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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2232

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2232
Takuya brought the paper to the table carefully and unfolded it with great caution, fearing that even the slightest shiver would fragment the paper.

Despite his carefulness, he still damaged a small part of the paper when he opened the paper.

“This should be the paper that records the Seadom tribe. It’s just a small piece of paper. I’m afraid it might not have the answer you want.” Takuya laid the paper flat on the table and sighed again very lightly. He feared that his breath might blow away the paper.

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“It’s a bit blurred.” Gerald frowned and propped his hands on the table to read.

There were indeed some records on the paper, but the writing had become blurred and faded due to its old age. Gerald could not read what was written on the paper at all. Moreover, the writing on the paper did not look like the Weston language nor English, which was widely used in the West.

“Can you read this?” After looking at it for a while, Gerald could not figure out what it was and raised his head to ask Takuya.

“This should be the special script of the Seadom tribe. The ancestors did not pass this down, so I don’t know about it.” As Gerald was reading it, Takuya was doing the same. He shook his head and said helplessly.

“That’s a problem.” Gerald rubbed his stubble.

“That friend of yours seems to know many things. He even knows about the Seadom tribe. Call him here to take a look, maybe he can understand this.”

After looking for a moment, Takuya’s eyes suddenly shone.

“Master Ghost?” At the mention of his name, Gerald was reminded of this as well.

Without delay, Gerald turned around and went to get Master Ghost.

Within ten minutes, Gerald had dragged Master Ghost by his arm into the secret room.

“I asked you what you were doing, and instead of telling me, you just dragged me here early in the morning. I’m still very sleepy.” Master Ghost simply let Gerald pull him and said while yawning.

“You can sleep as long as you want after solving this.” Gerald plopped him on the bench in front of the table.

“What is it?” Master Ghost rubbed his eyes. He could sense the importance of the matter from Gerald’s tone.

“Look at this. Can you read the script on this paper?” Gerald pointed at the paper laid flat on the table and asked.

“Let me see.” Master Ghost opened his eyes wide and leaned over the paper.

He looked at the paper for nearly half an hour.

Gerald and Takuya stood still. No one opened his mouth to speak nor did they move around, fearing that it might disturb Master Ghost’s thoughts.

“This is the script of the Seadom tribe, right?” After a long time, Master Ghost asked.

“Yes. This should have been handed down by our ancestors.” Takuya nodded.

“I can read this, but…” Master Ghost showed a look of embarrassment.

“But what? Just say it.” Gerald was relieved and hurriedly urged him since the paper was likely to contain the method to find Yearning Island.

“On this piece of paper, it says that everything recorded about the Seadom tribe is all stored in one place for the Futaba family. This is just some very ordinary family document.” Master Ghost glanced at the paper again and said.

“It doesn’t say where it’s stored?” Gerald frowned at once.

“It’s written on the paper.” Master Ghost nodded.

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