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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2230

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2230
“That’s good to hear,” replied Gerald with a nod.

“Indeed. Still, you really don’t have to worry about this. I know what I’m doing, so there shouldn’t be any unexpected problems,” said Derrick as he nodded in response. In the end, he was still the one who had established a massive business empire. With that said, dealing with a small issue like this was no problem to him.

“That’s reassuring to hear,” replied Gerald with a smile before sipping on some tea.

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Smiling back, Derrick was then prompted to ask, “So… How long are you planning to stay here, brother Gerald…?”

“Not too sure myself, honestly. I guess I’ll just stay till my problems are solved,” replied Gerald as he shook his head. Though he said that, he knew that if he really needed to leave quickly, then all he needed was a day to completely vanquish the Kanagawas and Hanyus off the face of the planet.

That was, of course, only if he absolutely needed to leave. After all, now that Takuya was aware of his goal, there was a chance that the patriarch could suddenly find or recall things about Yearning Island. Besides, even if Gerald left Japan, he didn’t have any further leads.

However, if Takuya couldn’t find anything in the end, just staying here would be a major waste of time as well. These were pretty much the thoughts in his head after leaving the secret room the night before.

“Problems? Brother Gerald, tell me what they are and I just may be able to help you!” declared Derrick as he came closer to Gerald.

“I know you’re keen to help, but this isn’t exactly something you’re capable of helping with…” replied Gerald with a slightly bitter smile.

“We won’t know till you tell me, right?” said Derrick, refusing to give in.

Not wanting to talk about the Seadom tribe and Yearning Island, Gerald simply decided to ask, “Then tell me… How much do you know about the Yamashitas?”

Gerald, for one, was pretty sure that Derrick had heard of the Yamashitas before after living here for so long as well as the rumors that there were ninjas in that family. Based on what he now knew about the ninjas, Gerald wondered how much Derrick actually knew about them.

“I… don’t know much about them, sadly… All I know is that the Yamashitas lack any connections with the other families or consortia. What more, there are ever rumors that there are ninjas in that family, though call bullsh*t on that…” muttered Derrick after thinking for a while as he shook his head.

“I know, right?” replied Gerald with a subtle smile.

“Why? Do you have any conflicts with that family?” asked Derrick.

“Not at all. I was just curious about them,” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

“I see… Well, they are a strange family… One of the strangest in Japan, actually,” muttered Derrick as he thought about them.

“Pretty much. Also, since we’re already talking about the families here, what do you know about the Hanyus and Kanagawas?” asked Gerald.

“Well… the Kanagawas are one of the largest families in the country, and they’ve constantly made business dealings with the Fareast Consortium. As for the Hanyus, all I know is that they’re an assassin family… I don’t know much else about them,” replied Derrick with a slight frown.

“How much is ‘not much’…?” asked Gerald who honestly felt that the Hanyus were a bigger problem.

After all, with that many assassins in that family, if he didn’t handle them all at once, then he would eventually cause unnecessary trouble to himself.

“I mean… what aspects are you referring to…?” replied Derrick.

“Everything you know about them. How’s this? Once you get back, write everything you know about the two families before sending me the results,” said Gerald in a serious tone.

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