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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2225

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2225
“The… pendant?” asked Takuya and Fujiko in unison, clearly confused.

“Indeed. The truth is, I came to Japan looking for descendants of the Seadom tribe. After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Futabas appear to be just that. After all, why else would Miss Fujiko possess that special pendant?” explained Gerald.

Upon hearing that, Fujiko held onto her pendant before asking, “Isn’t this just a regular pendant…?”

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While she did find it odd that it was always cool to touch, she had never given much thought into it.

“So, you actually know about the tribe…” muttered Takuya who appeared much calmer than his daughter.

Watching as Takuya then placed his hands together, Gerald simply nodded as he said, “Indeed. It’s the reason why I came here in the first place.”

“I see… Either way, let’s talk about this someplace else” said Takuya as he took a cigarette out before leading the group to what appeared to be an ordinary cupboard.

Upon opening the topmost drawer, everyone stared wide eyed as Takuya pressed a secret button inside…!

Following that, one of the walls that had been decorated with paintings and calligraphy suddenly began shifting…!

Staring at the now revealed secret room, the surprised Fujiko couldn’t help but exclaim, “S-since when was this here?!”

She was, of course, rightfully shocked. After all, she had been living here all her life! How had she not known about this place!

Contrary to Fujiko’s reaction, when Gerald, Aiden, and Master Ghost saw the room, they couldn’t help but grin. After all, this meant that they had guessed correctly! The Futabas truly were the descendants of the Seadom tribe!

Either way, upon entering the room, Takuya flipped another switch, prompting a sole lightbulb to turn on. The light quickly revealed an antique table with four benches around it right in the middle of the room. From how dusty everything was, it was apparent that nobody had come in here for ages.

After blowing the dust off the table, Takuya took a seat before asking, “Now, before anything else… How did you learn about the Seadom tribe in the first place?”

Sighing in response, Gerald then said, “Well, my grandfather’s on Yearning Island right now, and he’s abducted my parents and sister… Unable to locate the island itself, I eventually learned that the Seadom tribe had access to it, which prompted me to come to Japan in the first place…”

“I see. And how did you make the connection between Yearning Island and the Seadom tribe?” inquired Takuya.

“From this sea map here,” replied Gerald as he retrieved the sea map from his jacket before laying it flat in front of Takuya.

Seeing that, Master Ghost then added, “Some time ago, an island suddenly appeared on the map, and we saw an ancient tribe doing some kind of ritual on it. After a bit of digging, we realized that the tribe was known as the Seadom tribe, and that they were located in Japan. While we had assumed that we would be looking for a needle in a haystack, none of us could’ve guessed that we would accidentally bump into Miss Fujiko…”

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