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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2244

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2244
As it turned out, the voice belonged to one of the Yamashitas. Since he knew that Gerald had a good relationship with the family elder, he didn’t ask what Gerald was doing here.

Whatever the case was, Gerald simply nodded in response before replying, “Indeed. I’m here to have some tea with these two gentlemen. Do lead them in.”

Watching as Gerald then began walking deeper into their territory, the Yamashita man turned to face Kai and his subordinate before cordially saying, “Please, come with me, gentlemen!”

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Not daring to disobey, Kai and his subordinate simply silently followed after them. Kai, for one, knew that if he didn’t follow Gerald’s orders now, Gerald could easily turn around and kill him in a single strike!

Either way, after walking for about ten minutes, Gerald finally arrived at the old man’s yard.

Hearing footsteps, the old man who was fetching a new kettle of tea turned around and was pleasantly surprised to see Gerald walking in with his hands behind his back. Putting the kettle down, he was then prompted to ask, “Oh? What brings you here today?”

“I came over to deal with some things,” replied Gerald with a faint smile.

Before the old man could ask any further, he watched as Kai and his subordinate entered after Gerald. Putting two and two together, the old man then lifted his kettle again before walking into his living room.

Seeing that, Gerald stopped before the living room’s door before gesturing toward it as he said, “Please come in, Mr. Kanagawa.”

Unwilling to enter, the awkward Kai who was getting increasingly bad vibes about this place was prompted to ask, “Before that… What are we even doing here…? To be a Kanagawa in the Yamashita family’s territory… That… isn’t exactly a good thing…”

“I’ve already told you, haven’t I? We’re here to have a talk while enjoying some tea. Naturally, your subordinate gets to join in too. Don’t worry, I’ll send you back once we’re done,” replied Gerald as he walked into the living room.

Momentarily shuddering, Kai truly hoped that he was simply overthinking things as he slowly entered the living room as well.

Watching as Kai whose hands were clearly trembling sat opposite of him, Gerald took one of the cups of tea that the old man had just poured and placed it before Kai before saying, “Here, have some while it’s warm.”

Not even bothering about the fact that his subordinate had been ignored, Kai who was now beyond anxious gulped before asking, “P-please, Gerald… What are you really trying to achieve here…?”

Raising a slight brow, Gerald who knew that he no longer needed to pretend to be cordial replied, “First off… You were the one who set up these cameras, correct?”

The sooner he could get rid of Kai, the better. If he did things quickly enough, he could possibly even make it home in time for dinner.

Regardless, upon hearing that, Kai instantly went pale. Feeling his heart skip a beat, he slowly replied, “W-what cameras…?”

“The ones in my room, of course. Wasn’t your master plan to get me drunk before slipping those two women into my room and filming everything? Were you planning to then threaten me with the footage?” said Gerald in a calm tone as he sipped his tea before narrowing his eyes at Kai.

“I-I’d never do anything of the sort…! I simply wanted to treat you to a nice meal and let you have some fun with those women…! A-as I said, I’m fine with inviting you to another entertainment center if that experience wasn’t to your liking…! As for the cameras… T-they came with the hotel!” declared Kai, desperately trying to clear Gerald’s suspicions.

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