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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2204

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2204
“Of course I-!”

Realizing that he had accidentally declared his true thoughts, Kai quickly bit his tongue before clearing his throat as he said, “… That was a slip of the tongue. While I don’t like you, I don’t hate you to the point of wanting you dead either! The conflict between us just isn’t that serious! Speaking of which, I’m not interested in Fujiko anymore! If you want her so much, you can have her!”

“Cut the cr*p, Mr. Kanagawa. Look, there’s only the two of us here. Tell me the truth, and maybe I’ll let you off. Mind you, this is only because I’m paying respect to your father,” replied Gerald as he gestured for Aiden to leave them be for now.

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“B-but I never hired anyone to assassinate you…!” muttered Kai as he averted his gaze. Kai, for one, didn’t believe Gerald at all. After all, he was currently trapped someplace where his screams for help couldn’t be heard! With that in mind, he was sure that once he admitted to hiring Vulture, he was definitely going to die here today…! Besides, he was still pretty sure that Vulture hadn’t betrayed him.

“Is that so…?” replied Gerald as he shook his head before narrowing his eyes at the terrified man.

Watching as Gerald then lit a cigarette before squatting before him, Kai gulped as he stuttered, “L-look, if you don’t have the evidence that I hired the assassin, then you’re essentially just kidnapping me! The law will be after your head!”

“Oh? So you do know a bit about the law. Unfortunately for you, the Japanese law can’t protect you here,” replied Gerald with a smug smile before he got to his feet and stomped on Kai’s hand!

“I-it hurts…!” cried Kai, now more terrified than ever.

After all, nobody had even dared to bully him before as a child! This harsh treatment was unlike anything he had ever experienced before…!

When Gerald intensified the force of his foot and Kai attempted to withdraw his hand, he quickly realized that aside from the excruciating pain he couldn’t even move his fingers anymore! N ow lying on the ground almost completely paralyzed from pain,

Kai raised his head, glaring at Gerald as he growled, “W-what the hell are you trying to achieve, Gerald…?! I’m the young master of the Kanagawa family…! If you dare do anything else to me, you’ll surely pay a heavy price!”

Ignoring Kai’s threats, Gerald simply increased the force of his foot, sending even more jolts of pain running down Kai’s arm…!

Unable to bear the pain any longer, Kai who felt that all the bones in his hand would shatter if he didn’t act quick cried out, “I… I’ll say it! I’ll tell you everything I know…!”

“Go on,” replied Gerald as he slowly lifted his leg, his eyebrow raised the entire time.

“I-it’s true that I hired that assassin… His name is Vulture, and he’s ranked seventh in the international assassin list…!” whimpered Kai as he held onto his aching hand.

“Oh? Seventh, you say? You must really want me dead,” replied Gerald, feeling slightly surprised. No wonder he sensed that Vulture was a little too strong to be a regular assassin back then.

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