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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2239

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2239
Kai had gained that kind of experience from his addiction to alcohol in the past.

“What should we do now?” His confidant walked to him and asked.

“What else can we do? Ask the waiter to come and carry Gerald to the room downstairs. Is the camera ready?”

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Kai wanted so badly to kill Gerald directly in that instant. He knew that he would certainly be able to do so if he truly wanted to.

But he dared not do so. Although his family possessed a powerful status in Japan, the Futaba family was not easy game either. If the Futaba family gained something against him, his entire life would be ruined. Soon the waiter had arrived, and he carried Gerald out of the private room.

The two female university students had long been waiting there, and the cameras had been set up in the room, waiting for Gerald to be sent there and fall into Kai’s trap.

“Be gentler. Don’t wake him up! ” Seeing that the waiter was being careless, Kai immediately reprimanded him.

If Gerald fell to the floor or the waiter accidentally knocked him against the door, he might wake up instantly.

The waiter carried Gerald to the bed carefully. After he had received some tips from Kai, he hurriedly left.

“This is the money for you.”

Kai took out a stack of hundred dollar bills from his bag and threw them on the bed. “Remember. You have to give all you have to serve my friend. As long as he’s comfortable, this is nothing but small money.”

“Thank you, Sir!” When the two university students saw how generous Kai was, their eyes brightened. He was much more generous than the other bosses.

After Kai had left, he did not go and check out the surveillance system. However, he prepared to return to the room and take a rest. Although he did not have seventy degree strong wine, he accompanied Gerald and drank much wine. Besides, his body had long been ruined now, and he could not take that.

“Go and keep an eye on it If anything happens, call me. Do you understand?” Before Kai entered his room, he especially gave an order to his confidant.

On the surface, his confidant agreed to it. However, after Kai closed the door, he immediately walked to the elevator. He used the money Kai had given him that day and made an appointment with a C-list celebrity. He certainly could not waste such a great opportunity to go and stand guard before a computer.

Gerald was still lying on the bed in the room.

He still did not know what Kai wanted to do until that moment.

However, after spreading his senses around with the Herculean Primordial Spirit, he could clearly notice that a few cameras were operating in the room. Gerald focused his attention, and an invisible essential qi was spread out of his body, making all of the surveillance system and hidden cameras unable to function normally.

“He’s drunk.” At that time, the two university students were still discussing how to serve Gerald. When they saw him sleeping soundly while lying on the bed the moment he was carried into the room, they were soon in a slight dilemma.

“Then, what should we do? Mr. Kanagawa gave us a lot of money. Lf we just sit here and do nothing, I’m afraid that he’s going to retrieve all of the money.”

The other girl patted Gerald’s back Seeing that he was still not awake, she was slightly helpless.

“Who are you?” Gerald used his essential qi and sensed that Kai and the others had left. Hence, he did not pretend anymore. He turned around and asked lightly.

“You’re awake.” Hearing Gerald’s voice, they revealed a smile.

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