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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2267

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2267
“Go on,” replied Gerald as he momentarily looked at the heavy rain outside.

“Well… I’m sure you know of my adopted son, Frey, right? You see, it’s been ages since I’ve last seen him… He seems to have just vanished into thin air! It doesn’t help that as far as I know, he didn’t have any disputes with my other family members. With that said, I was wondering if you had bumped into him…” muttered Lucian with a slight frown.

In his search for Frey, not only had Lucian searched every nook and cranny of his manor, but he had even gone to all the places Frey usually went to. Hell, aside from meeting up with Frey’s friends, he had also used all his connections to locate his son to no avail even after two entire months.

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“Frey?” asked Gerald in a calm tone, though honestly, he couldn’t help but feel sad for Lucian. After all, he had killed Frey back in that cave, and Gerald was pretty sure that not even Frey’s ashes remained. Still, to think that Lucian the mighty master of the Grubb family would end up adopting such an evil son… How truly pitiful.

“Yes… While I had initially doubted that he had met with an accident or was kidnapped, after so long, I just want news about him already… Any news… ” muttered Lucian, his eyes now slightly red and teary.

Unable to bear telling Lucian the truth, Gerald simply replied, “…I’ll keep an eye out for him. If I hear anything about Frey, I’ll definitely notify you.”

“I appreciate it. Still, I have a feeling that he’s probably been killed by an accident somewhere… Even if that’s the case, I still have to find his corpse in order to give him a proper burial…” said Lucian before sighing heavily. It was clear that he no longer had any hope that his son was alive, and that he was only saying all this to get it out of his system.

“I agree. As Weston customs go, all dead individuals need to be buried,” replied Gerald.

Nodding in response, Lucian then wiped his tears away before looking at Gerald and saying, “… Either way, do stay here till the rain goes away… It’s dangerous to drive in such horrid weather… Speaking of which, you said you were here to look for something, right? Tell me what it is. I get my men to obtain it for you.”

“I can get it easily, so don’t worry about it. Whatever the case is, let’s talk about it once the rain stops in a few days,” replied Gerald as he looked outside.

“A few days indeed… Well, it doesn’t seem like the rain will be letting up anytime soon, why not stay here in the meantime? I’ll get my butler to clean up a few of our guest rooms later. Also, you’ve probably driven for quite a while to get here, correct? You must be starving! I’ll get my chefs to prepare something for us right this instant! We can just eat in the reception room,” said Lucian with a subtle smile. Gerald’s arrival had honestly been the best thing that had happened to him in the past few days.

“I’ll be troubling you then, Mr. Grubb,” replied Gerald as he placed his hands together before Lucian.

“Oh please, you’re no trouble at all! Truth be told, I’m glad you’re staying here! ” replied Lucian with a wave of his hand. As it turned out, Lucian’s temperament had undergone quite the change ever since Frey disappeared.

“Well, looks like we’ll be staying here for the next few days, Aiden,” said Gerald as he turned to face the dazed boy.

Quickly snapping out of it, Aiden simply replied with a nod.

It wasn’t long after before servants began appearing with several dishes in hand. To celebrate Gerald’s arrival, Lucian even got his special wine out, and the trio found themselves enjoying their meal in the reception room as rain continued pouring outside.

Once they were done with their meals, Gerald and Aiden headed to their guest rooms that had thoroughly been tidied up. The second Aiden closed the door behind him, he immediately inched closer to Gerald before whispering, “Do you think Lucian’s aware of Lindsay’s disappearance…?”

Narrowing his eyes, Gerald then thought for a moment before replying, “…I don’t think so, no…”

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