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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2219

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2219
Chuckling in response, Takuya then said, “… Well, it’s fine if you don’t wish to tell me. Either way, I truly am grateful for all your help. With these two contracts, my family will now be able to make a comeback!”

Takuya now realized that no matter who Gerald truly was, it didn’t really matter. What mattered was that he had never done Fujiko or his family members any harm, and that was more than enough for him. Thinking back, Gerald was honestly the blessing his family needed when they were at their lowest. Whatever the case was, it was nearing eleven when they finally got back to the manor.

The second they entered, Takuya wasted no time and immediately began sending messages to all the members of his family, telling them to gather for a family meeting. Since half of the family was already waiting for Gerald outside the manor, the second they received their messages, they instantly began laughing with joy. To them, if another family meeting was being held so soon, it must be because Gerald had gotten their family more good things! In other words, they would soon have more things to take advantage of!

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Either way, those who had already left quickly found themselves bolting back to the manor.

Fujiko herself had received the message, and upon seeing Gerald, she quickly asked, “What on earth has happened? My father’s never held meetings this close to each other!”

“Let’s just say it’s something big. While it isn’t exactly a problem, it’s still something quite troublesome,” replied Gerald as he slipped his jacket off.

“Huh?” said Fujiko, clearly confused by his words.

“…I’ll explain once we get to the parlor. It isn’t exactly something that I can boil down into a few sentences,” replied Gerald who knew that he needed at least half an hour to explain the whole story. That definitely wouldn’t do especially since Takuya was already waiting for them at the parlor. Then again, the patriarch was probably going to mention all this during the meeting anyway, so Fujiko could just find out then.

“Well… alright then…” muttered Fujiko in a slightly nervous tone. After all, she knew that small matters to Gerald were usually big matters to everyone else. What’s more, though it was true that Gerald was helping her family a lot, the more he helped, the more indebted she felt toward him.

Either way, the two then quickly made their way to the parlor… and the second Gerald entered, everyone immediately got to their feet. It was almost as though Gerald was the patriarch now.

Takuya himself who was tapping his finger on the table couldn’t help but say, “… Twenty more minutes. Some family members haven’t arrived yet…”

Honestly, by this point, he didn’t even care about these exploiters anymore. In fact, he was already thinking about what to say to chase them out! Now that he had received this rare opportunity to revive his family, he wasn’t about to let everything crumble again under these money grabbing b*stards!

Regardless, by the twenty minute mark, almost everyone had arrived. Ignoring the fact that the newcomers had greeted Gerald but only nodded toward him, Takuya then made a brief headcount before eventually asking, “Where’s Suke?”

Upon hearing that, the secretary leaned closer to Takuya before whispering, “I’ve already called him a number of times, but he didn’t pick up…”

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