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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2243

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2243
Simply shrugging in response, Gerald then replied, “As I’ve said, I’m not really interested in such things.”

“T-then tell me what else you’d like to do…? Worry not, I’ll definitely be able to get whatever you ask for! ” declared Kai who figured that Gerald hadn’t actually figured out what was happening.

For one, Gerald wasn’t infuriated yet. With that in mind, Kai realized that Gerald could have just left since he didn’t like the women he had chosen for him. If that was the case, then Kai didn’t really mind this outcome. After all, though he failed to obtain a way to threaten Gerald, at the very least, he wasn’t in trouble yet.

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“Hmm… Well, I have a place in mind. Follow me, I’ll drive you there!” replied Gerald as he tossed his unfinished cigarette to the floor before stomping on it.

Watching as Gerald then walked out, Kai and his confidant were left utterly puzzled. Shortly after, the subordinate inched toward Kai’s side before whispering, “Should… we follow him, young master…?”

“Do you even dare not to?” grumbled Kai before taking a deep breath. Summoning all the courage in him, Kai then began following Gerald to his car, his subordinate staying close to him at all times.

Once the trio got to the car parked right outside the hotel, Gerald got in the driver’s seat whereas Kai and his confidant sat at the back. Already sensing that something was wrong, Kai cleared his throat before saying, “…Um… Gerald…? Where exactly are we headed to…? You know, I’m sure my subordinate and I can find an even better alternative!”

“Just trust me on this. I’ll be bringing you guys to an extremely nice place,” replied Gerald with a subtle smile as he shook his head before stepping on the gas and heading South.

Though Gerald drove at nearly a hundred and fifty miles per hour, Kai and his subordinate who kept their backs glued against the back of their seats throughout the journey remained silent for fear that they would accidentally offend Gerald.

However, after about two hours of driving, Kai was starting to get worried out of his mind. After all, dawn had already come and they still had no idea where Gerald was taking them! It was half an hour later when Kai finally gave in to fear and asked, “…Um… Gerald…? Where are we going…?”

“You’ll know once we get there,” replied Gerald in an indifferent tone.

It was around ten in the morning when Gerald finally stopped the car atop a barren mountain.

“… The… Yamashita family’s territory…?” muttered the stunned Kai.

Thinking back, hadn’t Ryugu told him that Gerald had a good relationship with the Yamashitas? The thought of that alone was already starting to worry Kai.

“Get out,” ordered Gerald as he opened the door to the back seat.

Doing as he was told, Kai whose legs were now shaky couldn’t help but ask, “…Why… are we here, Gerald…?”

Though he knew that following Gerald was bad news, there was simply no escaping him…!

“Hmm? I just brought you over to have a nice chat. Don’t worry, there’ll be tea,” replied Gerald with a subtle smile as he patted Kai on the shoulder. Though Gerald’s pats weren’t particularly strong, the terrified Kai’s legs were already close to giving in.

Just as the two got out and Gerald closed the car door behind them, an unfamiliar voice greeted, “Hmm? If it isn’t Mr. Crawford! It’s been a while!”

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