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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2221

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2221
Moving back to Takuya who was starting to get a headache from all the shouting, he couldn’t help but raise his hand as he yelled, “Pipe down! This isn’t the time to argue!”

Upon hearing that, everyone fell silent. While they would’ve surely retorted before continuing to discuss among themselves in previous meetings, now that this much was on the line, they knew better than to diss Takuya off. Hell, even Masaru who kept wanting to dethrone Takuya in the past kept his mouth zipped, not daring to say a word.

“Seriously… Either way, that wasn’t the only announcement I had to make! You see, I’ve been thinking long and hard about some things… and now I finally have my conclusion. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve decided that it’s high time I removed all the pests of the family! Never will they bring our family down again!” declared Takuya.

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“W-what…?!” yelled several of the Futabas in unison. Naturally, they could tell what Takuya was hinting at! But if they were driven out, they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of this situation anymore…!

By this point, even Masaru’s initial grin had disappeared. Slamming the tip of his cane against the floor, Masaru then roared, “You can’t just make a decision like this on your own! If you truly wish to kick family members out, then it has to be done through polls!”

“It’s exactly because we kept doing that that our family ended up in such a sorry state. After receiving Gerald’s help, we finally have a chance to restore our family to its former glory! With that said, changes need to be made. From today onward, I’ll be the only one deciding for the family! Anyone who wishes to oppose that can leave!” declared Takuya with a snort. Though he knew that Masaru meant well, his ‘peace making’ was the true reason why their family had continued to decline year after year…!

“You…! Do you still see me as your uncle…?!” growled Masaru, choking in rage.

“Depends on whether you see me as your patriarch,” retorted Takuya as he frowned in response.

“You…!” yelled Masaru, clearly not expecting Takuya to talk back to him!

Watching as Masaru pointed at him with a trembling hand unable to speak due to how angry he was, Takuya simply looked away before pointing at a few other Futabas and saying, “You few can stay. For anyone I didn’t point at, please leave. I’ll give you a week to cut all ties with the family, and if you don’t, I’ll just force you out.”

The ones he had pointed at were the family members who had remained in the manor, even when their family was at its lowest. Takuya knew that these were the ones who sincerely cared about the family instead of just wanting to profit off it.

“Y-you want this many people to leave?!” yelled several of the Futabas, clearly not expecting Takuya to sever ties with so many of them at a time! This… This was unacceptable!

Regardless of how they responded, Takuya simply nodded before saying, “Indeed. You can leave now.”

“P-patriarch! Aren’t you going over the line, here?! While we may not have any merits, we’ve still worked hard for the family in the past! With that said, you can’t just chase us out without giving us proper reasons!” declared a few of the Futabas, clearly unwilling to just leave now that Gerald had brought them such good fortune!

If they left, not only would they fail to benefit from the family ever again, but they would also be unable to get involved with the Fareast Consortium…!

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