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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2249

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2249
Whatever the case was, upon entering the manor, Gerald quickly told everyone to gather in the living room.

Once Takuya and Fujiko were sitting by his sides, Gerald casually said, “…Alright, so… I’ve killed Kai.”

“You’ve… what?! Gerald, isn’t that a bit too rash?! My family’s just gotten back on track you know? Once the Kanagawas find out about this, the Futabas will surely be in hot water!” exclaimed Takuya as he leaped to his feet.

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“Don’t worry, patriarch, I killed him in the Yamashita family’s territory. With that said, the Yamashitas will be settling any subsequent issues that arise from Kai’s murder,” explained Gerald with a wave of his hand.

“I see. Well… that’s good then,” replied Takuya with a sigh of relief. Thank God Gerald and the Yamashitas were on good terms…

“Speaking of which, I’ll also be leaving tomorrow morning to head to the ancient ruins in Yanam. Don’t worry, after notifying the Yamashitas about it, they agreed to send some men to guard all of you. With that in mind, you won’t need to worry about any trouble from the other families,” said Gerald to ensure that Takuya wouldn’t get unnecessarily worried.

Naturally, Takuya ended up frowning slightly. After all, it was best if Gerald stayed with them forever.

However, knowing that it was impossible, Takuya simply replied, “That’s good! The sooner you leave, the less suffering your parents will face on Yearning Island. We wish you luck, Gerald!”

“Thank you. Well, those were the two things I wanted to talk about. Also, once I’ve saved them, I’ll be sure to return to properly help you deal with the two families,” said Gerald with a nod.

“After you’ve dealt with the Hanyus and Kanagawas, will you remain with my family…?” asked Takuya.

“Unfortunately, I simply can’t, ” replied Gerald with a subtle smile. While it was impossible for him to remain in Japan, Gerald promised himself that he would visit them from time to time. After all, he had honestly grown fond of the Futabas.

“Will we be coming along?” asked Master Ghost.

“That’d be nice, but I don’t mind if you guys wish to remain here either,” replied Gerald.

“I’m coming along!” declared Aiden, and though Master Ghost said nothing else, his expression made it evident that he was doing the same.

As all this was happening, Fujiko remained seated silently at the side. While she knew that Gerald would have to leave someday, she hadn’t expected it to be this soon. Truth be told, she simply had a feeling that she would never be able to meet him again once he left.

Regardless, after drinking some tea, Gerald, Aiden, and Master Ghost returned to their respective rooms. Once they were gone, Takuya sighed before turning to look at his dazed daughter before asking, “Well you were oddly silent earlier.”

“I… I’m just feeling a little tired…” muttered Fujiko as she shook her head.

Before Takuya could say anything else, she simply got to her feet before walking off. Sighing once she left, Takuya couldn’t help but say, “This girl…”

Still, as her father, he knew exactly what was going on in her mind. Then again, he was also well aware that Gerald had zero interest in his daughter.

Fast forward to the next morning, Gerald could be seen standing in the living room at the break of dawn.

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