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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2266

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2266
The truth was, Gerald hadn’t even looked at the Devotion Mirror from the second he got it. He had simply been too busy to unravel its mysteries. What more, the mirror wasn’t exactly as important as Lucian would’ve liked to believe, though Gerald knew better than to tell him that. After all, an enraged Lucian would only spell more trouble for him.

“Oh please, your talent’s exceptional, mister! After all, you’re the first person who’s been able to retrieve the mirror from the cave! Since you’ve even obtained recognition from my ancestors, I have reason to believe that it’s only a matter of time before you uncover its mysteries,” declared Lucian as he shook his head, making it clear that he trusted the Devotion Mirror’s choice.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely share what lies within the mirror ifI manage to crack the code,” replied Gerald with a hearty laugh.

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“If you manage to do so, you’ll truly be a great benefactor to my family!” declared Lucian, his eyes glimmering with hope.

According to his family’s ancestral records, anyone who managed to grasp the meaning of the mirror would gain supreme skills and cultivation that would then grant them easier access in becoming a top cultivator. With that said, if Gerald succeeded in decoding the mirror, then the Grubbs would easily become the largest and strongest family in the entirety of Yanam! Actually, since all the cultivators in their family would be able to max out their cultivation by then, forget Yanam, they’d become the strongest cultivating family in the cultivation realm!

Regardless, Gerald then replied, “It’s already an honor to be given the chance to inspect this mirror…”

Throughout their conversation, Gerald had kept tabs on Lucian’s expressions. Aside from excitement, however, Gerald couldn’t discern any other vague expressions, which meant that Lucian hadn’t kidnapped Lindsay. Though that was the case, that didn’t mean that the other Grubbs hadn’t done the deed.

Whatever the case was, upon hearing that, Lucian couldn’t help but exclaim, “You truly are my family’s lucky star, mister!”

“You flatter me. Speaking of which, have any weird incidents happened within your family recently?” asked Gerald.

“Hmm? Everything’s been normal as far as I’m concerned… Honestly, have you returned to deal with my family’s affairs, mister? Does it concern the cave or the mirror…?” replied Lucian after thinking for a bit.

“Let’s just say that I’ve returned to look for something, though it doesn’t concern your family. Don’t overthink my earlier question,” replied Gerald with a wave of his hand, not wanting to accidentally mention that he was here to investigate Lindsay’s disappearance.

“I see… You scared me for a moment there… However, there is one other thing I’d like to talk to you about…” muttered Lucian after heaving a relieved sigh. It was something that he had realized right after Gerald left back then.

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