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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2271

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2271
“Of course! Ask away!” replied Lucian with a nod.

“Well… Miss Lindsay… She never returned since she left, correct?” asked Gerald with a slight frown, though after talking twice to Lucian about it, he felt that the man truly didn’t know a thing about all this. What more, with how fondly he spoke of Lindsay, it was hard to imagine Lucian to be her kidnapper.

“… What do you mean by ‘returned’? Weren’t you and Aiden the ones who came with her?” replied Lucian, clearly startled to hear that.

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Shaking his head, Gerald then replied, “No, I meant after that…”

“Well… Ever since you left together, she’s never returned… Besides, Mr. Lawrence never mentioned anything about sending his nice back…” muttered Lucian in response.

“I see…”

“Though… Where’s this coming from? Could something have happened to Lindsay…?” asked Lucian in a serious tone. He, for one, wasn’t the head of the family for nothing.

“Unfortunately, yes,” replied Gerald.

“What? Why haven’t I heard about this? Actually, how did she even manage to disappear? After all, not only does she have you, a person who was able to take out the high elders of the three largest families in Yanam, but she also had Aiden a special forces agent on her side!” exclaimed Lucian as he clenched his fists.

“It happened after Aiden sent her back. Apparently, she received a mission from her family and supposedly returned to your manor in Yanam. That was when she went missing,” explained Gerald in an indifferent tone.

“But that’s impossible! Mr. Lawrence never even told me that Lindsay was coming back! I’ll call him right this instant to ask what really happened! How could she have just disappeared on her way here? And why hadn’t he told me about this serious matter!” exclaimed Lucian as he got to his feet before getting his phone.

“Hold it, Mr. Grubb!” replied Gerald as he grabbed Lucian’s arm.

“With all due respect, not only is Mr. Lawrence my lifelong friend, but Lindsay is also my niece! How do you expect me to wait when something could’ve happened to her?!” exclaimed Lucian who was honestly more anxious now compared to when he was talking about Frey.

“If things were really that simple, then the Lawrences would’ve surely notified you the second Lindsay departed. After all, she had only made it back safely back then since Aiden was with her!” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

“Are you saying that the Lawrences don’t want me to know about all this?” asked Lucian after a slight pause.

“While I don’t know what’s happened between you two, I suspect that to be the case. After all, we only learned about her disappearance from Aiden’s superior who was the only one the Lawrences had notified about the incident. With that said, Aiden and I had come here in the first place to investigate whether the Grubbs were involved with Lindsay’s case,” explained Gerald once Lucian calmed down a little.

“What? Why on earth would we do that? It’s not like she has anything particularly valuable that we need…” replied Lucian as he firmly shook his head.

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