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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2212

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2212
“Well, I’m here today to talk about that family’s issues,” replied Gerald as he lit a cigarette.

“… Oh? You have relations with other families here?” asked Derrick who thought that Gerald only knew him in the entirety of Japan.

“The whole story is pretty complicated to explain in just one sitting, but essentially, I’m here to ask if you’re willing to lend the Futabas a hand to help them get through their current crisis,” replied Gerald.

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“Well, consider it done!” replied Derrick without even thinking twice.

“Just like that? Aren’t you worried that I’ll use this against you?” said Gerald with a chuckle.

“Oh please, you saved my life back then! So what if you take me down? Hell, I wouldn’t mind giving you my position! Regardless, do tell the members of the Futaba family to come over. I just so happen to have a few suitable contracts for them. While I was initially thinking of giving them to one of my newly acquired companies, I guess the Futabas will be getting them now!” replied Derrick with a hearty chuckle.

Nodding in response, Gerald then patted Aiden on his shoulder before saying, “Contact the patriarch and tell him to come over.”

“On it!” replied Aiden as he walked out of the office to make the call.

Watching as Aiden left, Derrick turned to look at Gerald before saying, “Still, it’s been… what? Five to six years since we last parted ways? I never thought that I’d get to meet you again! I was seriously considering paying you a visit during the year end holidays this year!”

“About that long, yeah,” replied Gerald.

“It truly has been a while… So, how have you been throughout these years?” asked Derrick.

“Things have been good, though there were a few hiccups along the way, one of them being the Futaba family’s plight. If you can help them, then you’re seriously helping me out,” replied Gerald with a smile.

“Just leave it to me. With how powerful the Fareast Consortium is, I’m sure we can work things out!” declared Derrick as he patted his chest.

“I believe in you. Regardless, since you’re helping me with this, I’m considering your favor to be paid off,” replied Gerald as he nodded slightly.

“Hmm? Don’t be silly, this is nothing to me! Remember, you saved my life back then! If this is all I need to do to return your favor, then I’ll feel guilty about it till the day I die!” declared Derrick.

“If you put it that way… Then I guess you still owe me one…” replied Gerald as he shook his head with a chuckle.

After talking for a while longer, the secretary from before returned with multiple dishes. Seeing that, Derrick immediately cleared his table, giving the secretary room to place the dishes before opening a bottle of white wine.

Shortly after, Aiden returned as well and said, “Mr. Futaba will be coming over right away.”

Upon hearing that, Derrick who knew that Gerald would only ask for his help if the incident was a serious one was prompted to ask, “So… mind telling me what your relationship with the Futaba family’s patriarch is…?”

“I’ll share more about it if we have the time after this. Just know that by helping the Futabas, you may as well be saving my life!” replied Gerald as he sipped some white wine before smacking his lips.

Sensing how reluctant Gerald was to talk more about it, Derrick then said, “…Well, alright then!”

Following that, they began digging in. In between bites, Derrick talked about how Gerald had saved him from bandits many years prior, resulting in the boy getting seriously hurt.

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