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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2260

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2260
Feeling a chill run down his spine, Carter fought the urge to flee before gesturing for the men surrounding Gerald to leave as he said, “Leave us be.”

Hearing that, the soldiers gave a salute before leaving the office.

The second they were gone, Carter quickly closed the door. Gulping as he walked toward Gerald and handed him a cigarette, Carter then said, “Um… So… Why exactly have you returned, Gerald…? I-If there’s anything or anyone you need, just say the word and I’ll help obtain them for you…!”

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Lighting the cigarette before sitting on the couch, Gerald then crossed his legs before replying, “I’m not looking for anyone or anything.”

“H-huh…? Then… Why are you here…?” whimpered the terrified Carter.

“I’m just here to sightsee. Or am I not welcome here? Just so you know, I still have the green card issued by your government,” said Gerald, amused by Carter’s hypervigilance. This man was incomparable to Godwin!

“O-of course you are…! I welcome you if you’re just here for that…! ” replied Carter as he placed his hands together.

“Good to hear. Anyway, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave first,” said Gerald as he placed his unfinished cigarette into an ashtray before getting up to leave.

“P-please wait! ” called out Carter.

“What is it now? Stop wasting my time…” growled Gerald with a deep frown.

“I-I… Please… is that the only reason you’re here in Yanam…? I’m just worried for my country’s sake after all you’ve done here in the past…” whimpered Carter who had no choice but to be honest since he didn’t want to accidentally anger Gerald.

“You’re worried, you say…?” replied Gerald as he looked at the terrified man.

“Y-yes… You should know that I’m telling the truth since I’ve always been honest with you… P-please remember that I was also the one who gave the order for you to safely leave back then… Had I not done that, the person in charge of Yanam’s seas would’ve definitely continued trying to retaliate, you know…?” stuttered Carter as he revealed an awkward smile, clearly trying to butter Gerald up.

“So you’re saying I should state my true objective as thanks?” sneered Gerald in response.

“O-of course, not! I’m just saying that we’ll definitely help you if you need anything! In return, I only ask that you don’t… well… go on another rampage…” muttered Carter.

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