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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2261

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2261
“Fine, I came to Yanam to look for something, but I’m not interested in causing any unnecessary trouble,” replied Gerald before turning to face the door again.

“T-then I’ll-” However, before Carter could even finish his sentence, Gerald had already walked out.

Still, since Gerald had clarified that he wasn’t here to cause trouble, Carter couldn’t help but feel slightly relieved. As long as he didn’t go out on his way to offend him, then Gerald wouldn’t be an issue for Yanam. Regardless, Gerald soon made it to the guest rooms that wasn’t too far from Carter’s office where the others already were. Though the term ‘guest room’ had been used, the truth was, Carter had booked one of the more luxurious hotels in Yanam for them. Since the place was usually reserved for important people from overseas, if one didn’t have the right connections, then they wouldn’t be able to stay there, even if they had the money.

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Either way, the others were eating at the moment Gerald entered the room.

Seeing him, Aiden immediately put his food down before asking, “Gerald! What did Carter want from you?”

“He’s just worried that I’ll cause unnecessary chaos here. After all, he just got promoted to being the military leader,” replied Gerald as he shook his head with a smile.

Watchng as Gerald then sat beside him, Aiden couldn’t help but sneer, “Hah! It all depends on whether they pick a bone with us first!”

“Indeed. Either way, all of you should rest up for the night. For tomorrow, I’ll have Master Ghost come along with me. Aiden, Fujiko, and Senior Jobson, you three can continue resting here,” replied Gerald, not taking Carter who was nowhere near as big a threat as Godwin was seriously at all. As long as Carter made one wrong move, Gerald could easily get rid of him.

“I’ll be coming along,” said the old man.

“Alright,” replied Gerald, knowing how knowledgeable and experienced Jobson was. Hell, though the probability was low, there was always a chance that Jobson would notice something that Gerald missed while they were in the ancient ruins. Either way, once dinner was over, everyone returned to their respective rooms to rest.

Lying on his bed that was right next to the window, Gerald took a peek outside and saw that several Yanam soldiers were guarding the hotel’s entrance. Not even bothering about them, Gerald then turned to face the vast, silent ocean before looking at the cloudy and moonless night sky.

“We’re going to have heavy rain tomorrow…” muttered Gerald as he lit a cigarette.

Just seconds after he began puffing on it, a few raindrops fell against the windowpane. Soon enough, torrential rain began crashing down. Despite the heavy rain, the Yanam soldiers seemed completely unfazed as they continued patrolling the area.

Staring at the falling rain, Gerald was reminded of the night his family was kidnapped. Drenched in rain upon returning home, Gerald had no idea what had happened to his family till he eventually rescued Master Ghost and found out.

Putting his hands together, Gerald then closed his eyes while facing the sky before wishing, “May things go smoothly this time… The sooner I get to save them, the better…”

The second his sentence ended, thunder rang in the sky, followed by a bolt of lightning that momentarily lit the dark sky up.

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