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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2258

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2258
Carter honestly couldn’t believe that the living nightmare had returned to haunt him again so soon! He had barely even been able to enjoy his new post as military leader!

What more, he was utterly terrified that he would somehow end up just like Godwin. After searching for an entire month, they eventually managed to find him.

However, he looked more like a savage than anything at the time. Hell, had the investigation team not recognized his clothes, he would’ve probably been shot to death the second they bumped into him!

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Either way, Carter had made sure to conceal the incident well. After all, he didn’t want unnecessary trouble to brew since that could potentially affect his post as leader. With that said, Carter had hidden Godwin in a remote mountain village, making sure to have a few of his subordinates guard him there at all times.

Regardless, after seeing what happened to Godwin, Carter was determined not to repeat his ex-leader’s mistakes. With that in mind, though the individual in charge of Yanam’s seas had made a tempting proposal to immediately send heavily armed military teams to take Gerald out earlier, Carter knew better than to just agree with that.

After all, Gerald had yet to make a move on them. Due to that, even if they did manage to take him down, Weston as a whole would potentially come after him next for murdering an innocent man!

However, if he allowed Gerald to set foot on Yanam, then dealing with Gerald would become even more difficult. As the saying went, prevention was better than cure.

Thankfully, after thinking for a good, long while,

Carter finally thought of a good idea. Picking the phone on his office desk up, Carter then called the person in charge of Yanam’s seas. Once he picked up, Carter immediately told him to come back, stating that he was about to issue an extremely important order to him.

Shortly after, the man from before burst into the room before asking in a hushed tone, “Are we going to make Gerald disappear before he reaches land, leader…?”

As the person in charge of Yanam’s seas, he wasn’t about to allow Gerald to cause any more trouble if he could help it. Hell, after Gerald left the last time, he had even filed an application to pursue and kill Gerald while he was still out at sea. Unfortunately, Carter had denied his request, so he had to give up on the idea at the time.

Whatever the case was, upon hearing that, Carter couldn’t help but narrow his eyes as he asked, “Are you really planning to kill Gerald just like that?”

“Are you proposing that we let him enter Yanam? If he manages to get to land, Gerald will surely cause a chaotic scene like the last time! He was Godwin’s murderer, for heaven’s sake!” replied the man in a slightly reluctant tone. When Godwin was leader, he never hesitated when it came to dealing with his opponents. Carter was the complete opposite of him. With how hesitant he always was, Carter didn’t have the demeanor of a leader at all!

“Remember that he’s still a Westoner. If we look for trouble with him out of the blue, I’m sure Weston will try to make an issue out of this. After all, we haven’t exactly had a good relationship with the country in recent years,” muttered Carter who found out about these things while he was still working under Godwin.

“Then… why did you summon me here…?” asked the man in confusion.

“Right. I want you to keep a close eye on Gerald and report his every move to me. If it truly seems like he’s approaching our docks, immediately report back. I’m meeting him in person this time…” ordered Carter after thinking for a bit.

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