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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2213

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2213
Listening as Derrick shared that old tale, Gerald couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile. After all, Gerald had done plenty of similar things for others, so he didn’t particularly view saving Derrick as anything special.

Regardless, it was almost an hour and a half later when they finally finished their meal. By that point, Derrick had already drunk most of the white wine, and his reddened cheek was now pressed against Gerald’s thigh as he continued mumbling about that year’s incident.

Despite that, Gerald wasn’t annoyed by Derrick’s actions. Instead, he simply continued replying to Derrick’s words which were getting increasingly incoherent.

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Thankfully, a secretary soon entered. Upon seeing her, Gerald gestured for her to come over before saying, “Go get more people to help your chairman up. He deserves some rest.”

Nodding in response, she then left before returning with more secretaries who then helped Derrick up before moving him into another, more private room.

Once they were gone, Aiden couldn’t help but look at Gerald as he asked, “… He kept repeating the same incident over and over again… And here I thought he just owed you a minor favor!”

“I just happened to be there back when I saved him, so I don’t really take that incident to heart. Still, if he’s that thankful about it, I don’t really mind. I’m just surprised that he’s still this enthusiastic about helping me after all these years. Speaking of which, when’s the patriarch going to arrive?” replied Gerald as he crossed his legs.

“Probably in an hour or two. After all, even we drove for an entire morning to get here!” said Aiden as he looked at the time.

“I see… By the way, don’t you need to return to the military? The competition’s over, isn’t it?” asked Gerald.

“As I’ve previously said, I’ll be getting quite some time off since I participated in the competition in the first place. With that in mind, I can help you for a bit longer! You don’t think I’ in annoying, do you?” replied Aiden as he scratched the back of his head with a grin.

“I wonder about that,” said Gerald as he patted Aiden’s shoulder with a chuckle.

Either way, since Derrick was now sleeping, the duo simply waited where they were. Occasionally, a secretary would approach them and ask if they needed anything. After all, they had seen how much their chairman respected them, so they didn’t dare to neglect the duo.

Whatever the case was, Aiden got a call from Takuya just as the sky was getting dark. After relaying the information to Gerald, Gerald in turn called for one of the secretaries before saying, “The Futaba patriarch is downstairs. Please lead him up.”

With that said, Takuya soon found himself entering the office.

Upon seeing Gerald there, Takuya’s eyes instantly widened as he asked, “…Huh? What are you doing here, Gerald?”

Takuya was rightfully surprised. After all, the Futabas were incomparable to the Fareast Consortium! They had only been able to cooperate with them back then out of pure luck!

“Let’s just say that I have an old friend here. Since I had nothing better to do today, I figured I may as well pay him a visit,” replied Gerald as he handed Takuya a cigarette.

“… B-but isn’t this the chairman’s office…?” asked Takuya as he looked around the area.

Ignoring his question, Gerald simply gestured for a secretary to come over before saying, “Do pour him a glass of water. Also, if the chairman is still asleep, please don’t wake him up.”

“… Huh? But… what if he passes out for eight hours…?” asked the secretary. While the secretary would’ve normally prioritized Derrick’s sleep, since he now knew how prestigious Gerald was, he was rightfully afraid that things would get unnecessarily delayed.

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