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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2257

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2257
Momentarily frozen in fear, the terrified Amare gulped as he slowly turned to face Will again.

Seeing that, Will then cleared his throat pretending to be serious as he said, “Keep in mind that I’m just a regular member of the family. With that said, don’t identify me as the future patriarch since Mr. Daryl is still in control.”

“Got it,” replied Amare as he nodded before swiftly leaving.

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After he left, Will quickly closed his room’s door before pacing up and down his hands behind his back as he muttered, “How odd… Aside from being able to take Wolf and Luc down, Gerald was even able to evade Amare for so long! What kind of cultivation does Gerald even possess? Could his talents exceed that of ordinary people…?”

Though there were many questions in his mind, Will decided to put everything aside for now.

In the end, he was pretty sure that Daryl was still dissatisfied with him for sending others to assassinate Gerald before this. With that in mind, he didn’t dare make another move so soon or he may really need to give up his position as the heir of the patriarch… It certainly didn’t help that there were many others who were more talented than him within the family. What more, though being adopted by Daryl made him special, it also meant that he didn’t possess Crawford blood in him.

Fast forward to two days later, the cargo ship from Japan finally arrived in Yanam waters. Aside from eating and sleeping, Gerald had spent much of his time staring out at the ocean in the direction Yanam was. Knowing that he was getting closer to saving his family, Gerald couldn’t help but feel slightly anxious.

After all, if he failed to save them now, there was a high chance that such a good opportunity wouldn’t present itself again anytime soon.

Whatever the case was, since the cargo ship was now so close to Yanam, it wasn’t long before the Yanam Military received news that Gerald was coming.

Upon getting the news, Carter who was in his office instantly got up from his seat before exclaiming in fear, “W-what?! Gerald’s back?! “

It had been extremely difficult to send Gerald off in the past. To think that that devil was back when Carter had barely had the time to relax and enjoy his new position as the Yanam Military leader!

“He is! We saw him standing atop a cargo ship through a telescope as we were inspecting the local sea areas!” reported a subordinate who was standing before Carter.

Feeling his palms grow sweaty, Carter was prompted to ask, “A-are you sure you weren’t mistaken?”

“A hundred percent! Otherwise, we wouldn’t have reported this to you in the first place! Regardless, why do you think that evil man’s returned leader…? Not only did be cause a massive mess in our military, but he’s also exterminated three major families here! If he’s really back for more trouble, then we may not be able to stop him!” replied the subordinate.

“Should we arm our most capable soldiers with our heaviest weapons to kill him before he lands? I’m sure trouble will start brewing the second he disembarks!” suggested the individual in charge of Yanam’s seas. He, for one, didn’t want history to repeat itself.

“Like I haven’t thought about that already! Either way, resume with whatever you were doing! I’ll contact you if I need anything else! Also, keep a close eye on Gerald at all times! Don’t let him sneak past us!” grumbled Carter who could feel a minor headache coming.

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