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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2252

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2252
Moving back to Gerald and his party, it wasn’t long before the five of them arrived at the dock Under the old man’s lead, they soon saw a small cargo ship that had been anchored near the docks bearing the logo of Yamashita family.

Before they even got to the ship, a man came running it p to them before saying, “Third Elder! Just as you’ve requested, we’ve prepared enough oil in the cargo ship for you to head back and forth from Japan to Yanam up to three times!”

“Good job,” replied the old man as he patted him on the shoulder.

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Feeling overwhelmed to be praised by the elder, the man immediately bowed before declaring, “I-I only did as I was ordered to!”

Once that person ran off, the old man turned to look at the others before saying with a smile, “Speaking of which, there are quite a few shops on this dock, so if you need anything, go ahead and get them. If nothing’s needed, then we can just set off now.”

“I mean… From my past experience, Gerald’s probably going to stop us from getting anything unnecessary! He says it’s a waste of money!” grumbled Aiden who would definitely love to get some snacks.

Unfortunately, Gerald didn’t share the same sentiment.

“Hmm? Now who said anything about spending money?” replied the old man as his smile broadened.

Confused, Aiden then scratched the back of his head as he asked, “Um… How else are we going to get things…?”

“My boy, the Yamashita family owns this dock. I’ve already told them of our arrival yesterday, so feel free to get anything you want from those shops as long as the items can be brought up the ship,” replied the old man as he pointed at the shops that were in business.

Upon hearing that, Gerald thought for a moment before saying, “Well, while I assume the ship already has plenty of food and water prepared for us, I believe we’ll be needing extra sets of clothes. Remember, this isn’t going to be a short trip. With that said, I’d rather not stink to high heaven as we traverse through Yanam and eventually to Yearning Island.”

Gerald knew that he had to be clean and neat when he finally reunited with his family. After all, his sister would probably begin lecturing him about the poor way he dressed the second she saw him wearing his current tattered clothes. Thinking back, he remembered playing in a bog a lot as a child, and every time he returned, his sister would grab him by his ear before dragging him to the shower room and leaving him there The thought of it alone made Gerald smile a little.

Whatever the case was, aside from saving his family, Gerald was also secretly hoping to learn more about the Sun League.

Regardless, Gerald snapped out from his train of thought when the old man replied, “As Gerald said, there’s ample food and water on the ship, so you guys should probably focus on getting clothes. When asked to pay, just say that you’re with the Third Elder.”

Before anyone could say anything else, they ended up staring wide eyed as the old man leaped off the ground and right onto the approximately sixteen feet high ship’s deck! Aiden and Fujiko in particular were momentarily shocked speechless. After all, not even high ranking soldiers like them were able to perform such a feat! Yet the old man had made it seem like a piece of cake!

Already used to seeing such things, Gerald himself simply headed into the nearest clothing shop to get some new apparel. Once he was done, he got aboard the ship, only to see the old man sitting on deck while enjoying a cup of tea. Upon seeing Gerald, the old man quickly got a new cup before pouring more hot tea into it.

Sitting beside the old man, Gerald then placed his new clothes aside before saying, “Well, that’s done with. Speaking of which, I still don’t know your name, Sir.”

“Well, names aren’t really important, but if it helps, you can call me Senior Jobson,” replied the old man with a wave of his hand. Thinking back, it had been a few decades since he had used his real name. After all, to Jobson, names were simply a referential code that bore little meaning.

“Got it, senior Jobson,” replied Gerald with a nod as he noted down the old man’s surname.

Nodding in response, the old man then said, “So… what’s the plan?”

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