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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 221-230

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 221

Lilian and Sharon walked over and they glanced at Gerald and Queta.

Lilian and Sharon had always wanted to go on a trip before they graduate and previously they heard about how beautiful Yorknorth was from Hayward and he had invited them to pay a visit. Since they were free, they decided to visit the Yorknorth Mountain. They never thought that they would see Gerald there.

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“You know him, Lilian?” one of the girls frowned.

They were judging Gerald by the way he looked and then they glanced at Queta and thought she was as poor as Gerald. They were all not very friendly.

“Of course! He’s the high school classmate that I’ve mentioned yesterday. What a coincidence!” Lilian sneered.

Lilian was surprised the last time she found out that Gerald knew Yancy at the class gathering. Everyone thought Gerald was finally being advanced but then she soon realized Yancy did not even remember him after the gathering.

When people asked Yancy if he knew who Gerald was, he immediately answered no. Rumour has it that Yancy always acted as if he knew somebody. The last time at the gathering, he must be fooling around with Gerald too.

After Lilian knew that, she felt good for insulting Gerald.

“Is that your girlfriend, Gerald?” Sharon asked.

Gerald then shook his head.

Poor people should find a girlfriend that was equally poor. Looking at the both of them made Sharon feel that they were really cheap.

Sharon felt so ridiculous reminiscing the days that she flirted with Gerald.

“No, this is my best friend!” Gerald said.

“I’d say, even though Queta is poor, she’s pretty enough to not be Gerald’s girlfriend!” Hayward said. He knew Queta since young and knew that her foster parents were living at Yorknorth Village.

“Hayward, you know her?”

“Of course! Let me tell you about her…” Hayward whispered to the girls.

The girls looked at Queta even more scornfully.

Queta knew that Hayward was telling them that she was an orphan, a child that nobody wanted. She was holding onto the corner of her shirt tightly because she felt embarrassed.

Gerald grabbed her hand letting her know that he was by her side and said, “Let’s get out of here, Queta!”

Gerald did not want to have anything to do with his high school classmates.

“Aw, someone is angry! Since you guys are here, why not have some skewered lamb? I believe you guys have not tasted it before. We need someone to help us with the skewers too. You two should stay!” Lilian sneered as she said.

Lilian just got the idea of having two free laborers that could work for them and it was a waste to not use them.

Gerald ignored them.

“Queta, do you think you should be leaving? Don’t you remember who saved your foster parents’ gravestone? We are treating you to a meal and all we need is some help with the skewers!” Hayward taunted her playfully.

Hayward didn’t talk much last time because he didn’t have any status. Things have changed now. People were channeling around him ever since the village was going to be developed.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 222
His insults were very useful toward Queta though. Queta stopped and said, “You could leave first, Gerald. I’ll help them!”

Queta knew everything about Gerald and promised to cover up for him. She knew Gerald would not do these kinds of things and these people did not deserve to let Gerald serve them.

Queta decided to stay.

Gerald did not want to leave Queta alone. It was just skewers! He then decided to accompany Queta.

After they decided to stay, he called Zack and told him about his situation and asked him to go back by himself first.

Meanwhile, Hayward and the others immediately ordered some lamb, barbeque stove and a few boxes of beer.

The barbeque party had then started.

It took Gerald and Queta hours to finish putting those meat together.

“Here’s 50 skewered for you two. Take a small stove and move aside!” Lilian arrogantly passed Gerald some skewered and went back to their stove.

That was all Gerald wanted.

Suddenly he heard them shouting.

“Sharon, are you serious? Are you really going to break up with Murphy?”

“Yeah. We had been arguing for the past two days and I really think we aren’t that match. I’m going to let him know tonight! In fact, I think Murphy has been flirting with another girl too!” Sharon said.

“What a jerk! How could he do that to you behind your back? He seemed to love you a lot! That’s so disgusting! You deserve someone better!” a girl shouted.

“I agree! If Murphy is such a jerk, you should really just break up with him! There are better looking and richer guys out there!” Lilian said.

Sharon nodded as she caressed her hair.

Truth to be told, Sharon had already decided to break up with Murphy ever since the class gathering when she saw Murphy acting like a slave in front of Yancy.

She used to think that as long as the guy was good to her and was hardworking, she would not mind but she was too naive.

Especially in front of rich people, you would be nothing if you’re just working for them.

Gerald was a very good example. No matter how hardworking he was, he would still be working for other people.

Sharon’s mindset was slowly changing.

“Sharon, as a friend and it’s not the first time we are seeing each other so, I have to tell you that you deserve a better one!” Hayward said.

Sharon looked at Hayward as she combed her hair and smiled. The gesture was as if she was telling Hayward she would give her best.

Everyone there felt something about that gesture. They all felt that Sharon was interested in Hayward and Hayward felt the same too.

They were flirting with each other.

Sharon knew that after Hayward had become rich, it would be better to be with him as compared to be with Murphy.

Lilian frowned at their gestures. Jealousy got in her head.

Hayward was her classmate and she would only introduce so many male friends to Sharon because she has a boyfriend, Murphy. After knowing that Hayward was going to be rich, Lilian wanted to make her move on him but she realized she might have just brought Hayward and Sharon together.

Lilian would have never thought that her best friend would be her enemy and she was annoyed.

Meanwhile Gerald came over to take some skewers and Lilian threw her temper at him.

“You disgusting imbecile! All you do is fucking eat! Asshole!!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 223
Lilian was jealous.

She was in no way in a good mood and felt Gerald more of an eyesore when she saw him coming over.

She could still maintain some basic form of courtesy in the past, but as soon as Lillian saw him, she started scolding him.

In short, she had said lots of bad stuff in public.

Everyone came, and after some persuading, Lilian finally cooled down a little.

Gerald really wanted to do one thing right now. He was dying to give Lilian a tight slap across her face.

It was already bad enough that she was continually ridiculing him.

Now, she was directly provoking and looking down on him.

“Okay. That’s enough, Lilian. Why nitpick? If he is willing to eat, then just let him eat. You have your own reputation to take care of. After all, you will become a teacher, and you’ll have a stable job with a permanent income!” Hayward said with a smile.

When she saw that Hayward had personally come over to persuade her, Lilian finally calmed down.

“Sigh. This person just makes me so annoyed and frustrated. Although you were poor before, Brother Hayward, at least you are rich now after receiving compensation. You won’t forget and disregard me just because of that, right?” Lilian asked as she leaned onto Hayward.

“Why would I even do that? No matter what happens, you, Lilian, will always be my good friend,” Hayward replied with a laugh.

Those words made Sharon feel a little uncomfortable.

In fact, everyone present could sense something wrong in the atmosphere tonight, and obviously, a tug of war was brooding between Lilian and Sharon.

Both rivals kept fighting secretly as they stuck around Hayward.

Hayward’s hometown was about to be redeveloped. No matter how things would shape up, he was sure to receive a few properties in return. And just like that, he would bag a few million dollars, and his financial security ensured.

It was no wonder the two beauties were fighting so fiercely over him.

“Gerald, come here! This one’s already roasted!”

Queta looked at Gerald, now clenching his fists, and looked like he was about to explode. Hurriedly, she pulled Gerald aside.

Queta continued advising and persuading Gerald.

And Gerald did not lose his temper because of her persuasion.

Hahaha. They could patronize him all they wanted now. One thing, though. He couldn’t help but wonder what Lilian and Sharon’s faces would look like when he could finally announce his identity.

Would they regret their actions today?

Gerald smiled bitterly.

Ignoring them, he simply enjoyed the view of the lake with Queta.

That night, Hayward put everyone up at the village guest house.

Gerald saw that it was late at night, and it seemed as though Queta really wanted to spend the night here. It was probably because she missed the times she had with her adopted parents.

After Lilian and the others retreated to their rooms, Gerald got Queta and himself a room each.

In short, apart from the incident with Lilian, Gerald’s day was reasonably relaxing.

He really couldn’t wait for the mountain to be developed. When that happened, he could live all by himself in peace and quiet.
It was a quiet night.

Early the next morning, he drove Queta down the hill. He hoped he wouldn’t run into Lillian and the others. He might just beat them up for real this time.

Gerald suddenly hit the brakes, and the car came to an abrupt halt.

“There is still some time before you start work, and I have some spare time before my class starts. Let’s go to that Michelin Restaurant for some food.” Gerald pointed at the Michelin Starred Restaurant beside the road.

“Wow? I’ve heard my colleagues saying Michelin Restaurants are really pricey. Only the rich like you can afford those places! I’m not going in!”

Queta shook her head and looked to the floor.

Gerald smiled. “Don’t worry! I’m cool if you feel like dining here every day.”

Ever since he became posh, Gerald’s confidence had puffed up significantly, especially in the way he spoke.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 224
So what if the Michelin was costly? Couldn’t he afford eating here every day?
Queta could not stop Gerald from quickly booking a nice table directly from the internet.
In the end, Gerald decided to bring Queta into the Michelin Restaurant.
“Hello, Sir. The number of guests?
After they entered the restaurant, the waitress walked over and greeted them with a smile.
“Two of us! I have already booked a table!”
Gerald replied calmly.
The waitress frowned a little. After all, no matter how she looked at the two, neither looked like they could afford to eat at the Michelin Restaurant.
However, she simply nodded politely because of her professionalism.
She was about to ask Gerald which table he had booked.
At this time, a couple of men and women walked over to them.
When the girl saw Gerald, she was utterly stunned. “Gerald, why are you here? You actually came to the Michelin Restaurant?”
“Ehh? Sara?”
Gerald was a little surprised to see Sara, who was exceptionally beautiful today. She was dressed in a black and tight short dress.
Gerald could clearly remember everything that happened at Felicity’s birthday banquet. The crazy woman had thrown her cell phone away, even splashing a glass of water on him just because he touched it.
He was furious at that time, seriously considering looking for Sara to avenge himself. As a result, the madwoman had taken off, and he found nobody when he tried to look for her
Gerald was filled with hatred and resentment for the past few days because of this matter. Unexpectedly, he would run into her at the Michelin Restaurant, early in the morning.
“Hmph! Why are you saying my name out loud? Who said that you can say my name as and when you want to? Gerald, unexpectedly a pathetic person like you actually dare to come to this kind of place? Oh my. You even have a girlfriend?”
Sara uttered in contempt when she saw the woman standing next to Gerald.
“Sara, do you know these two?”
A lanky and attractive boy standing next to Sara stared coldly at Gerald and Queta.
“Of course I know him. He’s just a pauper in Felicity’s class. Didn’t you say that the Michelin is Mayberry City’s most exclusive restaurant? How can the likes of these two enter a restaurant like this? Just look at what they wear!”
Sara clutched Finn’s arm as she complained impatiently.
She was initially thrilled that she had the chance to dine in at the posh and classy Michelin Restaurant.
Women were inherently vain.

Sara and Finn sat by the large glass window, and everyone who passed had a clear view of what was going on inside.
Their envious glances elated Sara greatly.
A brief introduction of Finn, by the way.
Finn was also a student from Sunnydale University. Being one of the rich heirs, he instantly fell in love with Sara after watching her live broadcast. He even went as far as to reward her with three thousand dollars. Unbeknownst to him, he had gradually become Sara’s biggest fan and also her ambiguous lover.
So, there they were, enjoying their meal together in a place they could rave about. However, Sara completely didn’t expect she would run into, of all persons, Gerald, when she returned from the washroom.
It was all too humiliating.
“Hahaha! Don’t worry about it, Sara. You probably said it right. These two are probably here to work. How could they possibly afford to eat here?” Finn hurriedly coaxed Sara.
“Hmph! Like I care! Anyway, the last person I want to see in the morning is this.. thing. It really dampens my spirits. This is really dampening my spirit! I’d like to give the word to your manager: stop hiring such low-class waiters. You people should have gotten staff that that fit your class. Otherwise, what other rich fools apart from us would dine here?”
Sara continued acting like a spoiled brat, mocking the waitress as she went on a patronizing rampage.
“Ahh? Dear lady… these are not our waiters! Perhaps they are guests who are here to dine in?” she quickly told Sara.
Staring at Gerald from top to bottom, she perhaps sounded a little condescending since she’d been looking down on Gerald since the beginning.
“Damn it? Not a waiter?”
Sara was taken aback.
At this point, Gerald had enough.
He stared coldly at the waitress. “Have you said enough? Where’s the table I booked? Hurry up and bring me to my table right now. I came here today to try your food!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 225
”Sir, I am really sorry, but our shop generally serves non-budget meals…why won’t you take a look at this…”
The waitress said apologetically.
Of course, she would not be so stupid to offend guests such as Sara because of these kinds of people.
“Is that so?” replied Gerald, smiling bitterly.
After that, he took out his cell phone before showing the order form for the VIP table he had just reserved online.
When the server realized what she had gotten her hands into, she instantly tensed up.
This man had actually reserved a VIP table!
Serving a VIP table would bag her 300 dollars in commission, not to mention the violinist who was specially hired to play for those reservations.
The look on the waitress’s face almost instantly changed from contempt to enthusiasm.
“Please, Sir! Please come inside!”
With a slight bow, she brought Gerald to a place clearly separated from the common dining area.
After that, a violinist in suit and leather shoes put his fiddle on his shoulder and played for Gerald’s table.
The experience shocked Sara quite a bit.
She would have been greatly honored to sit by the window, what more, this.
Instead of the pathetic jerk, he was supposed to be, Gerald had actually become the house’s distinguished guest, not to mention the special treatment he was given.
‘Where did Gerald find so much money?’ Sara was indefinitely puzzled.

“How much money do you have, anyway? I must say, Gerald, you actually dare to spend your money like this? Hahaha! Trying to pretend you’re really rich and cool to impress your little girlfriend now?”
Unconvinced, Sara continued to mock Gerald.
Gerald simply turned a deaf ear to her words.
He really couldn’t be bothered about this woman anymore.
Now that she had a slap across her face, how could she still have something to say?
“Would you like to buy some flowers, Sir? These are beautiful Damascus roses from Bulgaria. A little expensive, they may be, but they are all but worthy of your stature. You should buy a bouquet for your lovely lover over here.”
A beautiful waitress from a foreign land pushed a cart carefully from table to table.
As she moved along, the fragrance of the flowers followed her. Diners around the restaurant were instantly attracted by the roses’ color and fragrance.
“It’s a Damascus rose, one of the world’s most famous roses!. I’ve always wanted to receive a bouquet of those. Finn… can you buy me one?”
When the incredibly romantic rose caught her eye, Sara instantly turned her gaze away from Gerald.
She seemed to be bewitched by the flower, unable to stop staring at the cart.
“Alright, alright! I’ll buy you anything as long as you like it!”
Finn shook the gold watch on his wrist before picking a bouquet of the roses from the cart. With around 30 stalks of flowers in each bouquet, they emanated an exceedingly fragrant scent.
“How much is this?” Finn asked.
“Thank you, Sir. You are very discerning. These will be perfect for your beautiful girlfriend,” replied the beautiful waitress with a grin as sweet as the blossoms she sold.
“Alright, okay then. How much would it be th…” he asked, confidently pulling out his wallet.
Finn felt elated and was filled with pride when he saw that almost everyone in the Michelin stared at him with envy and respect.
“There are thirty-six stalks of roses in this bouquet, so that makes it.. only one thousand and eighty dollars!”
Finn’s hands shook a little, and with eyes open as wide as golf balls, his wallet dropped to the ground.
He has already heard of roses costing around three to four hundred dollars.
Although he had heard about rose bouquets going up to four hundred dollars, it was his first hearing of one that cost more than a cool one grand!
Finn was utterly stunned.
“What’s the matter with you, Finn? They reserve these especially for the wives of several countries leaders. The petals of these roses are tremendously tender and silky, professionally cultivated before they were planted. When done properly, these roses can live for more than three months without withering. I believe they should be worth at least ten to twelve thousand dollars!”
When Sara saw Finn’s dumbfounded expression, she attempted to beg him. She desperately wanted those roses!
The beautiful waitress nodded as well. “Sir, I could tell from a first glance that your girlfriend must be a flower connoisseur. She could immediately tell that these are very, very, valuable! Would you like to pay by credit card or cash?”
“Cough. What? Oh, I don’t want it anymore. I suddenly remembered; I’ve already ordered another bouquet for Sara!”
The corners of Finn’s mouth twitched slightly.
After that, he hurriedly put the bouquet of roses back on the cart.
Sara was devastated, especially since many were now gawking awkwardly and laughing at them.
She became humiliated and embarrassed.
It was all thanks to her vanity.

She thought she found a very wealthy and capable man for herself, and although he couldn’t be compared to Brother Ordinary Man, he was still an extremely competent individual.
Sara thought she could finally experience what it was like to be spoilt stupid by money.
However, as she looked toward Finn, it was apparent she’d been overthinking a little.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 226
Finn didn’t mind spending a thousand five to three thousand dollars. He couldn’t spend more even if he wanted to anyway, let alone spend twelve thousand dollars for a bouquet.
She turned to look around, desperately wanting to avoid the mocking glances of the restaurant’s guests. Instead, all she saw was Gerald looking toward her. He seemed to be happily chatting away to that unsightly girlfriend of his.
Without warning, Sara burst out in a fit of rage. She stood up and pointed directly at Gerald, who was at the VIP table, before screaming at him at the top of her lungs.
“Damn it, Gerald! What are you laughing at?!”
That pathetic loser! What was so funny? Didn’t he reserve a VIP table just to act rad? How dare he laugh at her?
“Huh? Who said I’m laughing at you? I am just looking at the flowers. Why?? Does that bother you too?” replied Gerald in anger.
Since he saw that Queta seemed to fancy those roses a lot, he asked her which ones she wanted. For that, he got one hell of a reprimand from Sara.
“Oh, god! Are you actually interested in the roses? What makes you think you’re worthy of them?” Sara sneered.
Gerald shook his head helplessly and said nothing after that.
Instead, he snapped his fingers and motioned the waitress selling the flowers over to him.
When she saw that her services were being required, the waitress smiled and eagerly pushed the cart over to Gerald.
“How many roses are there?”
“Sir? Are you asking about the number of roses in this cart?” the beautiful waitress asked in astonishment. “A total of one thousand and one roses, sir!” she went on enthusiastically.
“One thousand and one roses. So, that should be about thirty thousand dollars then?”
“That would be about right, Sir. May I ask, Sir, what do you intend to do?” the waitress asked as she stared at Gerald with her eyes wide open.
Queta, meanwhile, realized what Gerald was about to do. Indeed, she’d been staring at those Damascus roses for a while now.
She remembered seeing them in her textbooks when she was young.
A sudden and surprising turn of events today helped her finally see the magic of the Damascus rose.
Having only seen the roses in pictures, she couldn’t help but stare at them in a daze.
Gerald must be planning to buy all the roses since he could tell that she really wanted them.
She was just about to dissuade him when it was already too late.
Gerald had already taken out his bank card, and nonchalantly, he said,
“I’ll take all of them, and I’ll pay by card.”
“Excuse me?”
The waitress was stunned.
Sara gulped in shock, feeling as though she had just been served a tight slap on her face.
This couldn’t be happening. Was that pathetic loser still playing rich?
He had to be putting on an act. How could he possibly have that much money?
However, the card’s successful transaction’s unmistakable sound felt like countless slaps pattering Sara’s face, one after the other.
That was thirty thousand dollars!
Oh god. Gerald actually had more than thirty thousand dollars, and he spent all of it as if it didn’t matter the slightest?
“I will be sending these to your residence, and I’m sure they’ll find a place in your beautiful home!”
Gerald wasn’t even bothered to look at Sara’s shocked expression.
Instead, he continued chatting with Queta as they enjoyed their meal together.
Once they were done eating, they left the restaurant.
Not even once did Gerald bother to look at Sara.
Sara felt an awful pain in her after seeing Gerald ignoring her completely.
Good god… a man she’d despised and looked down on all the while turned out to be filthy rich?
No. She had to figure it out!
Snapping out of her stupor, Sara immediately chased after Gerald.
However, all she saw was the rear end of the Lamborghini pulling away from the front of the restaurant. Where were Gerald and that girl he was with?
“Isn’t that a luxury sports car? Oh, god, finally! I see somebody driving that thing. It seems as though the mysterious rich young man has already made an appearance. Why didn’t I approach him earlier? If only I was a step quicker, I would have seen who that rich and young man was. What a waste!”
Sara stomped her feet anxiously. Once again, the boat had left the dock, and she missed the opportunity to meet the rich and young man.
But then…
Something seemed to cross Sara’s mind. She gasped in horror.
Where was Gerald???
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 227
She saw the Lamborghini leaving as soon as she came out.
Gerald was gone too.
But where could Gerald be then?
Could that mean that…
She did not even dare think about it. She really didn’t dare think about it anymore!
Sara took a deep breath. Wasn’t that confirmation that Gerald was the Lamborghini’s owner?
Sara suddenly thought of the first time she met Gerald. At that time, unceremoniously sliced watermelon on the Lamborghini’s hood.
Now, Gerald was here, and that car was also here!
Not to mention how Sara personally witnessed Gerald blowing off thirty thousand dollars without hesitation whatsoever!
Gerald was the owner of that car? How wealthy was Gerald really?
Sara was petrified, unable to accept her own unbelievable deduction. It wasn’t right! It couldn’t possibly be true!
Gerald, on the other hand, had driven back to school after sending Queta home. He headed to the small remote parking lot, where he usually parked his car.
He then got out, locking the car behind him.
“Hello, Gerald!”
A girl suddenly jumped out from the bushes, leaving Gerald started.
“God-damn it! What are you doing?”
He took a step backward in shock.
He didn’t know if he should cry or laugh when he saw the face of the unintended visitor.
The girl standing in front of him turned out to be Whitney.
“Hehehe.! I have been waiting for you for a long time, Mr. Crawford. I know you’ve been parking your car here.”
“Wow! You are really amazing, Gerald. I really didn’t expect this car to be yours. You’re one bad guy. Why didn’t you tell me earlier that this car belongs to you? You made me misunderstand you!”
Gerald ran into Whitney and her family when he masqueraded as Jane’s boyfriend to meet her parents. Thanks to that meeting, Whitney discovered that Gerald was the owner of the beautiful coupe.
Nobody should have known about this.
After returning home, Whitney had a sleepless night, where all she could think of when she closed her eyes was Gerald.
Memories of everything that had happened between them unceremoniously invaded her mind.
The Gerald of the past used to be a pauper who had constantly gotten bullied by her.
He would always do whatever she asked him to do.
In her eyes, even a dog was worthier than Gerald could ever be.
However, Whitney had no idea what had gone wrong with her, not knowing when her attitude toward Gerald had changed.
She even wondered if she was in love with Gerald.
It did not make sense that she kept dreaming of him.
And now, no matter how she looked at him, she couldn’t help feeling Gerald was absolutely stunning and charming. He was so attractive, she really wanted to bite him.
Whitney had been thinking about him and dying to see her handsome Gerald as soon as she could; she had come early to wait for him.
“Gerald… why don’t you say something?” Whitney gently asked.
Gerald could feel goosebumps sprouting when he saw the look on Whitney’s face.
“Erm… Whitney, you don’t have to be like this. To be honest, I used to hate you for that constant bullying and mocking…. Now that I think about it, I prefer how you used to treat me. So, stop being like this, okay?” Gerald replied with a gulp.
“Hmph! I realized you have masochistic tendencies, Gerald. Well… so… do I have to scold and beat you up like I used to so you can be happy?”
Whitney winked.
Obviously, Gerald knew what the wink was all about.
He could feel pins and needles pricking his scalp.
If he knew that Whitney was this kind of girl, he would have never made known his identity.
‘How could you possibly be interested in me, sis? You are only interested in my money!’
Gerald didn’t dare say it out loud, though.
Whitney tapped her feet anxiously. “Oh! You, you, you have always been so quiet since we first met. Can you be more gentlemanly? Hmph! I mistreated you in the past, and I’ll now give you a chance to punish me. You can punish me in whatever way you, okay?”
Whitney approached Gerald, grabbing his arms tightly.
She’d been thinking so much about him that she was about to go insane.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 228
Of course, she was more than determined to devour Gerald whole.
Her current behavior indicated that she very strongly intended to meet her goals.
Back then, Gerald would have felt a certain sense of accomplishment if he met someone as stunning as Whitney. Now, after all that awful bullying, she was reduced to pestering him like a dog.
Now, Gerald couldn’t help but panic. He felt his scalp tingling and goosebumps sprouting all over him.
Not knowing how to react, he instinctively ran away.
“Gerald, come back here!” Whitney yelled as she jumped anxiously.
She smiled to herself as Gerald ran for dear life.
Hehe! She initially thought that Gerald would hate her to the point of loathing when he saw her. Now, it rather seemed that Gerald was actually more afraid of her.
It could only mean that she still had a chance!
Thoughts coursed through her mind. Whitney crossed her arms, looking out at the Lamborghini’s passenger seat.
“One day, I, Whitney, will definitely sit beside Gerald as he drives me around the school!”
Meanwhile, Gerald had already run all the way back to his classroom.
This was the very reason he never wanted to so carelessly disclose his identity.
It was definitely not narcissistic. Gerald knew all too well that materialistic gold-diggers the likes of Whitney or Xavia would pounce on him like no tomorrow.
They would simply cause a disruption in his life.
Regardless of how he was going to live after this, Gerald wholeheartedly yearned to complete his studies first.
After returning to his classroom, Gerald spotted his coursemates having an eager discussion among themselves.
He could roughly make out what they were so enthusiastic about.
They must be all talking about Silas, a guy who had recently transferred to their university.
The topic was about his greatness, and the large number of girls who had confessed their love for him although he had just transferred over.
In short, everything seemed to be very glamorous.
“Gerald! You’re here! Come, you’ve got to listen to this thing about Silas! After this, you better give us a good explanation of why you didn’t tell us, your brothers, that you were getting together with Alice?”
Harper flashed a fist at Gerald.
“Gerald, too bad you were on leave yesterday. You should have been at the event the university held to welcome Silas!” said Harper.
“Why? Did they host a welcome party just for him? How could the university do something like that?”
Benjamin chipped in: “Well, they didn’t exactly call it a welcome party. Silas is one pretty incredible dude. His dad invested seven and a half million just to hold a special celebration party at our university. To put it straight, wasn’t it a hint that the university should hold a welcome party for Silas? Hah!”
Benjamin’s tone had a hint of jealousy in it.
“Oh, you know what’s even funnier? Since Cassandra, our lecturer, is one of the prettiest lecturers on campus, she was sent to welcome the guest. Guess what? She was flirting with Silas all the way! Was she drunk or what?” Harper replied as he smiled.
“Well…” Gerald chuckled, simply smiling wryly and shaking his head.
Surprised to find out what Cassandra was really like? In reality, Gerald had long known of the lecturer’s true nature.
Just look at the photo she recently sent him.
As he thought about it, Gerald secretly logged into his WeChat. He was angry the other day and didn’t take a good look at the picture. After hearing his coursemates mentioning her, he felt a sudden urge to look at the photo again.
He then took a proper look at the pictures Cassandra sent him almost every night ever since that day. All of them had her face in it, and to say that they were inviting and seductive was a gross understatement.
Gerald was filled with enthusiasm.
He said all but one word: Promiscuous!
Out of the blue, Cassandra replied to his text in seconds.
“Who’s promiscuous? Even if I am what you say I am, I only behave this way with you. It’s not like I’m like that with anyone else. Hmph! Did you get jealous when you saw Silas and me getting cozy at the meeting last night? You can tell me if you are. I’ll just stop looking at him then.”
“I’m not jealous.”
“Pfft! I don’t believe you. Brother Ordinary Man, if you promise to meet up, I will show you my ***, okay?”
“We will cross the bridge when we come to it.”
“You are so hateful! Okay… anyway, I’m heading to class.”
Gerald felt a sense of hostility as he continued chatting with her. The more Cassandra acted like that, the stronger his yearning for revenge got.
Suddenly, the door to the lecture room flung, and a woman’s shouting was heard.
“Time for class, people! Now, what’s with all that noise?!”
Cassandra stormed into the classroom, phone in hand, with her face darkened and expression somber.
There was a tinge of coldness in her eyes.
She eyeballed the room with the stare of a woman scorned.
Finally, her gaze fell on Gerald.
“Gerald! come here!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 229
”Gerald, come out!

Cassandra scanned the classroom with a cold stare before calling Gerald out

“Gerald, there is something that I want to tell you. The husband of a college mate is opening a bar tomorrow. They are short of manpower, and there’s a part-time job over there. They pay a lot more compared to the other bars,” she harrumphed loudly as she crossed her arms.

“Part-time? I…”

Gerald was dumbfounded.

“You what? Don’t you understand what I just said? They’ll be too busy tomorrow because it’s opening day and he can’t find enough people to help him out. Did you think you could keep working there? Know where he’s going to open it? On Mayberry Commercial Street. Yes, that Mayberry Commercial Street! He’ll only be recruiting tall and handsome guys.”


“You what? It’s settled then. I will be attending their opening ceremony tomorrow night, and you’re coming with me!”

Cassandra then looked at Gerald blankly.

“I… damn you!”

Gerald could not help but curse in his heart.

He wanted to tell her that he wasn’t feeling like it, and there was no need for him to be there at all. Cassandra, however, was an adamant woman, and there was nothing Gerald could do.

For the past three years, he had done everything Cassandra asked.

He couldn’t help thinking about how Cassandra misbehaved that night and the cold demeanor she was currently displaying.

Seriously? Haha!

But the situation had gotten a little awkward now. Gerald felt that it was an inappropriate time for him to be present.

He would only be helping out for one day anyway. He scratched his head before returning to his seat.

The class that morning was dull.

Most classes at the university ended at noon.

Gerald received a text message from Alice.

‘Will you be free at noon, Gerald? Come out and have lunch…’

A few short and dry words.

It suddenly struck him that he had yet to clear things up with Alice.

Alice suddenly became his girlfriend yesterday, thanks to some misunderstanding.

Gerald was a little frustrated.

Alice obviously intended to cozy up to him this time.

Frankly, if only Alice didn’t disparage him in the past, he would have been more than delighted to have her as his girlfriend.

He would have treated her well, regardless.

Alice was, after all, a stunning beauty.

Despite that, all that Gerald could think of right now was Mila.

If his relationship with Alice continued to be this vague and ambiguous, he must be a real scumbag then.

If he didn’t like her, why maintain the boyfriend-girlfriend association?

He should have just explained it plainly to her, or the misunderstanding would only worsen if the relationship dragged on.

Gerald thought to himself for a bit before replying in one sentence:

‘Alice, let’s meet up at the park after class. Come alone. I need to clarify something with you.’

Alice responded very quickly with an, ‘Okay.’

After class, Gerald headed to the small park where Alice was already waiting for him.

He could tell that she had dressed up today.

When she saw him, she seemed stunned.

“Gerald! You’re here?”

Alice greeted Gerald with a sweet and enchanting smile. Complicated feelings ran through her heart when she saw him.

In the past, she had always despised Gerald, looking down on him. Now, she suddenly felt that Gerald was, in fact, very handsome and his temperament particularly attractive.

She didn’t know why she felt this way.

“I wanted you to buy me dinner last night, but you carried an attitude. What was that supposed to mean?” Alice asked as she walked toward Gerald.

Alice’s fragrance wafted into Gerald’s nose.

At the scent, he felt dreamy. The goddess he could only dream of back then was standing right here in front of him.

Hehe! It really felt like some sort of soap opera.

However, whether it was a drama or not, Gerald intended to tell her the truth.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 230
”Because I do not want to be in this relationship anymore!” blurted Gerald without holding back.
“What did you say?!”
“Erm, Alice, there’s been a big misunderstanding. I… I didn’t go there to pursue you. Ahem, ahem. There, I said it out already. I went there that day that I wanted to ask Mila, one of your coursemates in your department, out for dinner. However, as soon as I entered, the girls from your department started surrounding me. They thought I was there to confess my love to you! After that…”
Gerald had blurted out everything he’d been holding back in his heart.
Alice started breathing hard. Every word that Gerald said felt like a sharp thorn violently piercing its way into her heart. She felt her tender body tremble.
“Then, I happened to show up, and I was mistaken that you were there to confess to me? Moreover, I even promised to become your girlfriend, right?” Alice answered with a deep frown across her brow.
“Yes! I couldn’t explain the situation there and then, considering the situation. The consequences would have been too embarrassing for you to bear!”
“Hah! I understand everything now. It turns out that I, Alice, am nothing but a fool! I’ve been played like a fiddle!” Alice replied coldly.
She had been desperately trying to get closer to him, but she got slapped before she could even do so at the end of the day.
Alice felt like a joke.
When she fell in love and got into her first relationship, she thought Quinton was the one who helped her, the reason why she got together with him in the first place. In the end, she ended up embarrassing herself.
Then, when she got into her second relationship, it was with Gerald. He was the one who always helped her out. However, he turned her down and made her feel extremely embarrassed.
Enough! She really had enough!
Wasn’t finding a wealthy and well-behaved boyfriend all she wanted?
It was all but a simple matter, so why was it so difficult for her to achieve?
Alice slapped Gerald hard in frustration and anger.
“You’re an asshole, Gerald! All you have is just a tiny bit of money! You think I am one to be mocked just like that? Just you wait! One day, I, Alice, will definitely find myself a filthy rich boyfriend. I will make you regret your actions today!”
The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. After slapping Gerald, Alice glared at him with hatred and resentment in her eyes before turning around and leaving.
Gerald subconsciously touched his face.
It was then that the corners of his mouth turned upwards as he smiled bitterly.
“Well, I shouldn’t be saying this, but how could anybody possibly be richer than me in the entire world? Ahem!”
Nonetheless, the matter was resolved, and he had made everything as clear as day.
Gerald, too was glad and relieved that he didn’t cut too deep a wound on Alice as well.
So be it then.
Gerald sat down at the small park, feeling a rare sensation of deep serenity as he admired the lake’s beautiful view.
His phone rang suddenly. Gerald was a little surprised when he saw the number on the caller ID. It turned out to be Mila.
Mila had broken all ties with Gerald yesterday, and she had not contacted him again since then. He answered the call in a hurry, to a peculiar sounding Mila.
“Gerald, sorry to bother you. Is it a good time to talk? There’s something I need to tell you!”
Gerald smiled bitterly.
“Of course, it’s a good time. I have no girlfriend, after all!”
“Hahaha. You made a sensational confession yesterday, Gerald. You really thought I wouldn’t see it?”
Gerald quickly understood the meaning behind Mila’s words.
He began to thoroughly explain everything that took place between him and Alice to Mila.
After hearing Gerald’s explanation, Mila simply replied with one word. She didn’t even say if she believed him or not.
“Why did you want to meet?” Gerald asked.
“Do I have to have a reason to look for you?” retorted Mila, annoyed.
“No, but I am just asking because you told me that you have something to say. What is it?”
“Forget it! There’s nothing anymore!”
Mila had abruptly hung up.
Gerald felt as though he was about to go crazy, feeling extremely anxious and unsettled.
Girls were tough to handle, to say the least. Smart girls were even worse!
He could never understand or figure out what went on in a girl’s mind.
Argh! Forget it!
He better look for Mila again…

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