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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2250

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2250
Having only a backpack and a cigarette in hand, it wasn’t long before Gerald was joined by Master Ghost and Aiden. Taking one final look at the manor, Gerald then sighed before saying, “Let’s go.”

After getting into the SUV, the three of them were about to head off when all of a sudden, knocking could be heard at the side of the car. Momentarily surprised to see who it was, Gerald then lowered the car’s window pulling the cigarette out of his mouth, before asking with a smile, “Is there anything I can do for you, Miss Futaba?”

“I… I’m coming with you!” declared Fujiko, her tone showing just how determined she was to come along.

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Naturally surprised to hear that, Gerald simply replied, “While you may be Japan’s Queen of Soldiers, I hope you understand that the journey isn’t going to be some cakewalk. With that said, I’ll have to refuse.”

“Since you already know my title, you should be well aware that I’m perfectly capable of lending you a hand!” said Fujiko as she circled the SUV before knocking the door to the shotgun seat.

Unsure what to do, Aiden who was sitting there then opened the door before saying, “Miss Futaba-“

Not even letting Aiden finish his sentence, Fujiko simply yanked him out before getting onto the car and saying, “You sit at the back.”

After placing her bag down, Fujiko then added, “I’ve already thought this through. You’ve been continuously helping us this entire time. With that in mind, if you just leave like that, then won’t I be considered an ungrateful person?”

As Gerald wondered how to even reply, Aiden sighed before sitting by Master Ghost’s side at the back while muttering, “Why do I get the bad treatment…”

Ignoring Aiden, Fujiko simply pointed ahead before saying, “Drive.”

“Are you really sure that you want to come with us…?” asked Gerald, finding it difficult to reject her kind intentions.

“But of course! I’d never joke about something this serious!” declared Fujiko as she nodded determinedly.

“Fine… However, I emphasize that this is going to be a very dangerous mission. In fact, I’m sure there are going to be plenty of opponents that even Aiden can’t take down, ” replied Gerald after taking in a deep breath.

“Worry not! I definitely won’t end up burdening you! If there’s anything you need, just say the word and I’ll definitely help you!” said Fujiko.

“Where have I heard those words before…” muttered Aiden as he stretched his head to look at her.

“You pretty much said the same thing when you asked to come with me back then,” replied Gerald with a faint chuckle.

Upon hearing that and recalling the events in Yanam, Aiden couldn’t help but grin as he said, “Just a heads up, but our opponents will most likely be in a completely different league compared to those we usually face during regular missions. Before such opponents, even I have to admit that I’ll be a burden at best!”

“I’m aware…” muttered Fujiko who only had Gerald’s strength as a referential point. Aside from that, she had no idea just how much stronger their opponents could get.

Seeing that nothing else needed to be said, Gerald then began driving.

It was nearing noon by the time they arrived at the Yamashita family’s territory. Upon nearing the front gates, however, Gerald was surprised to see that aside from the familiar Yamashita who had initially greeted him back when he brought Kai over, the old man was also already waiting there for them.

Quickly stopping the car, Gerald then got out before jogging toward the old man while asking, “Sir? How long have you been waiting here?”

Aside from being Daryl’s old acquaintance and bearing the status of an elder, the old man had also helped him on numerous occasions. With that in mind, it only made sense for Gerald to respect the old man.

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