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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2236

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2236
“Are you Gerald?” Kai’s voice could be heard.

“It turns out to be Young Master Kai Kanagawa. What can I do for you?” The moment Gerald heard Kai’s voice, he became amused. So, he crossed his legs and asked.

“How could I be addressed as a young master in front of you?” Kai’s gloomy laughter could be heard.

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“If there’s anything, just spill it. If not, I’m going to hang up.” Gerald had no interest in wasting time with Kai. Besides, he knew that Kai definitely meant only evil since Kai was willing to take the initiative to call him.

“Don’t.” Kai was instantly anxious. “I know that I’ve made a lot of mistakes previously. You’re forgiving, and you don’t take them to heart. So, I would like to treat you to a meal as a form of compensation and apology for you. Then, we can still be friends in the future.”

“Sure. No problem. What time?” Gerald endured his laughter and said so.

“Ah?” Kai did not expect that Gerald would agree to it in such a straightforward manner. Hence, he was struck speechless and did not know what he should say.

“Could it be that you were just joking? You don’t actually want to treat me?” Gerald continued and asked him.

“Of course not. I sincerely want to treat you to a meal.”

Kai immediately denied it. Currently, he wanted Gerald to come out so badly. He certainly would not miss that chance.

“I’ll give you a chance given your sincerity.” Gerald said with a low voice, “Send the details to my phone.”

After he had said that, he hung up his phone.

At the other end of the phone, Kai punched the wall. He was very vexed with Gerald’s attitude, but he was slightly delighted because Gerald had agreed to it. He was certain that he could definitely make Gerald lose his reputation that time around as long as Gerald could come out.

“Gerald, since I can’t do it the harsh way, I’ll try the soft way. I don’t believe that you don’t have any weaknesses.” Kai narrowed his eyes and ground his teeth as he said so. His countenance was full of darkness.

After sending the location of the hotel to Gerald, he immediately asked his confidant to come back to his room.

“What’s wrong, Young Master?” His confidant hurriedly rushed over.

“Did you settle things at the hotel?” Kai pointed at the door. After his subordinate had closed the door, he questioned him.

“Yes. I’ve booked a private room on the top floor.” His confidant nodded.

“Where are the university students?” Kai continued to ask him.

“I found them too. I paid each of them five hundred dollars. They’re very cooperative, and they’re now waiting in the hotel room.” The confidant continued to answer his questions.

“Where’s the medicine?” Kai nodded in satisfaction. He believed that he could definitely ruin Gerald in one go as long as everything was prepared nicely.

“It’s here as well. I especially gave an order and asked them to go to the customs office to get it. It was nearly withheld there.” The confidant fished out a bottle of brown medicine from his pocket and handed it to Kai.

Kai took it and looked at it for a short while. He then put it away randomly before he took out a stack of hundred dollar bills from his wallet and threw them in front of his confidant. “You did a rather good job this time around.”

“Thank you, Young Master. Thank you!” The confidant immediately grabbed all of the money. With that money, not only could he have a grand feast, he could even have some fun with two B-list or C-list celebrities in Japan. If it was a university student, he could even keep her as his mistress for one to two years.

Taking the money, he then left swiftly.

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