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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2227

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2227
“Indeed… Either way, now that you know about my situation, please don’t tell this to anyone. Since this concerns the safety of my parents and sister, if any accidents happen, I’m afraid I won’t forgive that easily,” said Gerald as he clenched his fists.

“Got it!” replied both Takuya and his daughter as they nodded.

With that said, after sitting in the secret room for a while longer, the group eventually left together before parting ways.

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Upon arriving at his room, Gerald waited for Master Ghost and Aiden to enter as well before closing the door behind him. Once that was done, he couldn’t help but sit on his bed, feeling dejected. After all, all this time, he had simply assumed that once he found the Seadom tribe, the mysteries of Yearning Island would be in the bag. Now that things had taken this turn, he realized just how naïve he was to think that.

After all, now that he thought about it, the Seadom tribe was an ancient one. With that in mind, even if he had managed to find descendants of that tribe, everything from the past should’ve predictably been whisked away by time! Just knowing who their ancestors were was clearly not enough!

Sensing Gerald’s discontent, Master Ghost was quick to ask, “Well… Now that we know that the Futabas can’t help us get there, should we still remain? It’ll pretty much be a waste of time by the looks of things…”

“Let’s just wait a bit…” muttered Gerald with a sigh.

Honestly, he wasn’t sure what was best for their current situation either. Still, to think that their only lead had been a dud this entire time…

“And what if we still can’t find anything after ‘a bit’?” asked Master Ghost.

“We’ll talk about it then. Besides, we still have to help the Futabas with their issues before leaving. Remember, when helping others, we need to see through it,” replied Gerald before lighting a cigarette and taking two deep puffs of it.

Already predicting what Gerald would say, Master Ghost then nodded before saying, “So be it. We’ll do whatever you ask us to!”

Hearing that, Aiden who was feeling bad for Gerald then added, “Why don’t we just take the Kanagawas and Hanyus out straight off the bat? That way, we’ll be able to quickly begin investigating how to get to Yearning Island again!”

“I’ll… consider it,” replied Gerald with a bitter smile.

Currently, many thoughts were plaguing his mind. For one, he had no idea how his parents or sister were doing on the island. What more, it wasn’t easy living undercover all the time while his enemies remained out in the open.

In all honesty, Gerald couldn’t deny that he had considered letting Will’s men capture him so that he could finally head to Yearning Island. However, if he did so, then the risk of him failing was still pretty high.

After all, who knew how they would lock him up once he got there. If he ended up losing his life, then all would truly be lost.

Either way, Gerald then sent the two away before laying on his bed to think things through.

When morning came, Gerald was awakened by a knock on the door, followed by someone saying, “Mr. Crawford…? The chairman of the Fareast Consortium has come over, and he says that he wishes to meet you.”

“Derrick’s here…?” muttered Gerald as he rubbed his eyes before rolling off the bed. After slipping his jacket on and exiting his room, Gerald realized that the person at the door was the individual whom Takuya had selected last night to deal with the Fareast Consortium.

Upon seeing Gerald, the Futaba family member who went by Takushu then quickly replied, “Indeed… After meeting him earlier, he insisted that he follow us back! Not daring to refuse, we simply led him back to the manor… With that said, please meet up with him, Mr. Crawford… We really can’t afford to offend him…”

“I will. Lead the way,” said Gerald as he recalled just how much Derrick had helped.

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