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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2191-2200

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2191
Nodding, Suijin then put his cigarette that he had barely even puffed out before saying, “… Tell him to meet me at the reception room.”

Fast forward to twenty minutes later, Suijin could be seen sitting on a bamboo chair in the reception room when Suke rushed in under Ryugu’s lead. Upon seeing Suijin, Suke immediately yelled, “Patriarch! As long as you help me kill Gerald, I’m willing to let go of half the benefits that we previously agreed upon!”

“Calm yourself and slowly elaborate the situation to me,” muttered Suijin as he held onto his temple, feeling a slight headache coming. Honestly, all these problems stemmed from the moment he had told Saburo to go after Fujiko… Come to think of it, if Gerald wasn’t in the picture, everything would’ve gone smoothly! However, there simply was no getting rid of that youth no matter what tactics they used!

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“Well, the Futabas held a family meeting tonight, and Gerald revealed that he got people from the Yamashita family to guard over our manor! While he was showing them to us, those Yamashitas appeared to greatly respect Gerald as well!” explained Suke as his face turned red, remembering how humiliated he had felt earlier. All he wanted now was to have Gerald dead, even if he would be left with nothing at all!

“Are you absolutely sure that they were from that Yamashita family? Could he not have hired actors just to lie to you guys?” replied Suijin as he tried to rationalize the situation despite his bewilderment.

After all, Gerald simply didn’t seem like the kind of person who would have any form of contact with the Yamashitas.

“I was doubtful at the start as well, but after they showed us their IDs, I’m forced to believe that they’re the real deal,” muttered Suke.

“How truly strange… I’ve never heard of anyone contacting the Yamashitas before… Gerald’s a Westoner, no? How did he even manage to build such a close relationship with that family?” said Suijin, puzzled out of his mind. What an improbable situation!

As Suijin continued struggling to accept Suke’s unbelievable statement, Suke clenched his fist before replying, “While I don’t know how all this is possible, I assure you that everything I said was true. Hell, those Yamashitas are still standing right outside my manor! If you don’t believe me, send some of your men over to have a look! Better yet, just contact the others from my family! They all witnessed the same thing!”

“I don’t think any of this is staged, patriarch. Remember, that old man from the Yamashita family helped Gerald and Fujiko escape back then. With that said, I truly believe that Gerald has a relationship with the Yamashitas…!” whispered Ryugu after leaning closer to Suijin.

Upon hearing that, Suijin pondered about it for a moment before eventually saying, “Regardless, feel free to stay at my place for the next few days. If everything you’ve said is true, then I guarantee that I’ll get rid of Gerald for you! However, about the benefits…”

“Half! I just need half of the benefits that we previously agreed upon!” declared Suke.

“You have my word, then! Now go get some rest as I further investigate this affair!” replied Suijin.

In the beginning, he had planned to cooperate with Suke, presenting Suke some benefits in return, in order to annex the Futabas since their family was currently in decline. However, things took a turn when Gerald stepped in. With that in mind, as long as they managed to get rid of Gerald, they would surely be able to resume their plan without any trouble.

This was what Ryugu had hoped to achieve this entire time…!

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2192
Regardless, after hearing that, Suke bowed toward Suijin before leaving the area.

Once Suke was gone, Suijin slammed his fist against the table before growling, “Who exactly is Gerald?! Why the hell does he have contacts within the Yamashita family?! And where the hell are Endo and Izumi!”

This was supposed to be an easy affair! How had things gotten this complicated? Whatever the case was, until they got rid of Gerald, nothing could proceed!

Upon hearing Endo and Izumi’s names, Ryugu was momentarily stunned. After all, he hadn’t told Suijin about their disappearances yet! Now that he knew that he couldn’t hide it any longer, Ryugu gulped as he stuttered, “T-they…”

Watching as Suijin raised a slight brow clearly confused by his hesitance, Ryugu shook his head before saying, “T-they’ve… Well… They’ve gone missing ever since I previously sent them out to assassinate Gerald…! I have a feeling that they’re currently trapped in the Futaba manor, and I’m still thinking of ways to get them out!”

“What? Both of them got captured despite them working together…?!” yelled Suijin as he abruptly got to his feet before pointing at Ryugu.

“I-indeed…!” replied Ryugu as he gritted his teeth.

“Astonishing…! What absolute misfortune our family is under to have accidentally offended such a powerful individual…! Again, who exactly is Gerald and how is he so inhumanly strong? What’s his status like in Weston? We’re talking about someone who’s able to contact the Yamashitas here!” grumbled Suijin, slowly sitting down again as he pondered the situation.

After thinking about it for a bit, Suijin realized that all this began when Saburo was trying to assassinate Fujiko and Gerald stepped in to save her, which was odd since they weren’t trying to offend him in the first place. While it was true that the Hanyus had previously received Weston assassination missions as well, Suijin was sure that each of those assassinations had been perfect, with zero traces left behind.

Whatever the case was, Suijin ended up with two possible conclusions. Either Gerald had come here specifically to have his revenge on them, or they simply had terrible luck for accidentally bumping into him at such a critical moment.

“Well… even after thorough investigation, it doesn’t seem that Gerald has any familial background in Weston… He just… seems to be an average Joe who’s never even been to Japan before! Quite honestly, it’s highly improbable that he’s ever contacted the Yamashitas before this…!” explained Ryugu.

“Impossible!” yelled Suijin as he slammed his fist onto his table again. Having no discernible background and never coming to Japan before… How the hell had Gerald become this powerful then? Besides, the Yamashitas wouldn’t have helped Gerald on a whim! Suijin was pretty sure that the Yamashitas didn’t deal with families outside Japan, so there was simply no way they would have helped him without meeting him prior!

“U-unfortunately that’s all we got…!” muttered Ryugu who was equally in disbelief, though what else could he think with what little they knew?

“Keep investigating! Gerald can’t be as simple as he seems! However, if you still can’t get anything about his background, don’t lay a finger on him first. Remember, he has the Yamashitas on his side now, and that family is not to be trifled with! ” replied Suijin as he began puffing on another cigarette.

Nodding in response, Ryugu paused for a moment lowering his voice as he asked, “Um… Patriarch…? Are are there really ninjas in that family…?”

Though he was the leader of the assassin team, Ryugu knew very little about the Yamashitas outside of the rumors he heard.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2193
“What? Haven’t you already entered their territory?” asked Suijin with a slight frown.

“Well, while it’s true that that old man was extremely strong, I couldn’t tell whether he was a ninja… After all, I’ve never met a ninja before so I can’t really tell them apart from regular people…” muttered Ryugu, who knew better than to assume that the old man was a ninja just because he had immense speed.

“Then investigate further into this. However, only make your move once you’ve completed your investigation! Remember, the stakes are very high this time around! Also, while I won’ t be arguing about Endo and Izumi’s case for the moment, you‘d best bring them back safely or I’ll replace you from your role as leader of the assassin team with someone more capable!” growled Suijin as he glared at Ryugu.

“C-copy that…!” replied Ryugu who got so frightened that his forehead was drenched in cold sweat in no time.

Meanwhile, Kai had just awoken back at his manor. After making himself look a bit more presentable, he entered the living room before sitting on a couch and muttering, “That Vulture claimed that he would take care of Gerald in two days… It’s now the third day yet I haven’ t heard a word from him yet…! “

Upon hearing that, his confidant who was standing close by couldn’t help but reply, “Do you think that he could’ve… you know… ended up like Endo and Izumi…?”

“Can it!” growled Kai as he glared at his new confidant. Though his previous confidant never spoke out of turn, due to that little incident, Kai had paid him a few thousand dollars to get lost. Unfortunately, that meant that Kai had to allow this idiot to be his next confidant!

“While you may be mad to hear it, the possibility exists… After all, the Hanyus remained silent the entire time till we eventually inquired with them about Gerald. If you ask me, Vulture’s behavior is strikingly similar to what they did…” muttered the subordinate who was well aware that he was stepping out of line. However, not only was he a straightforward person, but he was also here to guide Kai under the patriarch’s orders. This explained his urge to reveal anything that he thought of the situation.

“I know, I know, there’s no need for you to remind me! ” growled Kai. He, for one, was no fool, and he had been worrying about this scenario ever since Vulture set off on his mission. With that in mind, it made sense why he would get annoyed when he was reminded of it.

After his subordinate went silent, Kai gestured for him to leave before fishing his phone out and dialing Vulture’s number.

However, when he couldn’t contact Vulture even after three tries, Kai’s worries began to intensify. While it was true that Kai didn’t have to worry about his identity being exposed even if Vulture was taken down, it still meant that Gerald had managed to take Vulture down…! If someone from the top ten assassin list couldn’t take Gerald down, then what hope did Kai have to get rid of him…?!

While Vulture’s death hadn’t been confirmed, Kai didn’t even dare to think about the implications if that really was the case. However, Kai did start regretting offending Gerald this much…!

Though Kai was in a pickle, Gerald, on the other hand, was as cool as a cucumber at the moment. After all, ever since he revealed his relationship with the Yamashitas, all the Futabas had been fawning over him, clearly trying to get into his good books…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2194
The second the meeting ended, all the other Futabas began flocking around Gerald, handing him their business cards as they said, “We’ve truly had some misunderstandings in the past, mister! But putting that aside, we’ll now be counting on you to revive our family’s glory!”

“Yeah, what he said! Speaking of which, here’s my contact number! If you require any help in the future, don’t hesitate to call! I’ll be sure to help as best as I can!”

“Make sure to take my number too!”

Smiling subtly in response at everyone’s overenthusiasm, Gerald simply accepted the cards as he replied, “One at a time, I’ll be taking all your cards. Don’t worry…”

Gerald, for one, didn’t really know the other Futabas by name, at least previously. Now that he had their name cards, he would know who to look for should the Futabas required help getting rid of ‘problematic individuals’ in the future.

Either way, since everyone was surrounding Gerald, Takuya who was still sitting on the main seat ended up getting completely ignored.

It was only after everyone was done handing out their business cards, when they finally turned to look at Takuya again before saying, “Well, we’ll be taking our leave first, patriarch. We’d rather not disturb you any longer. By the way, if you ever require any help from us in future, just say the word. In times of trouble, we Futabas should and will stick together!”

Unable to bear how pretentious his family was being, the pained Takuya who could now distinguish the family members who sincerely cared about the family and those who just wanted to use the family to gain more wealth simply yelled, “Just leave already!”

With that said, it took only ten minutes for everyone except for those who were already living in the manor to leave.

Now that everyone was gone, Takuya heaved a heavy sigh.

Seeing how unhappy Takuya was, Gerald smiled as he slipped the name cards into his pocket before saying, “Don’t bother about them, patriarch. I’ll deal with them later on.”

Once all the current troubles were out of the way, Gerald promised himself that he would kick all of those insincere family members out of this family…! Gerald, for one, believed that Takuya would agree with his decision.

Regardless, upon hearing Gerald’s statement, Takuya couldn’t help but worry. After all, he knew his family’s true colors best, and he didn’t want Gerald falling for their insincere fawning. With that in mind, Takuya was prompted to reply, “Do be careful around those exploiters. They’re definitely just trying to get on your good side to reap benefits from you! Just so you know,

Had you not shown evidence that the Yamashitas were on your side, I’m sure they wouldn’t have been this easily satisfied.”

Chuckling in response, Gerald casually said, “If they truly manage to take advantage of me, then you can be sure that I’m not the real Gerald!”

Nodding in response, Takuya was then prompted to ask, “I’m glad to hear that… Putting them aside, how are you planning to deal with the Hanyus?”

Despite being the Futaba patriarch, Takuya had gotten used to asking for Gerald’s opinion on things, especially when it involved major things like these. Honestly, Gerald now felt like the true backbone of the Futaba family.

Either way, upon hearing that, Gerald asked in return, “Well… any suggestions, patriarch?”

“Let’s hear your opinion first,” replied Takuya with a smile as he gestured for Gerald to proceed.

“Well, I plan to meet up with the Hanyus and talk to them face to face in hopes of getting some things clear,” replied Gerald after thinking about it for a while.

“…Come again? You’re attempting to talk things out with the family that’s resorted to assassination so many times?” said Takuya as his smile turned into a frown.

“That’s honestly part of the reason why I plan to meet them in person,” replied Gerald with a nod.

Upon hearing that, Takuya figured that Gerald must have devised a solid plan. With that in mind, Takuya eventually said, “Alright, let’s go with that, then. I’ll make sure to send some of my men over to keep you safe. Since the Yamashitas are on your side, it’ll do you good to bring some of them along. Don’t worry about the manor, I’m pretty confident that we’ll remain safe

Till your return.”

“I’ll have to disagree there, patriarch. After all, I only plan to bring two people with me,” replied Gerald as he waved his hand.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2195
Rather than helping, Gerald believed that the ‘reinforcements’ would only end up being burdens that he needed to protect once they were there.

“Who will you be bringing along?” asked Takuya.

“Just Fujiko and Aiden. Both of them are plenty enough,” replied Gerald as he turned to look at the duo that he had just mentioned.

Upon hearing that, Aiden who would follow Gerald to the ends of earth, regardless of how dangerous it was immediately declared, “We’re ready when you are!”

“I see… Well, Fujiko has my approval,” said Takuya with a nod, believing that Gerald would keep his daughter safe.

Nodding in response, Fujiko then got to her feet as she asked, “When are we heading off?”

“Well, rather than wait around any longer, I say we meet them now. As the old Weston saying goes, ‘strike while the iron’s hot’. Let’s see how the Hanyus respond to our little visit,” replied Gerald with a faint smile.

Shortly after, the trio left the manor. Though they left Master Ghost behind, Gerald was sure that the Yamashitas were strong enough to keep him safe. Even if another assassin from the assassin list attempted to launch an attack, Gerald had faith that the Yamashitas were capable of holding them back, at least till he returned.

Whatever the case was, it was about three hours later under Fujiko’s guidance when the trio’s car finally arrived at the entrance of the Hanyu manor. Once the car was parked, Gerald who had a cigarette in his mouth got out before heading toward the entrance.

Looking at Gerald, the guard at the entrance was prompted to ask, “Do you have an appointment?”

“Not at all. Either way, just report that Gerald’s come for a visit,” replied Gerald in a commanding, yet immensely charismatic tone.

“C-come again…? You’re Gerald…?” stuttered the guard as he took two steps back. Though he wasn’t anyone noteworthy in the family, even he had heard rumors about Gerald, the immensely strong Westoner!

“Is it that unbelievable?” asked Gerald as he flicked some ash off his cigarette.

“… Please wait a moment as I report this!” replied the guard who didn’t dare to make Gerald wait for a second longer as he bolted into the manor.

At that moment, Suijin was having his dinner in the living room. Before him, stood Ryugu and the leaders of the other assassin teams, all of them patiently waiting for Suijin to finish his meal so that they could start planning Endo and Izumi’s rescue mission.

Just as Suijin was about to take another bite of his dinner, the guard from earlier came busting into the room nearly tripping in the process as he exclaimed, “P-patriarch…! There’s a man outside who claims to be Gerald…!”

“What?!” yelled Suijin as he tossed his rice ball onto the floor!

“It’s probably just someone looking for trouble! As if the real Gerald would ever come here on his own accord! That’d just be courting death! Send that person away immediately!” sneered one of the team leaders in a disdainful tone.

“…Hold it. There’s no way an ordinary person would even know about our grudge against Gerald. Even if they somehow found out about it, why would they willingly put themselves in trouble?” said Ryugu as he quickly grabbed onto the guard before he could run off to do as he was told.

After a brief pause, Suijin slowly sat down again as heordered, “Regardless of whether he’s the real Gerald or not, I’d like to meet him. Let him in!”

Watching as the guard quickly nodded before rushing off, Suijin then thought for a while before facing Ryugu and adding, “Get all the members of the second team over. If it really is Gerald, then he must be extremely well prepared! With that said, remain vigilant at all times! With any luck, we’ll be able to force him to release Endo and Izumi…!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2196
Nodding in response, Ryugu immediately began heading off to do as he was ordered. However, before leaving the room, he turned to look at the other team leaders before declaring, “While I’m away, make sure to guard the patriarch well. Gerald’s extremely strong, and believe me when I say that even if all of you attack him at the same time, he’ll probably remain unscathed! With that said, if anything happens to the patriarch, I’ll be sure to have your heads!”

“We’ll be vigilant, team leader!” replied a few of the team leaders, prompting Ryugu to resume his task.

Moving back to Gerald and his party, they soon saw the guard returning to let them in. As they were led deeper into the area, none of them bothered to look around.

After all, traditional Japanese manors like this looked pretty much the same as any other. Whatever the case was, from the looks of it, they were headed to the innermost area of the manor.

Though Gerald didn’t show it, he had honestly been vigilant ever since they stepped foot into the manor. After all, he was well aware that this was still the home of an assassin family. Knowing that it was better to be safe than sorry, Gerald had made sure to spread his Herculean Primordial Spirit around to get a better grasp of his surroundings. It was also because of that that Gerald couldn’t help but smirk.

After all, he could already sense the presence of a group of people about thirty feet away from them who were rapidly approaching them. From what he could assume, this was the Hanyu family’s way of preparing to deal with him. Of course, Gerald didn’t tell Aiden or Fujiko about this.

Either way, the trio was soon greeted by the sight of a row of villas…

Briefly glancing around, Gerald soon yelled, “Is anyone there?”

“But of course! Still, what a surprise that you’d pay my family a visit at such an hour!” declared a voice that emanated from one of the villas. Shortly after, Suijin and a few of the team leaders showed themselves.

Though Suijin gave off the impression that he was a courteous person, he had honestly been wary of Gerald this entire time. Still, since Gerald was daring enough to enter his territory, Suijin was definitely going to make it difficult for Gerald to leave. Hell, if things went swimmingly, this could be his chance of getting rid of the boy!

Regardless, after a brief silence, Gerald turned to look at Aiden and Fujiko before saying, “Shall we?”

Upon hearing that, Suijin couldn’t help but frown slightly. To think that Gerald would just ignore him! Still, he quickly reverted to his polite façade as he replied, “Yes, please, come in!”

As Gerald sat cross legged in the reception room, Suijin realized that his family’s assassins whom he had requested to come over earlier were already closing in. Finding solace in that, Suijin then straightened his back before asking, “Now then… To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Hmm? I was just passing by so I figured why not pay your family a visit. Besides, I’m pretty sure there’s a misunderstanding between us, so why not take this chance to talk things out?” replied Gerald who looked much more relaxed in comparison. For those who didn’t know any better, they’d probably assume that it was Suijin that had entered Gerald’s territory.

“I agree. For one, I believe that Endo and Izumi are currently being locked up in the Futaba manor, correct?” asked Suijin as he narrowed his eyes, a faint smile on his face…

“That’s correct,” replied Gerald.

Taking a deep breath, Suijin then said, “Then please release them. The two are extremely important family members.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. In case you weren’t aware, they attempted to assassinate me. With that said, after taking them down, I handed them to the Futaba family’s patriarch so that he could interrogate them. After all, it’s only fair for me to want to know who sent them over. Regardless, though we were initially planning to let them off after they told us who they worked for, neither of them said a word, even after continuously being tortured.”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2197
“With that said, both of them are currently on the verge of death. I’m afraid you’ll have to bring stretchers along if you truly wish to rescue them. Otherwise, they’ll probably not make it,” replied Gerald as he stared Suijin directly in the eye.

“… I-is that so…” replied Suijin, his hands already trembling slightly as he desperately attempted to keep his cool.

“Release them, you mother*cker! Otherwise, you won’t be leaving this place alive!” roared Ryugu as he rushed into the room!

Since he was the one who had sent Endo and Izumi out on the mission without Suijin’s knowledge, Ryugu knew that he was going to be held responsible for whatever happened to them. With that said, as long as they were still alive, he would probably just have to endure a punishment or two. However, if they were dead, there was a high chance that he would be too…!

Either way, upon seeing Ryugu rush over, Aiden immediately got to his feet! Within seconds, the two were already exchanging dozens of blows!

Sensing that Aiden was no pushover, Suijin quickly scowled, “Ryugu! Step down!”

Upon hearing that, the now gasping Ryugu immediately took a few steps back. To think that not only had he failed to gain the upper hand against Aiden, but he was almost hit a few times as well!

Secretly pleased to see that Aiden had managed to remain unscathed, Gerald then placed his hands on his knees before looking at Suijin with a smile as he asked, “Now then… Since the interrogation didn’t work, I may as well ask straight from the source. Tell me, why would Endo and Izumi suddenly try to assassinate me? As far as I’m concerned, I’ve never had any beef with them. Hell, the night they attempted that assassination was the first time I met them! Either way, do explain why they came after me.”

“I wasn’t aware of their actions at the time, so I can’t say for sure. Had I known that they were after your head, I would’ve definitely tried to stop them!” replied Suijin who knew that playing dumb was his only way out of this.

“I see… Could you also be imaware of the assassination attempt on Miss Futaba then?” asked Gerald.

“With all due respect, that’s a matter between the Hanyus and the Futabas, mister. As nothing but a guest, don’t you think you lack the right to ask about such things?” replied Suijin who’s expression had gotten slightly ugly. He couldn’t answer any of Gerald’s questions at all…!

“Point taken,” replied Gerald with a brief nod.

Shaking his head, Suijin then gestured at one of his subordinates before ordering, “Get us some tea!”

A short while later, Gerald was prompted to ask, “Actually, there’s one more thing I’d like to confirm. You see, back when I was at the Japanese military training grounds a few days ago, I was attacked by an assassin from the assassin list who’s probably quite high-ranked. With that said, I was wondering if you were the ones who sent him after me.”

While Gerald was pretty sure that Kai was the one who had hired that assassin, he wanted to catch the Hanyus off guard.

As expected, upon hearing that, Suijin and Ryugu immediately yelled, “Impossible!”

“Oh? Then why did he tell me that you were the ones who hired him?” fibbed Gerald even though he could already confirm based on their reactions that they weren’t involved with that assassin.

“… Mister, we’re an assassin family. Hiring another assassin to do our job would be absolutely humiliating!” explained Suijin in resignation.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2198
After saying that, however, Suijin couldn’t help but look at Ryugu. While he definitely hadn’t hired that assassin, it didn’t mean that Ryugu couldn’t have done the deed. After all, he had already sent Endo and Izumi out on that mission without his knowledge.

“Is that so…” replied Gerald as he turned to look at Ryugu as well.

Realizing that they were both staring at him, Ryugu couldn’t help but grit his teeth. Suijin’s distrust toward him now was all thanks to Gerald! With that in mind, he then glared at the youth before growling, “I didn’t do it..! I’d never do such a humiliating thing! Now cut the cr*p and return Endo and Izumi to us already!”

“Feel free to take them away! After all, keeping them in the Futaba manor is pretty pointless now. Oh, and don’t forget the stretchers! ” replied Gerald as he casually shrugged.

“You…!” hissed Ryugu in utter resentment. Endo and Izumi were both mighty Hanyu assassins! If they truly ended up dying, then Ryugu would need at least ten more years to raise two similar leaders, and that only applied if the ones he trained were naturally talented assassins…!

Though Suijin was equally as angry since he was the patriarch, he kept his emotions concealed as he asked, “… Allow me to ask again. Why have you come here today, mister?”

“As I’ve said, I just happened to pass by, so I figured why not pay your family a visit,” replied Gerald in a casual tone.

“Nobody would buy that, mister. Look, I get along better with straightforward people. With that said, if you still refuse to say a thing, I implore you to just leave already,” sneered Suijin.

Laughing in response, Gerald then replied, “You? Straightforward? Would a straightforward person send assassins over to kill me and miss Futaba?”

Frowning, Suijin then said, “Are you still trying to get an explanation?”

“I’m glad you’re capable of reading between the lines,” replied Gerald who wanted to resolve the grudges between the Hanyus and Futabas before dealing with the Kanagawas.

“As I’ve previously said, this is a feud between my family and the Futabas. Since you’re merely a guest, it’d do you good not to get involved in this. As for why we attacked you, let’s just say that it was a mistake on our part!” growled Suijin as he continued to suppress his rage, not wanting to accidentally infuriate Gerald.

After all, Suijin knew for a fact that the assassin team outside wouldn’t be able to take Gerald on if the boy really wanted them dead. Following that, his life would be next on the line.

“A mistake, you say… Well, if that truly is the case, then I’ll be able to say this next part much easier. On behalf of the Futaba family, I hereby declare that we won’t provoke the Hanyus from this day onward! In return, I hope that you’ll cease your ulterior motives and stop coveting after the Futabas, patriarch! Deal?” asked Gerald as he raised a slight brow.

“Deal!” declared Suijin without the slightest hesitation, much to Gerald’s surprise.

“… Well, then. Since you’ve agreed to it, we’ll see how things play out. I warn you, however. If any of you even dare lay a finger on the Futabas, I won’ t let you off that easily! Hell, even if you send someone to kill one of their chickens, my response will be the same!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2199
Following that, Gerald laughed heartily before getting to his feet and saying, “Alright, let’s head back. We’re already an eyesore to them by this point!”

Nodding in response, Aiden and Fujiko then followed closely behind him. However, before they left, Aiden made sure to roughly brush his shoulder against Ryugu’s, causing Ryugu to almost fall!

“You… !” growled Ryugu as he turned to glare at Aiden.

Aiden, however, paid him no notice and simply walked out with Gerald and Fujiko.

Once the trio was no longer in sight, Ryugu who had been actively suppressing his rage this entire time immediately ran toward Suijin before asking, “Patriarch! Why did you just let them leave like that…?”

Snorting in response, Suijin then scoffed, “Why would you want them to stay? Are you planning to treat them to dinner or something?”

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that Ryugu was an important family member whom Suijin couldn’t easily replace, he would’ve driven Ryugu away ages ago.

“With all due respect, patriarch, I had a small team lying in wait to ambush them! As long as you ordered it s to attack, my men would’ve instantly rushed in to subdue them!” exclaimed Ryugu as he clenched his fist, unable to accept that he had missed yet another chance to take Gerald down.

Glaring at Ryugu, Suijin simply scoffed, “Subdue? You couldn’t even defeat that special forces soldier! Do you honestly think you can subdue Gerald? Just think about it You, of all people, should know how strong Endo and Izumi can get when they work together. They were able to stealthily take down a terrorist organization, for heaven’s sake! Yet what happened when they attempted to assassinate Gerald? Not only did he manage to take both of them down, but he barely has a scratch on him! It’s clear as day that his strength is far beyond yours! If he really wanted us dead, we’d all be nothing but a puddle of flesh and blood within minutes!”

Watching as Suijin then sighed before starting to pace back and forth in the reception room, Ryugu who was still unwilling to just accept all this then replied, “But we can’t just agree with all this…! If we really do as he says, then all our plans in the past few years will be for naught!”

Ryugu, for one, had invested a lot in the plan to take over the Futaba family since Suijin had ordered him to do most of the research. With that in mind, it made sense why he was so unwilling to just go with Gerald’s whims.

“Naturally, I only agreed so that he’d leave for now. Regardless, we need to be careful when we make our next move. Things should go fine as long as Gerald doesn’t find out about what we’ve done. Speaking of which, I want all of you to lay low in the next few days. I have zero doubts that Gerald will be keeping a close eye on us for quite a while, and since he even has the Yamashitas on his side, we really can’t afford to offend him,” muttered Suijin.

Understanding how powerless they were, Ryugu was forced to nod as he replied, “… Understood!”

“Good. Also, I’ll need you to find some time to get Endo and Izumi back. Though they probably won’t be capable of participating in any further assassination missions, they can still serve as mentors for our other assassins. At the very least, it’s better than keeping them locked up in the Futaba manor,” said Suijin, who just wanted to get some rest now.

Clenching his fists at the mention of those two, Ryugu then growled, “… Got it!”

Meanwhile, Suke who had been anxiously waiting for Ryugu’s return in his guest room couldn’t help but fear that the Futabas would find out that he was here.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2200
Upon hearing knocks on his door, Suke immediately opened it. Seeing that it was Ryugu, Suke then tugged him into his room, closing the door behind him before asking, “You’re finally here! So, what did the patriarch say? Just so you know, we can still discuss the benefits! As long as Gerald dies, I won’t even mind taking a third of the benefits! If that isn’t enough, a fifth will do…!”

Suke was rightfully desperate for Gerald’s death. After all, he knew that as long as Gerald remained alive, it would be too shameful for him to ever face the other Futabas again.

To Suke’s dismay, however, Ryugu simply responded by lighting a cigarette after taking a seat and saying, “Gerald’s just left.”

“… Huh? Well, why didn’t you stop him, then? And why did he come over in the first place?” replied Suke, clearly panicking as he quickly stuck his head out the window.

Instantly pulling him back in, Ryugu immediately scowled in a hushed tone, “What the hell are you doing? If Gerald and his party see you here, we’ll be in hot soup!”

“What am I doing? What are you doing?! Gerald was already in the manor! You could’ve just sent some of your assassins to finish him off, no…?” grumbled Suke, feeling slightly dispirited that they had missed such a prime opportunity to strike! Who knew when they were going to get a chance like this again!

“What the hell do you even know…?” growled Ryugu who didn’t want to bother explaining the situation to such an idiot.

“Regardless, tell me how long it’ll take for you to finish Gerald off,” muttered Suke who couldn’t be bothered about the details or benefits anymore. He just wanted Gerald dead!

“Unfortunately, I can’t provide a specific answer to that,” replied Ryugu as he shook his head while closing the window.

“What?! As if the Hanyus would have trouble taking Gerald down!” scoffed Suke before laughing coldly.

“Oh really? Just so you know, we’ve already lost two team leaders in our pursuit of killing Gerald…! The only reason we allowed him to walk off is because we can’t get rid of him that easily! We need a better plan first! So just shut up and behave already! Have some patience!” growled Ryugu who was already in a bad mood before Suke further infuriated him.

“Fine, then! If you won’t get rid of him, I’ll just get someone else to do the deed!” scowled the equally short fused Suke as he turned to leave.

Squinting his eyes as he grabbed Suke by his coat, Ryugu then asked, “And where do you think you’re going?”

“I’m leaving the manor of course!” scoffed Suke as he struggled to break free, eventually opting to just slip his coat off instead.

To his dismay, Ryugu then swiftly blocked Suke’s path before saying in a low voice, “Negative. You already knew my family’s secrets, so you’ll have to remain here. Leaving isn’t an option.”

“What?! Am I being confined here?” replied Suke, his expression quickly changing.

“You’re free to assume that,” said Ryugu as his other hand moved to open the door behind him. Upon seeing the two subordinates who had been positioned right outside Suke’s room, Ryugu added, “Both of you. Keep an eye out on Mr. Futaba. If he dares to even leave this room, you have my permission to break his legs!”

“This is a cooperative relationship, Ryugu! What is the meaning of this…?!” exclaimed Suke who was terrified to hear what Ryugu just had to say. After all, while he had initially assumed that this place was going to be his refuge, as it turned out, it wasn’t any less dangerous!

“It’s exactly as I said. Stay here, and I’ll serve you well with good food and drinks. Leave, however… well, you heard what I said,” sneered Ryugu in response.

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