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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2211

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2211
Following that, Derrick whose bodyguards surrounded the group of three led the duo into the building, leaving the previous employees staring at their backs, completely stupefied. Throughout their many years working here, they had never seen their chairman being so close with anyone, not that they had many chances to see him in the first place.

Whatever the case was, the trio soon got into an elevator and headed to the top floor… The entire floor was Derrick’s office, and the elevator doors opened, Gerald and Aiden were greeted by the sight of at least a dozen youngindividuals running here and there. From the way they were dressed, they appeared to be Derrick’s secretaries…

“This way, please!” said Derrick as he gestured for Gerald and Aiden to continue following him, ignoring the chaotic scene.

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Once they got to his table, Derrick took his coat off before making some tea. Before he sat at the table again, he made sure to get a pack of cigarettes that had been given to him by the Japanese royal family from the cabinet as well.

As Derek placed the cigarettes before the youth, Gerald who had noticed the pile of documents on Derrick’s desk couldn’t help but rub his temple as he muttered, “You know, I’m fine coming another time if you’re busy…”

“I’m not busy at all! If you’re talking about those documents, my secretaries can handle those! With that said, you’re my priority here, so don’t worry about anything else! ” replied Derrick as he shook his head with a grin.

“You haven’t changed one bit, have you?” said Gerald as he shook his head with a smile.

Nodding in response, Derrick then turned to look at Aiden before cordially asking, “Speaking of which, who might this be?”

“Ah, I go by Aiden Baker, and I’m Gerald’s friend!” replied Aiden as he outstretched his hand, his earlier bad mood now completely gone due to Derrick’s enthusiasm.

“Any friend of Gerald’s is a friend of mine! Speaking of which, take my name card. If you ever face any issues in Japan in the future, just give me a ring and I’ll see to it!” replied Derrick as he shook Aiden’s hand before handing him a card.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” replied Aiden as he slipped the card into his pocket.

“Glad to hear that! Either way, I hope you two are hungry since I’m about to order some food! Don’t worry, we’ll be eating in my office! Also, between you and me, I still prefer Weston dishes even though I’ve been living here all these years,” said Derrick as he pressed a button on his desk.

Shortly after, a secretary entered the room before asking, “You called, Chairman Zima?”

“Indeed. Order the tastiest dishes you can think of and bring a bottle of good wine over too! Be snappy about it!” replied Derrick, prompting his secretary to nod before quickly leaving.

With that out of the way, Derrick then looked at Gerald before saying, “Now then… Since you came here out of the blue, I’m assuming you need help with something?”

“Bingo,” replied Gerald.

“I’m all ears! I’ve already made a number of connections within Japan in the past few years, so I’m sure I’ll be able to help!” declared Derrick who knew that he wouldn’t be enjoying all this glory had Gerald not saved him back then. Hell, he could’ve died if Gerald hadn’t stepped in!

“I’m sure you can. Before anything else, do you know about the Futabas?” asked Gerald.

“They used to be a relatively strong family here, right? In fact, I think I’ve even cooperated with them before in previous years before their business started plummeting. That’s the extent of what I know about them…” muttered Derrick after thinking about it for a while.

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