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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2264

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2264
Though it had already been raining for ages, the rain only seemed to get heavier as the duo got into their car. Since Yanam soldiers were still patrolling the area, the second they saw Gerald and Aiden leaving, one of them immediately reported the situation to their superior.

Meanwhile, Carter was sleeping soundly within the leader’s lounge. After learning that Gerald wasn’t here to cause chaos, Carter had been so relieved that he had invited several executives to drink with him the night before, which explained why he was in such a comfortable slumber.

However, the snoring man was abruptly awoken when his butler burst through the door, gently shaking Carter’s sleeping body as he exclaimed, “B-bad news, Captain…!”

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Annoyed that he was suddenly awoken, Carter then yelled, “Get lost!”

“Captain! Gerald and that special forces soldier from Weston have just left the hotel! Should we send our men over to keep an eye on them?” replied the butler who wasn’t intimidated in the least.

Under normal circumstances, the butler would’ve surely sent people after the duo without even needing to ask for Carter’s permission. However, since Carter apparently had his own ways of dealing with Gerald, the butler refrained since he was worried that sending their men to tail Gerald would eventually ruin everything.

“Let’s just talk about it once I’m up…! With that said, if you don’t get lost now, you’re in for a world of trouble …!” growled Carter. Since he wasn’t fully sober yet, he hadn’t really heard what his butler had said. To him, everything was simply gibberish.

“With all due respect, captain! Gerald and his ally have left the hotel…!” replied the butler who had no choice but to raise his voice a little.

“Are you courting death?!” roared Carter as he fished for his pistol that was by his bed before aiming it at the butler!

“I-I’ll leave immediately…!” cried out the butler before rushing out of the room. While he knew that the half awake Carter hadn’t gotten the message, the butler wasn’t about to risk his life just to get his point across.

Knowing that he had successfully gotten rid of the loud butler, Carter then tossed his pistol onto the floor before lying in bed again. It wasn’t long before his snoring resumed.

Back on Gerald’s side, he and Aiden continued speeding toward the Grubb family’s manor. Though the wipers were doing their best to clear the windscreen, the rain was absolutely horrendous. Not wanting to risk crashing the vehicle since he could barely see the road by this point, Gerald had no choice but to slow the car down.

Staring at the onslaught of rain outside his window, Aiden was prompted to ask, “Do you think Miss Lawrence is in danger, Gerald…?”

“You know I can’t answer that,” replied Gerald as he focused on the road. Honestly, had it not been a mission to save his friend’s love interest, Gerald wouldn’t even have considered driving in this weather.

“I see… Still, since we’ve gotten rid of Prey, she should be fine if she’s currently with the Grubbs. After all, aside from being her father’s good friend, Lucian is also Miss Lawrence’s godfather. With that in mind, I really hope that she’s there and that her phone is just broken or she just hasn’t been looking at it…” muttered Aiden.

“That would be for the best,” replied Gerald with a shrug.

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