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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2253

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2253
“Well… the only plan is to head to the ancient ruins of Yanam now. Aside from that, there’s not really a Plan B. After all, it’s exactly because we know so little about Yearning Island that we’re heading there in the first place. Hopefully we’ll learn more about the island once we get there, otherwise, we’ll just hit another dead end…” muttered Gerald as he shook his head with a sigh.

“Nothing else?” asked Jobson with a slight frown, clearly expecting Gerald to know more about Daryl.

“Sadly. However, I do have this…” replied Gerald as he slipped his hand into his coat before pulling out the sea map.

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“Hmm? Is that the legendary sea map? ” asked Jobson as he took the map from Gerald before studying it carefully.

“Oh? You know about it, sir?”

“Of course, I do. Remember, I’m a Weston cultivator as well, so it makes sense that I’ve heard about the map. Regardless, according to legends, this map leads to a secret treasure in the sea, right? The one that if obtained, grants the seeker great wealth?” replied the old man as he pointed at an island in the middle of the map.

“A… secret treasure…?” asked Gerald, his eyes widened in surprise.

“Indeed. Why? Weren’t you going after that? Or does the map serve another purpose?” replied Jobson in a curious tone.

“I used the map to try locating Yearning Island… You see, I once saw the island appear on the sea map, but it only lasted for a little under ten seconds before disappearing again… As for the secret treasure you mentioned, it’s the first I’ve heard of it,” explained Gerald as he shook his head.

“If that’s the case, then I guess that the sea map leads to multiple things. Either way, if we have the chance, we should try seeking out the secret treasure as well. I have a feeling that it’s the real deal,” replied Jobson.

“Oh, I’ve already been there. I just didn’t know that the treasure was there back then. As for Why I headed there in the first place, I initially thought that it was Yearning Island. Unfortunately, the island only houses a sect of the Crawford family,” replied Gerald as he pointed at the same island that Jobson had identified earlier.

“Oh? How interesting… ” muttered Jobson.

“Indeed… Regardless, while I was on the island, Daryl sent his subordinates over to test my strength. Shortly after that, Will sent some of his own men to assassinate me. All in all, I think I got attacked three times on that island…” said Gerald as he recalled those incidents.

“Will?” asked Jobson.

“Ah, he was adopted by Daryl, and he’s about the same age as I am. From what I know, he’s currently the heir of the Crawford family, and he apparently thinks that I’m trying to find the island to snatch his position away! You can tell how desperate he is since he even dared to disobey Daryl’s orders!” explained Gerald with a laugh.

“How interesting… To think that while Daryl merely wishes to test your strength, his heir is trying to kill you. The current Crawford family doesn’t sound peaceful at all,” replied Jobson as he stroked his beard with a smile.

“Indeed… Either way, I really couldn’t care less about that position. I just want to rescue my family already…” muttered Gerald as he shook his head. In fact, even if Daryl really wanted him to be the next patriarch of the Crawford family, he would’ve declined.

“Speaking of your family, how long have they been locked up?” asked Jobson.

“A very long time,” replied Gerald with a sigh.

“And Daryl hasn’t hurt them?” asked the old man as he poured more tea for Gerald.

“From what an assassin that Will sent over told me, they’re apparently treated well, though they’ve remained locked up in a room at the back of the Crawford manor this entire time…” replied Gerald.

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