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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2254

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2254
“I was also told that only Daryl is allowed into the area they’re locked up in, so Will can’t mess around with them. At the very least, that’s what the assassin told me,” added Gerald as he shook his head, unsure of whether to believe that or not.

“Things simply get more and more interesting, huh… So after he captured your parents and sister, he’s now forcing you to go save them? At the same time, he doesn’t want you dead either. I wonder if you’re missing something here…” muttered the old man who knew Daryl’s personality well, which was why he still refused to believe that Daryl would harm his family without good reason.

Understanding that Jobson was trying to justify Daryl’s actions, Gerald simply clenched his fists before replying, “Even if I am, no grandfather should ever make their grandson learn about something through such despicable means…”

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It was clear that his hatred toward Daryl had peaked, and had anyone else said that, then Gerald would’ve already attacked them without the slightest hesitation.

Sensing Gerald’s hostility, the old man simply muttered in a slightly resigned tone, “… Let’s talk about this again once we reach the manor. Who knows, he may finally tell you why he did all that once you arrive. Again, before parting ways, I remember him always being extremely kind to his family members, especially your parents. In fact, he’s hardly ever scolded them!”

Before Gerald could reply, Fujiko, Master Ghost, and Aiden returned. Seeing them, Gerald chose not to continue the topic. Instead, he slipped the sea map back into his coat before sipping on his tea.

Once they were close enough, Aiden fished around in his bag before taking a beer bottle out. Tossing it toward Gerald, he then said, “Have a drink!”

Easily catching it, Gerald then placed it on the table before getting on his feet and replying, “Appreciated. Either way, I bet you guys are hungry. Let me cook something up for us!”

It was now three in the afternoon, and none of them had eaten anything since last night’s dinner. Since even he was feeling a little hungry, he could only imagine how starved ordinary people like Aiden and Fujiko were.

“We’re on a cargo ship, you know? Not some private yacht! With that said, we already have chefs on board. We have sailors and a captain as well, so all of you can just relax,” replied Jobson as he held onto Gerald’s arm.

Upon hearing that, Gerald nodded in response. How convenient.

It was sometime later when Gerald decided to take a walk around the deck. Since Master Ghost and Fujiko were busy distributing the things they had bought, Aiden who didn’t have anything else to do and just so happened to see Gerald walking out tossed whatever he was doing aside before running after Gerald.

Once he was on the deck, Gerald stared at the slowly shrinking country ofJapan behind them. Holding onto the ship’s rails, Gerald sighed as he felt a light and salty sea breeze brush against his face.

Walking to Gerald’s side, Aiden remained silent for a while before asking, “Who exactly is that old man…?”

“He’s the Yamashita family’s elder… He’s also a cultivator who, together with my grandfather, studied under the same master…” replied Gerald.

“And… he simply wants to help us…?” asked Aiden.

“It would appear so,” said Gerald after taking a deep breath, not even able to see Japan anymore.

“I see… well, not to be rude but… he’s quite old, isn’t he…? Rather than helping us, don’t you think we’ll have to spend more time taking care of him instead…?” whispered Aiden after taking a peek at the cabins.

Bursting out in laughter, Gerald simply replied, “You know, even I can’t say for sure that I’ll be able to beat him!”

Though he had never witnessed the old man in combat, the fact that Jobson was able to summon a flame out of thin air showed just how strong his cultivation was. However, the fact that Jobson was able to do that meant that Daryl could probably do the same. If that was the case, then Gerald was worried that he’d fail to rescue his family once he got there.

Even so, Gerald had already made up his mind. Even if he got heavily injured or even killed, he was still going to try to save his family.

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