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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2247

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2247
This was pretty much the best place Gerald could think of to safely dispose of Kai. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have decided to bring trouble to the old man’s doorstep.

“Oh please, this is just a trivial affair. Regardless, if people do come looking for them, I’ll just tell them that they left with you shortly after. In other words, I have no idea where those two Kanagawas are,” replied the old man with a wink.

“I appreciate it. Speaking of which, though I came here mainly to dispose of Kai, I also have something to discuss,” said Gerald with a much more serious tone.

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“Go on…” replied the old man with a nod.

“Well… I’ve found a way to get to Yearning Island,” said Gerald after taking a deep breath. Honestly, just talking about it made it difficult to even breathe.

“… Hmm? Then what are you still sitting here for? Hurry and rescue your parents and sister! We can’t let Daryl continue to use them to threaten you anymore!” declared the old man with a stern expression.

“To clarify, at the moment, I’ve only found out where I can get information on how to get to the island. You see, the Seadom tribe has apparently placed everything related to Yearning Island in the ancient ruins in Yanam. Once I get there, I should be able to get the information I need,” replied Gerald with a faint smile. Though he had only met this old man a few times, he couldn’t help but respect him as an elder. It was a feeling Gerald hadn’t experienced in the longest time.

“The ancient ruins in Yanam you say… Can’t say I’ve heard of that place before. Hopefully you’ll find it after searching around for a bit. Also, keep in mind that it probably won’t be easy to enter,” muttered the old man after thinking for a bit.

“I’ve been there before,” replied Gerald with a nod.

“Oh? That’s a great start! Was it easy to access?” asked the old man, his expression returning to a relaxed one.

“Well… I did bump into an old man guarding the place, but due to my Herculean Primordial Spirit, he ended up greatly respecting me. In fact, he even said that everything there belonged to me, and that I was free to take whatever I wanted. I had no idea why that was when I first visited that place a few months ago, and quite frankly, I still have no idea why all that happened,” replied Gerald with a shrug.

“Now isn’t the time to be bothered by that. You should head over quickly to learn how to get to Yearning Island already!” grumbled the old man, sounding much hastier than usual. After all, not only did he want to help Gerald, but he was also curious to find out why Daryl had ended up the way he currently was.

“I’ll head off once I’ve settled the Futaba family’s issues. While it’s true that I initially only got in touch with them to get in contact with the Seadom tribe, now that I’ve gotten this involved with them, I can’ t just leave,” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

“And how long do you plan to help them exactly?” asked the old man.

“I’ll be off once their current issues are resolved,” replied Gerald who really didn’t want to leave the Futabas to fend for themselves, especially since they had now pointed him in the right direction. While it was true that he could’ve eventually learned that the secrets of the Seadom tribe were in the secret ruins in Yanam, by that point, there was a high possibility that he would’ve been too late to save his parents and sister, and that was a possibility that Gerald didn’t want to even think about.

“… I can get my family to help you,” suggested the old man after thinking for a while.

“I appreciate it. Then let’s go after the Hanyus first. I really can’t rest easy knowing that family is still up and about,” replied Gerald.

“Negative. Focus on saving your family first. You can deal with the Hanyus once you’re done with that,” said the old man after giving it some thought.

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