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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2256

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2256
Whatever the case was, upon hearing Will’s voice, Amare couldn’t help but shudder as he turned around and replied, “Master Will…”

“Get in here…! Hurry…!” grumbled Will as he continuously looked left and right, glad that none of Daryl’s cultivators were around at the moment.

Watching as Will then gestured for him to hurry up, Amare knew he had no other choice but to obey. Though Amare had actively been trying to avoid Will since he returned, it appeared that he couldn’t run forever.

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Once Amare entered, Will quickly got two teacups out before asking, “Care for some tea?”

“I… No, I’m fine. Is… there anything I can do for you, Master Will…?” asked the uneasy Amare with a gulp.

Raising a slight brow, Will then replied, “What do you think? Tell me what happened already…!”

“W-what happened where, Master Will…?” stuttered Amare who was a terrible liar.

“I told you to assassinate Gerald, didn’t I? It’s already been a week since you’ve returned, don’t you think it’s high time you told me whether you succeeded or no t?” grumbled Will with a frown, knowing full well that Amare was playing dumb.

“O-oh…! So you were asking about that, Master Will… Well… though I searched far and wide, I simply couldn’t locate Gerald in Japan! He’s really good at hiding…” replied Amare as he smacked his forehead, hoping to fool Will that he had just recalled the incident.

“Bullsh*t! I already got confirmation that Gerald had been where the special forces competition was being held! With that said, how the hell couldn’t you find him if you went there?! You didn’t take my order seriously, did you?!” growled Will, actively trying to suppress his anger.

“O-of course I did…! You’re our family’s future patriarch! There’s no way I’d disobey your others on a whim! Believe me when I say that I would’ve definitely assassinated him had I managed to locate him back then!” declared the anxious Amare.

“… Then explain why you didn’t immediately report back to me the second you returned to the island?” replied Will in a slightly calmer tone. The fact that Amare had called him the future patriarch of the family had clearly pleased him, and Will was now starting to think that Amare was telling the truth.

Clearly getting better at lying now, Amare quickly explained, “Well… I just didn’t have the courage to face you after failing the mission… After all, you trusted me to complete it!”

By this point, Will was so overjoyed by the thought of getting to be the future patriarch that he didn’t even care anymore. Thinking back, of course a simpleton like Amare would fail to outsmart Gerald! With that in mind, Will then replied, “Well, since Gerald managed to evade even me, I guess it makes sense why he was able to escape your grasp. Fine, you’re forgiven!”

Hearing that, Amare who couldn’t help but secretly sigh in relief then declared, “If the chance ever arrives, I’ll gladly attempt to take him down again!”

“Just go back for now. And remember, don’t tell anyone about this…!” replied Will in a slightly resigned tone.

“Very well. If there’s anything else you wish to get done, make sure to call for me again!” said Amare before attempting to leave the room.

“Wait,” called out Will.

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