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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2217

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2217
Truth be told, part of the reason why he was acting so stubborn was because he hadn’t fully sobered up yet. Whatever the case was, Derrick then patted his chest wanting to show Gerald how reliable he was with his current status before declaring, “Not to worry, brother Gerald! I know quite a few people from the military to the point where some of their leaders show respect to me! With that said, getting Chef Yamamoto to serve us first is nothing!”

“So it seems,” replied Gerald with a nod. He, for one, knew that Japan was a country where wealth was paramount. While it was true that there was a slight divide between the Japanese and those from the Western Union, they both operated the same way. As long as one had money and power, they would surely be able to stand firm in their respective countries.

Either way, the waiter soon returned to notify them that Chef Yamamoto had agreed to prepare their dishes first. He also told them that the chef had estimated the food to be ready in the next ten minutes.

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Following that, the waiter began uncorking the finest wine they had, and the second the cork was removed, the room was instantly filled with the rich aroma of good wine.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before hard knocking could be heard on the door! Before the waiter could even say a word, the door was slammed open by a uniformed individual! Laughing as he stormed toward Derrick’s table, the man then growled, “Who the hell do you think you are?! Daring to tell the chef to cater to you first… What bullslfi‘t! We’re from the military, you


“Oh, I’m well acquainted with those from the military. Besides, Chef Yamamoto always prepares my food here. Just get some other chef to serve your meals! I’ll even pay the bill for you!” scoffed Derrick without even raising his head.

Before the new person could retort, however, his eyes couldn’t help but widen when he noticed another guest at the table.

“… Brother Gerald…?”

“Ichiro? What are you doing here?” asked Gerald who was equally as surprised to see him here. Last he remembered, Ichiro was still trying to hunt down the murderer of those Yanam soldiers.

Instantly calming down now that he knew that Gerald was here, Ichiro then sat beside him before replying, “I well, I’m here with a few others to discuss the assassination cases… While we did manage to find out who the murderer was, he was unfortunately successful in leaving the country…”

“What a pity…” said Gerald as he shook his head, though he was merely acting along. After all, Amare was a Crawford cultivator! If the investigation team truly did manage to capture him, it’d be the joke of the century!

“Indeed… Speaking of which, why are you here?” asked Ichiro as he raised a slight brow.

“Ah, well, I’m friends with this man, and we’re just here to have a drink,” replied Gerald as he gestured toward Derrick.

“I see… Well, I’ll leave Chef Yamamoto to you then. We’re already full anyway. Apologies for the outburst earlier, but it’s only reasonable to feel annoyed when we were told that our meal was being postponed… Regardless, I hope you don’t take my initial bad attitude to heart!” declared Ichiro as he outstretched his hand in Derrick’s direction.

“… Well… I wasn’t exactly a saint either. Come to think of it, I drank quite a bit this afternoon so this impulsiveness must be a sign that I haven’t quite sobered up yet. Either way, since you’re friends with brother Gerald, do stay and have a meal with us!”

Replied Derrick as he placed his pahn against his forehead. He truly hadn’t expected Gerald to know people from the military as well. After all, he had assumed that Gerald didn’t know anyone here.

“Maybe some other time. We still have quite a bit to deal with, ” replied Ichiro with a wave of his hand.

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