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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2215

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2215
“That’s right! I didn’t expect all these years to pass by so quickly… Still, shortly after our cooperation ended, my family started to decline…” replied Takuya with a nod. Truth be told, his family’s cooperation with the Fareast Consortium was the peak moment for the Futabas.

“I see… seems that my consortium has brought bad luck to your family!” joked Derrick.

“Please don’t say that! My family only ended up that way because of internal issues. You had nothing to do with my family’s decline…!” exclaimed Takuya, who took Derrick’s joke extremely seriously.

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“Don’t worry, it was just a joke… Regardless, has your family not recovered since then?” asked Derrick.

“Unfortunately not… Though truth be told, all this is only happening because ‘certain individuals’ misused their positions, pocketing the profits for themselves until all the family’s wealth was drained… Don’t worry, once the contracts are signed, I’ll be sure to kick all the troublemakers out! I won’t let history repeat itself!” replied Takuya with a sigh.

Being the patriarch of his family, Takuya felt especially ashamed that he had to call his family members out like this. Even so, it was simply the truth. Had they not done all that, then their family wouldn’t have ended up in such a state.

Nodding in response, Derrick then walked up to his office desk and looked around for a moment while saying, “Not to worry. If Gerald trusts you, then so do I. Regardless, I have two contracts that I was planning to give to one of my newly acquired companies. Since Gerald asked for my help, I’m giving them to you instead. Do have a look at the documents first. If everything’s alright with you, then just go ahead and sign them.”

Following that, Derrick walked back to the table before placing the two contracts before Takuya.

Without even considering reading through them, Takuya shook his head as he flipped to the final pages of each contract and signed his name before saying, “Aside from trusting Gerald, I don’t believe that a large consortium like yours would even want to exploit a small family like mine.”

“Oh? How straightforward! I’m definitely more comfortable doing business with you now!” replied Derrick with a hearty laugh before signing the two contracts as well.

With that done, Takuya then placed the contracts into his briefcase, knowing that his family’s future depended on them.

Nodding at the sight of that, Derrick then called out, “Levon? Come in for a bit!”

“You called, chairman?” asked one of Derrick’s secretaries as he entered the room.

“Ah, there you are. Allow me to introduce you to my secretary from Weston, Mr. Futaba. He’s extremely competent to the point where he quickly understands whatever job I put him up against! With that said, if you ever face any problems, you can look for him. If even he can’t solve your issues, then feel free to contact me!” said Derrick.

“I really appreciate all this,” replied Takuya with a nod. Nodding in response, Derrick then turned to look at his watch. Realizing that it was already six, he was prompted to say, “Don’t worry about it. Regardless, since I made you wait for an entire afternoon, please allow me to treat-“

“Dinner’s on me! ” interrupted Takuya before Gerald or Derrick could say anything else.

Since Takuya said that, the duo chose not to argue, and the four of them left the office together.

As they walked on, Takuya couldn’t help but smile widely. After all, he believed that the contracts would surely solve his family’s problems! At the same time, he had also made up his mind that once he got back, he would start getting rid of the parasites in his family. He wasn’t about to let history repeat itself!

Whatever the case was, the four soon found themselves in a high end restaurant near the building. Since Derrick was a regular there, he had a private room in the restaurant. With that in mind, the second he entered, the waiters and manager instantly came over to greet him before leading them up the elevator.

As they ascended to the top floor, Takuya clenched his briefcase tightly while whispering, “You truly have helped me a lot, Gerald… I really don’t know what to say…”

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