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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2226

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2226
“While I do know that this map belongs to the Seadom tribe, it’s only because of passed down knowledge from my ancestors… Truth be told, this is in y first time seeing this map as well,” muttered Takuya with a sigh after briefly looking at the map.

“Then… Do you have any idea how we can get to Yearning Island? Or at the very least, how we can locate it? From what we know, the island seems to float about on sea and is only locatable through a special method of sorts. As Master Ghost said, the island appeared on the map once, but never again ever since…” replied Gerald with a slight frown as he looked at the map.

“Well… As you may have already guessed, the Seadom tribe used to inhabit that island, though that was ages ago. While I can’t say that I know how to get there, worry not, brother! Since you’ve helped my family this much, I’ll definitely find a way to get you there!” declared Takuya as he began racking his memories, hoping to remember details about the island and the Seadom tribe.

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Shortly after, Takuya walked over to a bookshelf and began flipping through the books there.

Seeing that, Fujiko who was still finding it difficult to process all this couldn’t help but mutter, “I’ve never even heard of the Seadom tribe or Yearning Island up till this point…”

Quite honestly, now that she knew Gerald’s true goals, she couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed. After all, she had initially thought that he was doing all this for her! In truth, he had only helped her family so much to obtain information! Though she felt that all this was a little too much, this was simply the reality of the situation.

Whatever the case was, Gerald simply shook his head with a bitter smile as he replied, “Had I not encountered the map, I wouldn’t have known about any of this either…”

It was a while later when Takuya returned with a dusty book in hand. Handing it to Gerald, he then said, “Here. This book contains a thorough history of our family, though I’m not sure if what you need is in here.”

“Please let me have a look,” replied Gerald, his eyes glinting with excitement as he quickly began flipping through the pages.

However, the more he flipped, the more his enthusiasm dropped. As it turned out, this truly was just a family history book. Not even the words ‘Yearning Island’ was mentioned in it! What more, from what Gerald had gathered, the book’s first records began around five hundred years ago, which was probably when the Seadom tribe had first left the island.

With that in mind, Gerald was prompted to ask, “…Is this the only book?”

“Unfortunately, it’s the only relevant one I managed to find. Is there nothing relevant to you in there?” replied Takuya as he shook his head.

Every book in this room had been labeled according to its contents, and though there was a lot to go through, Takuya knew that his ancestors only kept the ‘more important’ books here. In other words, records of the Seadom tribe and Yearning Island probably wouldn’t have been stored here.

“Sadly, no. The book is simply a record of everything that’s happened to your family,” said Gerald as he shook his head, feeling slightly frustrated.

“I see… Unfortunately, this room already contains everything passed down from my ancestors. While I’ve been told that I’m a descendant of the Seadom tribe and I do remember my father and grandfather mentioning Yearning Island, I was never really told how to get there…” muttered Takuya, feeling bad for not being able to help Gerald.

“I do wonder whether Miss Fujiko’s pendant is the key to all this…” said Master Ghost out of the blue as he looked at her pendant; From the very first time he had seen it, he could already tell that the item was a special one, and Master Ghost knew for a fact that such items were usually the more useful things.

“This…?” muttered Fujiko as she removed her pendant.

“It’s just a guess, of course, but it’s something,” replied Master Ghost as he shook his head.

“Well, whatever the case is, I believe that we’ll eventually crack the code,” said Takuya as he lit a cigarette.

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