eyes upon Gerald as he snickered.

“What are you joking about? The Yamashitas have never had any connections with any of the families in Japan. It would practically be impossible for Gerald, someone from Weston, to even talk with the Yamashita family let alone ask them for help.”

“That’s right, I think it’s better not to waste any time anymore!”

The others all agreed. Putting Gerald aside, none of them would be able to talk with anyone from the Yamashita family either.


Out of the blue, Takuya burst out laughing.

“Did you all see the people standing at the manor’s gate upon entering?” Gerald held his hands behind him as he smiled lightly.

“What does it matter whether we saw them or not? Don’t tell me those people are from the Yamashita family who are here to protect you?” Suke sneered. He was confident that Gerald wouldn’t be able to form a connection with the Yamashita family, which was why he had said all of this to make a fool out of Gerald in front of the other family members.

“You’re quite smart aren’t you.” Gerald raised his eyebrow.

“How shameless can you be, Gerald?! The Yamashita family has never made any connections with any other families at all, and this isn’t a secret in Japan. You’re actually telling us that the tens of men standing at the gate are from the Yamashita family. This is the best joke I’ve ever heard in years.”

Suke glared at Gerald as he tapped his feet against the floor continuously.

“Let them in, Aiden, ” Gerald turned around and spoke to Aiden, who was standing behind him. He couldn’t be bothered to explain it any further to Suke.

“Alright. ” Although Aiden didn’t understand what was happening, he listened to Gerald’s words and walked outside.

“What a joke! You’re actually saying that they’re the Yamashita family’s men. I’ll see who they truly are now.” Suke was still sneering. “However, if they’re not the Yamashita family’s men, you have to crawl beneath my crotch and scram out of here, Gerald.”

“Of course.”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2187
Gerald shrugged and agreed easily. “However, if they are indeed the Yamashita family’s men…”

“Then I’ll crawl under your crotch and scram my way out of here!” Without waiting for Gerald to finish his words, Suke had already spoken up. He believed that Gerald was just boasting. After all, even he himself had never seen any members of the Yamashita family in his entire life, not to mention having any sort of connections with them.

“No problem!” Gerald instantly replied.

Not long after, a few men followed Aiden into the room with everyone’s eyes on them.

“Brother Gerald.” Aiden nodded toward Gerald and stood at the back.

“My brothers, these men are highly doubtful about the fact that you are from the Yamashita family. Do you have anything to prove your identities?” Gerald asked with his eyes set on them.

“Of course we do.” The man standing at the most upfront row took his identification card out from his pocket.

Japanese identification cards were different from other countries. Due to prioritization on one’s family status or financial group, everyone’s identification card contained the information as to which family or financial group they belonged to.

“Do you see this?” Gerald took the card from him and waved it before everyone.

They moved their eyes onto Gerald’s hand, and as expected, they saw the tiny line below the card stating that this man belonged to the Yamashita family.

“This is impossible! You must have made a fake identification card!” Suke saw it clearly as well, but his face darkened, as he had never expected Gerald to truly be able to find the Yamashita family. It simply seemed like something impossible to him.

“So, could it be possible that I have the ability to predict the unknown to know that you would ask me about having connections with the Yamashita family and to have them make fake identification cards to bring along here?” Hearing this, Gerald couldn’t help but snicker as he returned the card to its owner.

“I…” Suke became speechless for a moment.

It was indeed true that he had come up with the idea of making a fool out of Gerald in front of everyone on a whim. Gerald would obviously not know about this before hand to ask them to prepare the fake IDs, but even so, he still couldn’t bring himself to believe that Gerald could actually call the Yamashita family’s men over here to take care of the Futaba family’s safety.

It wasn’t just him, but everyone else couldn’t believe what’s happening either.

The Yamashita family, who never came into contact with any other families nor financial groups at all, was actually standing guard in front of the Futaba family’s manor.

“Now do you believe it?” Gerald squinted his eyes at Suke as he looked around and asked.

“Yes, we do,” everyone replied in unison. They had immediately done the calculations silently. The Yamashita family was much stronger than the Kanagawa family, so, they would definitely gain more benefits if the Yamashita family helped them out. “Now, it’s time for you to fulfill your promise. Do you still remember what you said?” Gerald asked with his eyes on Suke.

“Don’t even think of doing this, Gerald! ” Suke’s face turned pink. He would lose his dignity and respect entirely for sure if he really were to crawl underneath Gerald’s crotch and scram out of there.

“Suke, as a man, you should do what you’ve promised. If you don’t even dare to do what you said yourself, you shouldn’t even be a part of our Futaba family!” Futaba Masaru’s face turned serious as he reprimanded Suke in a deep voice.

Seeing how Gerald had such a good relationship with the Yamashita family, Masaru could ahnost see the Futaba family overcoming the great obstacle before them and reach even greater heights with the help from the Yamashita family. He was on Gerald’s side even as he spoke.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2188
“Exactly. If anyone knows how you can’t even do what you yourself promised, it would be a total shame on our family!”

“Just get it over with quickly! Don’t have us all waiting for you. You’re not even a man if you’re all bark and no bite!”

The others were now on Gerald’s side as well. It had not even been two minutes’ worth of effort, yet they had all forgotten how they had been just a While ago.

Still, facing these people, Gerald did not express any comments. As long as he could help Takuya and Fujiko, these men had no business with him.


Under so many people’s pressure, Suke knew that anything he said wouldn’t be of help anymore.

He ground his teeth hard with a red face as he slowly crouched onto the ground and crawled toward Gerald, his body trembling all over. He knew that after crawling beneath Gerald, he wouldn’t be able to lift his head up ever again in the family.

Gerald was being cooperative too. He even lifted his leg and rested it on the table.

Under everyone’s gaze, Suke squeezed himself through Gerald’s crotch area. As he crawled out of it, he was trembling so hard as he glared at Gerald with fury and monstrousness. He had entirely lost every last shred of respect everyone else had for him at this very moment.

“Satisfied?” Suke asked through clenched teeth as he stared hard at Gerald.

“What does that mean? Isn’t this a bet between you and I?” Gerald arched his eyebrow. “But there’s still one more thing left.”

“What’s that?” Suke asked.

“Getting your ass out of here,” Gerald continued, “You’re not going to go against your own words, are you?”

“You’re brutal! Don’t forget this, Gerald Crawford. I will make you pay for what you’ve done today for sure, beware!” Suke threw one last look at Gerald and spouted warnings at him before scramming out of here.

However, no one was bothered by him at all. Everyone’s attention was on Gerald. All that was on their minds was how to make use of Gerald’s connection with the Yamashita family and get the most benefits out of them.

“You can go home now. Thanks for the hard work,” Gerald made a gesture of appreciation toward the Yamashita family’s men and spoke in a low voice.

“This is nothing. Please tell us anytime you need help, Mr. Gerald. We’ll do our best for you!” The man returned the same gesture and spoke politely.

Seeing this, everyone started to analyze the situation again. Not only did Gerald know these people from the Yamashita family, but he might even have good relations with them, which could be the only explanation as to why they were being so respectful toward him.

After they had left, Takuya straightened his back and stood even taller.

“Does anyone still disagree in regards to the relationship between Gerald and Fujiko?” Takuya scanned his eyes across the crowd with his head lifted up high. After all this time, this was the first time in five years that he felt like a true patriarch of this family even though it was all because of Gerald’s presence.

No one spoke a word.

However, Masaru coughed and spoke up, “Looks like Gerald can truly help our family this time. There’s no need for Fujiko to be married to Kanagawa Kai anymore, then. It will do these two good too seeing as how they make a good pair and have feelings for each other.”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2189
“You’re not truly marrying her, are you?”

Aiden inched closer to Gerald’s back and asked with a low voice.

“No, this is just a show for them. We will still leave here after solving their family’s problem.” Gerald shook his head. His heart only belonged to Mila Smith, and Gerald wasn’t interested even though Fujiko was indeed very beautiful in addition to being a good person in and out.

“This doesn’t really matter, though. I know a lot of countries that support husbands having two wives at the same time. Seeing how Ms. Fujiko is interested in you as well, why don’t you just accept it!” Aiden chuckled as he spoke.

“I’ll kick you out of here if you say anything more.” Gerald frowned.

Aiden stuck his tongue out but kept quiet.

“This is true. It’s not a bad thing for Fujiko to get married to Gerald. Still, Gerald, you have to help us out this time! You too know our family’s current situation, we will all face great troubles if you don’t help!”

After Masaru had spoken up, the others gathered the courage to speak as well.

“No problem.” Gerald waved them down. He had promised to help anyway, so he would help Takuya in kicking these people with ulterior motives out of the family and not allow them to drag the Futaba family down.

“Well then, take a seat everyone. I’ll tell you about the future plan,” Takuya waved them down as well and said.

Seeing how they were going to discuss family matters, Gerald closed his eyes as he sat on a bench at the back, not wanting to listen at all.

Meanwhile, after leaving the manor, Suke didn’t bother to have a change of clothes, and he drove straight to the Hanyu family’s place, specifically requesting to see Hanyu Ryugu.

After a few minutes, Ryugu appeared at the doorsteps and pulled him inside right away.

“Are you crazy for coming here without telling me sooner?! If anyone else knows about this, the worst can happen to our family after you! ” Ryugu sneaked a glance outside to make sure no one was there before scolding Suke in a low voice.

“I don’t care anymore. I want to kill Gerald Crawford as soon as possible. You can even reduce half the benefits you promised if you really can do this!”

Suke’s eyes were bloodshot. He was even considering death after recalling how he had crawled under Gerald’s crotch and scrammed out of the family in front of so many people.

“What’s this? Didn’t you say to stop things temporarily and act only after I told you so? Now that you suddenly want me to do this, Ihave no idea how to do it as well,”

As Ryugu spoke, he dragged Suke along and went further inside.

“I’m telling you, it’ll be too late if you don’t act now. Gerald has strong abilities. Two of your top assassins failed their mission because of him, and he even knows the Yamashita family. It even seems that they share a close relationship!” Suke released a heavy sigh.

“What? He has good relations with the Yamashita family?!” Hearing this, Ryugu stopped in his tracks right away.

“That’s right. I’ve seen it myself. The Yamashita family arranged for tens of their men to guard the Futaba manor, and those people seemed to have high respect for Gerald!”

Now, Suke wasn’t trying to hide anything at all anymore. His only goal was to kill Gerald as fast as possible to make him pay for what he had done.

“You should go rest in the guest room first. I have something to report to our patriarch.” After thinking while standing in the same spot, Ryugu headed toward where Hanyu Suij in was resting immediately.

“Just half an hour. I’ll come to find you in half an hour!” Suke couldn’t wait for that long, and he shouted at Ryugu’s back.

However, Ryugu couldn’t hear anything at all. He had to report this situation to the patriarch as soon as he could. Originally, he had only suspected that Gerald might have some sort of connection with the Yamashita family. Now, he was as certain as ever.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2190
In the room furthest back in the Hanyu family’s place. At that moment, Hanyu Suij in was sitting inside with his young concubine. Although he was old and his body didn’t work as well as before, it was comfortable enough for him to be able to ogle at a young lady with delicate skin lying on his bed.


Just as Suijin was about to get into action after he was done ogling the lady, the door was pushed open suddenly.

Following that was the guard’s voice from outside the door, “Team Leader, the patriarch is doing something inside! You can’t just go in!”

Without waiting for him to finish, Ryugu was already dashing into the living room.

“Patriarch, I have something urgent to report to you.”

Ryugu’s eyes scanned his surroundings only to find Suijin naked on the bed and a pretty, young lady hurriedly wearing her clothes by the bedside.

Ryugu knew this lady. She was the one whom he had brought home today for the patriarch’s enjoyment with the only intention of protecting his position as the team leader of the Assassin Team when so many things were happening now.

“What is it about that you can’t even wait a while outside instead of barging in like this?!” Suijin was upset that he had been halted by someone just as he was about to do something. It was lucky that it was Ryugu. If it had been anyone else, he or she would have been kicked out of the family for sure.

“This is too important that it can’ t be delayed.” Ryugu didn’t bother the lady and entered the room after Suijin had put on his pants.

“Spill it. What’s the matter?” The lady hadn’t even finished putting on her clothes, exposing her pale white chest in the cold air. Suijin wasn’t really bothered either, asking in a low voice as he held her tiny, delicate hand.

“Futaba Suke has just arrived at our place, saying that Gerald Crawford is on good terms with the Yamashita family. The Yamashita family even sent tens of men to guard the Futaba family’s manor,” Ryugu gulped and reported instantly.

“Which Yamashita family are you talking about?” Suijin didn’t even think of that.

In the whole of Japan, there were tens or even hundreds of families named Yamashita, so he didn’t know which one Ryugu was referring to at all. Plus, these families posed no threat to him.

He could easily eradicate them if anything happened anyway.

“Of course it’s that Yamashita family! If it was any other, I wouldn’t have bothered to tell you about it. You know what kind of person I am too, Patriarch.” After following Suijin for so many years, Ryugu knew what he was thinking too, so he quickly explained after hearing what Suijin had said.

“You can go out first!”

Hearing that, Suijin immediately became alert.

He released the young lady’s wrist and patted her back before calling out to her in a soft voice.

The lady put on a jacket and exited hurriedly, closing the door behind her.

“What’s happening!” Suijin’s face darkened instantly a she got up and walked in circles. He asked that after lighting up his cigarette and smoking it twice.

“I don’t know what exactly this is about either. This is what Suke told me just now. I’ve asked him to go rest in the guest room.” Ryugu shook his head. All he knew were these few sentences of information. “Oh, yeah! I’ve made sure that there’s no one suspicious outside either.”

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