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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2207

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2207
“You’re all seriously annoying, you know that? Before Gerald revealed his relationship with the Yamashitas, all of you simply wanted to kick him out so that you could leech off the family without any further delays. Are you seriously buttering him up now after what you’ve all done? Even an idiot could tell what you’re really trying to achieve!” scoffed Aiden as he walked down the hallway. He had come over to meet Gerald, and when he realized what was happening, he couldn’t help but mock those pitiful individuals.

“What was that?! Who the hell even are you?!”

“Must be some new servant or something!” yelled a few of the Futabas, angered by Aiden’s straightforwardness. After all, they of all people knew that every word he said was true!

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Getting increasingly annoyed with them after watching them diss on Aiden, Gerald who wanted very badly to kick all of them out took in a deep breath before saying, “Aiden, come over here.”

Upon realizing that Aiden was with Gerald, the other Futabas immediately felt their jaws drop. To think that he was with Gerald! Now that they knew this, they couldn’t help but lower their heads in shame, regretting their previous attitude toward Aiden. Still, if they hadn’t retorted, that would’ve signified that what Aiden had said was true!

Regardless, Aiden was much more straightforward than Gerald. With that in mind, he simply replied, “just kick them out already. These people just want profit and it clearly shows! Besides, the patriarch has already warned us about them. If we aren’t careful, they’ll exploit us till we’re nothing but bare bones!”

“W-with all due respect, mister, we’re sincere in helping the family develop! The way we do things is just different! Remember, we’re Futabas as well! There’s no way we’d even dream of harming our family!” declared another Futaba who knew better than to scowl back, now that he knew that Aiden was with Gerald.

“That’s quite enough. If all of you are this free, go get your breakfast together or something!” grumbled Gerald as he gestured for them to leave. After bumping into these idiots this early in the morning, Gerald was pretty sure that his mood would be down the entire day.

Just as Gerald was about to close the door again, the panicked Futabas instantly began yelling, “P-please don’t listen to him, Mr. Crawford…! We really are putting the family first! Just so you know, we’ve already done plenty to help the family in secret! If you’re interested, we can elaborate on what we’ve done!”

“Beat it!” growled Gerald as he glared at the annoying crowd, prompting them to take a few steps back in both fear and shock. Seeing his chance, Gerald then pulled Aiden into his room before slamming the door shut…!

After things quieted down, Aiden poured himself a glass of water downing it in one go before asking, “So… What the hell were they doing here?”

“How should I know? They were already waiting there the second I opened the door!” replied Gerald in a helpless tone. He really hadn’t expected them to be this crazy!

“How annoying! The patriarch should really consider disowning them from the family already! Keeping them around will only spell ruin for the Futabas! ” scoffed Aiden in response.

“I believe that the patriarch knows how to appropriately deal with this. From what I can tell, he’s already planning on doing that once things calm down a bit. Either way, none of this concerns us. Remember, our goal is only to get the key to Yearning Island, nothing else,” replied Gerald, clearly still concerned about his sister and parents. The sooner he could save them, the better.

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