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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2241

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2241
If it was fun Kai wanted, then fun he would get. Thinking back, it’d be meaningless if he got rid of Kai that easily anyway. With that in mind, Gerald then returned to his room before lying in bed to get some rest.

It was sometime later when Kai who was drenched in cold sweat finally reopened his eyes, followed by a terrorized scream. The boy had dreamt that Gerald had brought him to a deserted mountain before tearing his head off…!

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Upon realizing that he was still lying on his hotel bed, Kai quickly grabbed a glass of water that was right beside his bed before downing it in one gulp… Once he calmed down a bit, he wiped the sweat off his forehead before grumbling, “God d*mn it! That scared me half to death…!”

Shaking his head, Kai then took a look at the time. Realizing that almost four hours had passed, Kai figured that Gerald must have fallen into his trap by now.

Since Kai had planned for everything that happened in that room to be recorded by the surveillance system, he couldn’t help but smile smugly. After all, he now had something to prevent Gerald from getting in his way! As long as Gerald made one wrong move, Kai could just spread that video around, causing Gerald and Fujiko to instantly suffer a bad reputation!

Unfortunately, this was the best idea he could currently think of to deal with Gerald, but it was better than nothing. With that in mind, Kai began humming as he skipped toward the monitoring room.

Upon entering, however, Kai’s glee quickly turned into rage. Trembling from both anger and worry, Kai couldn’t help but walk toward the pitch-black screen. Hadn’t he told his confidant to keep an eye on things…?!

“God d*mn it…!” growled Kai, wondering if anything had been recorded at all. He should’ve been informed that the screen had turned pitch-black the second it happened! Now fuming with anger, Kai slammed his fist against the table, nearly causing the monitor to fall to the floor!

It didn’t help that Kai knew that he couldn’t just repair or set up more surveillance systems in Gerald’s room. After all, Gerald was most probably awake now and had probably figured out that he was being set up after seeing the two university students he had slept with.

With that in mind, Kai was afraid that the second he stepped in, Gerald would just beat him to death! Actively holding his anger back, Kai then called his subordinate.

The second the subordinate saw who was calling, he gestured for the C-list celebrity not to say a word before picking up, only to hear Kai growl, “Where the hell are you…?!”

“…I-I’m just outside taking a smoke…!”

“Get back in here!” roared Kai, clearly not buying it at all. After all, if his confidant had only gone out to smoke, he should’ve realized by now that the screen had gone dark!

Whatever the case was, it was a few minutes later when the subordinate came running back into the room and the second he saw the darkened screen, he became so anxious that he nearly toppled to the ground…!

Glaring at the subordinate, Kai who felt like killing him now then growled, “Care to explain what the hell is going on…?!”

“I… I… H-how could this have happened…?! Everything was fine before I left…! C-could something be wrong with the computer…?” stuttered the subordinate who didn’t dare reveal that he had never entered the room in the first place!

Seething with rage, Kai almost burst into a maniacal fit of laughter as he roared, “Well, what are you waiting for?! Go turn it on and test it out!”

Kai, for one, had spent a few thousand dollars on the computer. With that in mind, there was no way the computer would malfunction at the most critical of moments…!

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