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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2259

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2259
“B-but leader! You should know how cruel Gerald is…! Not only did he kill our former leader, but he’s also taken out our country’s three major families…! With how much chaos he’s caused here, it’s only safe to assume that you’ ll be in serious danger if you face him!” replied the terrified man.

“It’s fine, I’m the leader, after all. If I don’t step up, what right do I have to hold this position?” said Carter as he pointed at his seat in a calm tone.

Truth be told, Carter was extremely terrified. However, he was also well aware that he had yet to offend Gerald. In fact, he had even given Gerald his silent approval to leave Yanam back then, and he was sure that Gerald would remember that.

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As for why he wanted to meet Gerald, Carter wanted to inquire why he had come to Yanam this time. Regardless of whatever or whoever Gerald was looking for here, Carter would surely obtain and hand it or them to the youth in exchange for peace. With any luck, Carter would be able to retain his new position for much longer.

“Leader… I…!” said the person in charge of Yanam’s seas before his voice trailed off. While he had no idea what Carter was thinking, he couldn’t help but feel that his previous opinions about Carter were too rash now. As it turned out, the leader had been placing Yanam first this entire time. Hell, he was even willing to risk his life for the country!

“There’s no need to say any more than that. Just do as I ordered,” replied Carter as he gestured for the man to leave.

“…Understood! I’ ll get some men to be with you, just in case! That way, if Gerald tries anything funny, you’ll at least be able to remain relatively safe!” declared the man before leaving Carter’s office.

The second he left, Carter couldn’t help but slump into his chair. Just thinking about meeting Gerald made his hands tremble uncontrollably. Even so, he’d rather take the initiative to look for Gerald rather than the other way around. Doing so could at least minimize the potential damage done.

Either way, Carter’s orders were quickly spread around, and in no time at all, over ten fleets from Yanam’s maritime forces set off to keep a close eye on Gerald, everyone aboard making sure to detail the location of Gerald’s cargo ship at all times.

It was only when evening fell when Gerald’s ship was finally anchored at Yanam’s docks. By that point, aside from the old man, the other four had changed into new sets of clean clothes.

The second they were about to go through customs, however, they were immediately stopped by ten armed soldiers.

“Quite the warm welcome we’re getting, don’t you think?” said Jobson with a chuckle, seemingly unafraid of all those guns. After all, he had already seen much of the world.

“Let’s just say I had some issues with them before so they’re a little scared of me…” replied Gerald as he scratched the back of his head before sighing.

Shortly after, the person in charge of Yanam’s seas stepped forward before saying, “Mr. Crawford! Our leader would like to meet you!”

“Carter wants to meet me?” replied Gerald with a slight frown, recalling how Carter had merely been an executive before Gerald had gotten rid of Godwin. Thinking back, it was rather funny how that drunken man whom Gerald had captured back then ended up getting elected to be the next military leader of Yanam Whatever the case was, the man then nodded before saying, “Indeed. Please cooperate with us, Mr. Crawford.”

“Gladly, though could you accommodate my friends for the meantime?” replied Gerald.

“We’ve already considered that. With that said, please come with me, ladies and gentlemen. I’ll be leading you to your guest rooms to rest in the meantime,” said the man as he turned to look at Aiden and the others.

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