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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2245

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2245
Kai just didn’t understand. Even if Gerald had lied about not being a good drinker, that drink contained seventy percent of alcohol…! Gerald had drunk six glasses of that alcohol, and any regular adult would’ve definitely gotten drunk out of their mind after taking that much! Yet here Gerald was, looking completely sober even though Kai was certain that Gerald had

Properly drunk every glass! How had Gerald digested all that alcohol so quickly?!

“Oh? Is that so?” replied Gerald with a faint smile. Though Kai had said all that, his terrified eyes told Gerald that everything he had guessed was on the mark.

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While all this was happening, the old man simply remained silent The elder, for one, knew that he only needed to provide this space for Gerald to do whatever he needed to. While he wasn’t sure why Gerald couldn’t have just held this conversation back at the Futaba manor, the old man knew better than to inquire about that at the moment.

Whatever the case was, Kai whose forehead was now drenched in sweat then added, “I… I mean it! You, of all people, should know that I’d never do anything to harm you…!”

“I see… and what do you say?” asked Gerald as turned to look at Kai’s subordinate.

“T-the young master speaks the truth! We were simply trying to give you a relaxing time in hopes that you’d forgive us after all we’ve done in the past! We meant no evil!” declared the quivering subordinate.

“Hmm… Did I wrongly accuse you then…?” asked Gerald with a slightly raised brow.

“Y-you did…! Look, if I really wanted to harm you, wouldn’t it have made sense for me to do it while you were drunk? Why’d I provide you with women if I really wanted to hurt you!” replied Kai with a nod.

“So that’s your answer…? Do you really think I didn’t hear your conversation earlier?” growled Gerald with a frown.

“T-that… H-how do I explain this…” muttered Kai as he instantly averted his gaze.

“Not the slightest bit of sincerity in you… Since that’s the case, I won’t need to keep you two alive,” replied Gerald with a sigh.

Realizing that he had truly f*cked up this time, the nervous Kai instantly yelled, “N-no-!”

However, before Kai could say anything else, Gerald simply flicked a toothpick toward the boy’s threat! The toothpick itself pierced through Kai’s neck before embedding itself onto the wall like a nail! Though Kai could tell that Gerald had done something since there was now a searing pain in his throat, he hadn’t even been able to see Gerald’s attack clearly!

“G-Gerald… You…!” muttered Kai, unable to say anything else due to the immense pain that came whenever he talked. Before long, blood began dripping out from the corners of his mouth.

By this point, even breathing had become difficult for Kai. It felt as though someone was squeezing his neck, and no matter how much Kai tried to breathe, he simply couldn’t take in any air.

“Y-young master…!” cried out Kai’s subordinate as he turned to look at the bloody toothpick that had been embedded into the wall. Easily seeing the connection between the toothpick and Kai’s agony, the subordinate couldn’t help but wonder how all this was even possible! This wasn’t some action movie…!

“First assassins, now this? You really deserve what you’re currently experiencing. Regardless, I brought you here since I won’t be in much trouble for killing you within the Yamashita family’s territory,” retorted Gerald, glaring at Kai the entire time.

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