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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2220

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2220
“Then let’s not bother about him. Either way… I’ve gathered all of you here today to share some good news! With brother Gerald’s help, I’ve managed to get two contracts with the Fareast Consortium! If everything goes right, then the Futaba family will obtain at least twelve million dollars in revenue per year!” declared Takuya as he looked at the rest of his family.

“W-what…?!” exclaimed almost everyone as they alternated their gazes between Gerald and Takuya. Everyone knew about the Fareast Consortium! It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that even the richest of the rich in Japan would benefit from a collaboration with them…! With that in mind, they could surely continue leeching off the family for ages to come…!

“I was in charge of business with others before this, patriarch! With that said, you can leave the contracts to me! With me dealing with the Fareast Consortium, you can expect to get fifteen million a year instead of just twelve million!”

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“Bullsh*t! Don’t listen to him, patriarch! He’s caused several of our business contracts to become utterly wasted! Leave it to me instead! Just so you know, I’m great at negotiating! The problem is, nobody’s given me a chance to prove myself!”

“Hold it! Let me take over the contract instead!”

Soon enough, everyone was shouting in hopes that the patriarch would leave the contracts to them. After all, anyone who got the gig would surely be able to obtain an unthinkable amount of money! As Takuya had said, twelve million was simply an estimate. Once the collaboration began, that amount could very well double! If they played their cards right, then they could

Easily pocket a million dollars or two every year…!

Contrary to how excited everyone was getting, Fujiko appeared somewhat calm as she asked, “Is… this what happened?”

“Bingo,” replied Gerald with a nod.

“I see… So you’ve helped us this much again… I really have no idea how we’re ever going to repay you…” muttered Fujiko with a sigh. On one hand, she was glad that her family was finally getting a chance to revive. On the other, she knew that this meant that she was only going to owe Gerald more and more.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve already told you, haven’t I? I may need your help in the future, so just make sure you don’t refuse when the time comes,” replied Gerald with a chuckle as he secretly glanced at the Seadom tribe pendant around her neck.

Now that he had gotten so close to Fujiko and her father, Gerald knew that he had to start emphasizing that he may need their help. That way, they hopefully wouldn’t be too surprised when he finally asked them about the Seadom tribe.

Either way, upon hearing that, Fujiko immediately nodded before declaring, “Not to worry! I’ll never ball from helping you!”

Fujiko meant it too. After all, her family had taken far too much from him. Even if she had to sacrifice her life, so be it…!

“No need to be that serious, I won’t ask for anything unreasonable…” replied Gerald, sensing that Fujiko was looking too much into this.

“Regardless of how easy the task is, I’ll still treat it extremely seriously!” said Fujiko as she stared determinedly at the youth. Upon realizing that she was now looking at him, Gerald quickly looked away from her pendant. The last thing he needed was her thinking that he was some kind of pervert!

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