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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2216

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2216
“Trust me, patriarch, I’ll be needing your help sooner than you think,” whispered Gerald in response.

“Just say the word and I’ll surely lend a hand! I wouldn’t even mind giving my position as patriarch to you!” declared Takuya as he patted his chest, knowing full well that had it not been for Gerald’s help, his family would’ve eventually crumbled. What more, Fujiko could’ve died ages ago had Gerald not stepped in to save her back then…!

Whatever the case was, the four soon arrived at the private room on the top floor…

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Once they were seated, Derrick couldn’t help but clear his throat before saying, “Um… Again, I’m truly sorry for making you wait this long today… Once I’m back at the office, I’ll definitely give my secretary a good, long, talk for not waking me up!”

“Leave the poor chap be,” replied Gerald with a smile.

“Are you sure…?” asked Derrick.

“Truth be told, he did attempt to wake you up, though I told him not to. After all, in the end, you’re still a chairman of a massive consortium! It wouldn’t do you good if you didn’t get enough rest. Besides, a little wait never killed anyone,” replied Gerald with a chuckle.

“But… I just feel bad, you know…?” muttered Derrick who was feeling guiltier than ever. Honestly, he wasn’t even this humble when facing other rich families in the Western Union!

Not wanting to continue talking about this, Gerald quickly asked, “Speaking of which… What’s for dinner?”

Realizing that they hadn’t ordered anything yet, Derrick then nodded before facing the waiter beside him and saying, “I want the finest dishes this place can offer! Also, make sure Chef Yamamoto is the one preparing our meals! Even if he’s cooking for other guests, tell him to prioritize my meal. I don’t like waiting. Ah, and before I forget, get us your best wine a s well!”

“Um… About Chef Yamamoto…” muttered the waiter, looking slightly embarrassed.

“Hmm? Is he not in today?” asked Derrick as he raised a slight brow. By this point, Chef Yamamoto was pretty much akin to his private chef here.

“He’s in, but… Some higher ups from the military are here for dinner as well, you see… And since Chef Yamamoto’s currently preparing their food, there may be a bit of a delay…” replied the waiter in a slightly awkward tone.

“And? You’re saying it as if I don’t know anyone from the military! I don’t care, tell Chef Yamamoto to prioritize our meal! Just let other chefs deal with those men! I’ll have you know that these three men are highly valuable guests of mine! If you unnecessarily delay my business with them, I’m making sure to pick a bone with this place!” declared Derrick.

While Derrick wouldn’t have argued about this if he was dealing with other guests, this was Gerald he was talking about! What more, he was still feeling guilty for how he had made Gerald wait an entire afternoon! If he couldn’t even provide Gerald with a good meal, his unease was only going to increase.

Whatever the case was, not wanting to cause an unnecessary scene, Gerald simply waved his hand before saying, “We aren’t that particular about food, so any other chef is fine.”

“No, you don’t understand! Chef Yamamoto has a completely different standard compared to other chefs! With that said, you have to taste his food tonight!” declared Derrick before turning to face the waiter again and saying, “Just tell Chef Yamamoto that I said all this! If those from the military try looking for trouble, tell them to come straight to me!”

“… Right away, Mr. Zirna! ” replied the waiter who didn’t know how else to respond. After all, he was just a lowly waiter here! If he didn’t do as he was told, he could potentially lose his job!

It was only after the waiter left when Derrick returned to his usual self.

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