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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2202

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2202
Once that third attempt happened, Gerald wouldn’t play any more games. He was going to make sure he took out the Hanyu patriarch and Ryugu!

At that moment, Fujiko couldn’t help but say, “Honestly, though… My family has truly brought you endless trouble.”

After all, had Gerald not saved her back then, he wouldn’t have gotten involved in all this in the first place.

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“No, no, who knows, I could require your help in the future,” replied Gerald with a subtle smile as he waved his hand, fully aware that he was instilling the thought into her.

Nodding in response, Fujiko immediately replied, “No matter what your request is, I’ll be sure to help you out!”

Simply laughing heartily in response, Gerald then said, “I’ll be taking your word for it, then!”

Shortly after, the trio arrived at the manor. After sending Fujiko back to her room, Gerald told Aiden and Master Ghost to come to his one.

Once the two were seated around the table in Gerald’s room, Master Ghost couldn’t help but raise a slight brow as he watched Gerald carefully close the door and windows. With how serious Gerald was being, Master Ghost was prompted to ask, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing too serious, honestly. I just want to talk about our next move. Speaking of which, I’ve already warned the Hanyu patriarch not to try anything funny anymore. If they behave, I’ll properly deal with them after a while. If they don’t, however, I’ll wipe them off the face of the earth! Regardless, I’m now going to focus on taking someone else out first,” replied Gerald as he joined them around the table.

“Hmm? Who?” asked Aiden and Master Ghost at the same time.

“Kai, of course. I still believe that he’s the one who sent that high ranking assassin after me. With that said, if he’s only going to continue causing me trouble, I may as well eliminate him before he has the chance to hire another assassin,” replied Gerald as be narrowed his eyes. If he didn’t kill Kai while he could, Gerald was honestly worried that the next assassin he sent would be even stronger than Vulture.

“Just let me do the deed! Don’t worry, you’ll see his corpse by morning!” volunteered Aiden.

“Don’t kill him straight off the bat. Bring him to the abandoned house at the back of the manor instead. I still want to interrogate him about some things,” replied Gerald with a nod as he took a cigarette out before tossing it to Aiden.

Catching the cigarette, Aiden who was always enthusiastic to do such missions immediately declared, “Hell yeah!”

Following that, Gerald watched as Aiden drove off before he eventually began walking to the back of the Futaba manor. Gerald, for one, trusted Aiden’s strength. The boy was, after all, a special forces soldier from Weston. With that in mind, kidnapping Kai was pretty much a cinch for him.

Either way, as the abandoned houses came into view, Gerald remembered Takuya mentioning that these used to be warehouses. Back during the Futaba family’s heyday, these warehouses were supposedly constantly filled with goods. Every night, there would be dozens of trucks all lined up, waiting to deliver the goods. However, when their family started declining, the warehouses eventually became emptier and emptier.

About four years had passed since then, leaving these warehouses completely abandoned among the tall grass. Some of them were so dilapidated that huge chunks of them had already crumbled.

Shaking his head, Gerald then opened the door of one of the sturdier looking warehouses… only to instantly be greeted by a cloud of dust! Caught off guard, Gerald ended up coughing for quite a while before he eventually activated his Herculean Primordial Spirit. Sending a pulse of energy out of his body, the energy was apparently enough to blow away any remaining dust in the area.

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