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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2222

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2222
“T-Takuya…! You can’t just make unilateral decisions like this…! And driving so many people out of the family at once…?! Even if you managed to get those contracts, you should realize that you’re just leading the family to ruin!” scowled Masaru after calming down slightly.

“Second uncle, if you insist on letting them stay, I’ll start wondering about your true purpose. Regardless, I’ve made up my mind! This family doesn’t want any black sheep within it!” growled Takuya in a determined tone, making it clear that he was dead serious.

After all, if he didn’t do this now, these bloodsuckers would simply leech off the Fareast Consortium business till the family reverted to its current sorry state! Takuya had learned this the hard way, and there was no way he was going to let history repeat itself!

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Regardless, Masaru who clearly hadn’t expected Takuya to defy him this openly found himself growing paler and paler as he muttered, “Takuya…! You …!”

All of a sudden, Masaru held onto his chest before toppling to the ground…! Naturally, this shocked everyone.

Knowing that Masaru was still his uncle, Takuya was first to react by running over to the collapsed man while yelling, “Second uncle!”

Watching as Takuya kneeled by his side before helping him up, Masaru who had an agonizing expression on his face now desperately gasped for air while saying, “P-pills… My pills…!”

Nodding in response, Takuya searched around his uncle’s coat and soon found a tiny white bottle. Slipping a black pill out, Takuya then yelled, “Water! Hurry!”

Upon hearing that, his secretary bolted off to get a glass of water. The second she returned, he slipped the pill into Masaru’s month before giving him some water while patting his back.

Shortly after, color began returning to Masaru’s cheeks, prompting everyone to breathe a sigh of relief. With his uncle now fine, Takuya simply returned to the main seat.

Seeing that, Masaru sighed heavily before pointing at Takuya with a trembling hand while saying, “You… You’re really trying to piss me off, aren’t you…!”

“Say what you want, but I’ve already made up my mind. Either way, bring him to one of our guest rooms to rest. Unless I allow it, nobody can disturb him!” ordered Takuya as he looked at his cronies. Though Takuya had said that, it was clear as day that he was actually just placing Masaru under house arrest.

Whatever the case was, the two cronies simply nodded before holding Masaru up and quickly leaving the parlor. Though everyone saw that, nobody dared to say a word.

Either way, with Masaru now out of the picture, Takuya turned to look at his family again before asking in an indifferent tone, “Was my order not clear enough?”

Again, nobody said a word. After all, since Takuya was dead set on driving them out, they figured that if they said anything else, they were only going to leave a worse impression on Takuya.

“Get out of my sight within five minutes. And make sure to cut all ties with the family. I’m only giving you this warning since we’re fellow clansmen. I won’t be so kind in the future,” growled Takuya who no longer lacked confidence due to the partnership with the Fareast Consortium.

Regardless, after looking at each other, the ex-Futaba family members slowly left the parlor.

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