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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2246

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2246
Kai, however, was too preoccupied trying to breathe to even reply. He simply couldn’t breathe no matter how much he tried!

Hearing no reply, Gerald simply watched in silence as Kai’s death swiftly approached.

Throughout the process, the old man seemed completely unfazed about what was taking place before him. Remaining indifferent, the old man simply opted to have more tea as he read through a few books that were laying around. Kai’s subordinate, on the other hand, was so terrified that he was paralyzed in place.

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By the time Kai finally died, his hands had been grasping so tightly onto his neck this entire time that they remained frozen there, an agonized expression etched on his face. Till the very moment he died, Kai had failed to realize what had killed him, though none of that mattered anymore.

Either way, now that the boy was dead, the old man tossed his book aside before looking at Gerald with a smile as he said, “As expected, you truly are strong…”

“That was nothing compared to what you’re capable of,” replied Gerald in a slightly embarrassed tone as he scratched the back of his head. After all, he had previously witnessed the old man summon a flame in his palm out of thin air. Now, that was awe worthy.

Before the old man could reply, his nose suddenly twitched as he asked with a frown, “What’s that smell..?”

“Smells like… urine…?” muttered Gerald. For people like Gerald and the elder, discerning even the faintest of smells was nothing to them.

“I-I’m sorry…! I couldn’t hold it in…!” whimpered the terrified subordinate who was traumatized after watching Kai die so miserably.

Shaking his head, Gerald then waved his hand before saying, “Leave. I won’t kill you.”

“… R-really…?” asked the subordinate who didn’t want to be given false hope.

After watching Gerald nod, the subordinate instantly bolted out of the room! As he ran helter-skelter away from the manor, the subordinate thought about how he needed to leave the country as soon as possible. He needed to find someplace where nobody knew him so that Gerald wouldn’t ever be able to track him down…!

Regardless, after the subordinate ran out of his manor, the puzzled old man was prompted to ask, “… Are you really sure you’re fine letting him off like this? Aren’t you worried that he’ll cause you more trouble by revealing what you’ve done after this?”

Laughing in response, Gerald simply replied, “I only said that I wouldn’t be the one to kill him. That doesn’t mean he’s going to leave this place alive.”

Upon hearing that, the old man simply nodded before gesturing at one of the Yamashitas who was standing at the door as he said, “Dispose of him.”

Immediately doing as he was told, it was less than ten sounds later when an agonizing scream could be heard Soon after, the man returned. Getting to his knees, the Yamashita member then declared, “He’s been dealt with, sir.”

“Good. Now get rid of their corpses,” replied the old man with a satisfied smile as he pointed at Kai’s corpse.

Once the corpse was dragged out and the door to the living room was closed, the old man took a sip of tea before facing Gerald as he asked, “So… That person you killed was the youngest master of the Kanagawa family, correct?”

“He’s the one,” replied Gerald with a nod.

“I see. You’ve done a good job deciding to deal with him here. It’ll surely eliminate a lot of potential trouble for you,” said the old man in an approving tone.

“Thank you, though I do have to apologize for causing you trouble,” replied Gerald in a slightly embarrassed tone.

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