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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2268

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2268
“I see… Still, let’s start investigating tonight. After all, even if Lucian’s not aware of it, his other family members are still highly suspicious. The longer we don’t make a move, the higher the chances of Miss Lawrence being in danger… ! ” declared Aiden who didn’t even bother whispering anymore. Though the heavy rain masked his voice well, it didn’t change the fact that his tone suggested that he wanted to flip through the entire manor to see if Lindsay was present.

Frowning slightly, Gerald then replied, “Calm yourself.”

“Like hell I can! If Miss Lawrence ends up bumping into someone like Frey again, she’ll definitely be ruined!” grumbled Aiden with a sigh.

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“And that’s exactly why you should remain calm. How are you going to save her with an unclear mind?” replied Gerald who knew how Aiden felt.

After all, he had been much more anxious than Aiden back when Mila first got captured. As Gerald would come to learn, until he calmed himself, he wouldn’t ever be able to resolve his problems. Thankfully, he managed to slowly calm himself over time.

Whatever the case was, knowing that Gerald’s words made sense, Aiden then lowered his head with a sigh before saying in a resigned tone, “Fine, I’ll try to remain calm…”

“Atta boy. Now… let’s think this through. If it really was a Grubb who kidnapped Lindsay, who would be our prime suspect?” asked Gerald slightly loudly due to the crashing rain as he sat at the side of the bed.

“Frey’s men,” replied Aiden almost instantaneously. He had already considered that possibility while they were still in the car earlier.

“While they do sound like the most plausible suspects, why would they want to capture her in the first place?” said Gerald with a nod.

“That… I… can’t say for sure…” muttered Aiden as he shook his head. It was clear that he hadn’t thought that far ahead.

“First off, Frey’s men only went after her in the first place because of Frey’s orders. Now that he’s dead and the members of the Grubb family have no idea where he’s gone to, why would his subordinates suddenly want to kidnap her?” replied Gerald.

“I mean… when Frey was about to deflower her that night, plenty of his men were with him… I’m sure at least some of them yearned for her… To me, that alone is reason enough for them to kidnap her!” said Aiden as he recalled the events of that night.

“While that’s certainly a possibility, it’s a low one. Besides, that’s mostly just speculation,” replied Gerald with a nod.

“Then… Where do you think Lindsay has disappeared to?” asked the puzzled Aiden.

“For one, I don’t think the Grubbs have anything to do with her going missing. However, I do have a feeling that they have other issues that they didn’t report to your superior… ” replied Gerald as he narrowed his eyes.

“Other problems…? Come to think of it, back when my superior contacted me, he told me that the Grubbs had only told him that Lindsay had gone missing on her way back to Yanam and nothing else…” muttered Aiden, now starting to feel enlightened.

“Lindsay isn’t a fool, Aiden. After that incident, I believe that she’d have reported any subsequent journeys she made to her family. What more, there’s a high chance she had made sufficient preparations before even arriving at the Grubb family’s manor. With all that in mind, there’s no way a similar incident could’ve taken place,” replied Gerald with a faint smile, seeing that Aiden was finally starting to see his point.

“That’s right! Lindsay should’ve told her family before coming over!” exclaimed Aiden who now had a new outlook on the case.

“Bingo. While we don’t know whether she’s being locked up in the manor or she’s just having general troubles reporting back, I can say for sure that the Grubbs are definitely hiding something from us,” replied Gerald as he opened the window before lighting a cigarette.

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