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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2262

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2262
Daryl appeared in his dreams that night, and the old man kept on talking about Gerald’s childhood till the moment Gerald finally awoke from his nightmare. Even as he panted vigorously upon waking up, Gerald couldn’t help but check his surroundings. It had all felt so real. Once he calmed down a little, Gerald saw that it was only four in the morning.

Looking out the window, Gerald realized that it was still raining heavily. Knowing that he wasn’t going to get any further rest that night, Gerald then rolled out of bed and stood by the window, silently gazing out.

All of a sudden, knocking could be heard from his door. Raising a slight brow, Gerald then looked through the door’s peephole and saw that it was Aiden. Opening the door, Gerald couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Well someone’s early…”

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“Yes, about that… You see, I just received an urgent message from my superior, but before that, do you still remember Miss Lawrence?” asked Aiden in a nervous tone.

“That unruly young lady? Of course, I do. You escorted her back, right?” replied Gerald who needed a moment to even remember her.

“Bingo. While I did send her back, she apparently returned to Yanam alone. Since then, nobody’s been able to contact her. With that in mind, my superior has urgently ordered me to locate her. Following that, I’m to safely escort her back.” Muttered Aiden as he double checked if anyone was nearby before closing the door behind him.

“Now why on earth would she come here?” asked Gerald with a frown as he recalled the time he and Aiden had escorted her to the Grubb family. Had they not stepped in back then, she would’ve surely gotten deflowered.

Either way, Gerald also remembered telling Lindsay time and again not to contact that family, and he was pretty sure that she had promised not to back then.

“How should I know? My superior has even asked the Lawrence family regarding this, though they refused to explain why she had returned. Personally, I assume she’s here because of that mysterious keepsake that she sent. The Grubbs may have some contact with the Lawrences as well, so the Lawrences probably had no say in Lindsay’s return, which ultimately resulted in the current situation,” replied Aiden with a helpless shrug.

“Well isn’t this interesting…” said Gerald with a chuckle.

“Easy for you to say… What should I do…?” muttered the anxious Aiden.

“You like Lindsay, don’t you?” replied Gerald with a slightly raised brow.

“…H-huh? Where did that come from…” muttered Aiden, failing to stop himself from blushing.

“Be honest with me.”

“That… I’m… not too sure about that, to be honest…” replied Aiden as be lowered his head. Since he had been in the military for so many years, he had never truly considered starting a love life.

“Alright, listen up. You, of all people, should know that my goal is to uncover the secrets of the Seadom tribe at the ancient ruins so that I’ll potentially be able to locate Yearning Island and save my family. I trust you understand how much this matters to me, correct?” asked Gerald after taking a deep breath.

“I do,” replied Aiden with a slight nod.

“Good. Now… If you truly like Lindsay, I’ll definitely help you save her. After all, what are friends for? However, if you dislike her, then this is a matter between you and your superior. In other words, you’ll be saving her on your own. With that said, what’s it going to be?” asked Gerald in a solemn tone.

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