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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2273

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2273
“This isn’t about Frey… It’s about Lindsay. She’s apparently gone missing on her way here! Also, since Frey’s harassed her before, Gerald’s asking for his men to come over to see if they’re involved!” replied Lucian with a sigh.

“W-what? She’s disappeared?!” exclaimed the butler, clearly shocked by the news.

“Indeed… Also, if any of his men refuse to come, call the police to conduct a search on them! We have to ensure that Lindsay’s disappearance has nothing to do with our family!” ordered Lucian.

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Nodding in response, the butler then quickly rang all of them up, telling them to gather there. Once he was done, however, the butler couldn’t help but ask, “Um… Why haven’t I heard that Miss Lindsay was coming over, master…?”

“I was just made aware of this myself,” replied Lucian.

“If that’s the case, then why would the other family members know about this? Could one of the Grubbs know someone from the Lawrence family…?” muttered the butler as he scratched the back of his head.

“You make a fair point! How on earth had they known about this before us?” exclaimed Lucian.

“Mr. Grubb, as I’ve said, Lindsay’s disappearance may have nothing to do with your family. With that said, I’m merely asking for Frey’s men to come over to confirm that,” replied Gerald.

“If I may, could you detail all that’s been happening? I’m just curious as to how Miss Lindsay suddenly disappeared. After all, not only were we notified in advance of her arrival back then, but I also remember Miss Lindsay getting escorted by a special forces agent from Weston the last time she came over,” asked the butler, wondering what changed that led to her disappearance.

“Well, the Lawrences apparently notified Aiden’s superiors about Lindsay’s disappearance while she was on her way to your manor. With that said, we in turn only found out about all this through Aiden’s superiors. Either way, aside from that, the Lawrences apparently gave no further details…” explained Gerald.

“How absolutely strange…” replied the butler as he continued scratching the back of his head.

“Whatever the case is, Lindsay’s gone missing within Yanam, so we have to find her!” growled Lucian as he clenched his fists.

Shortly after, Frey’s men came running in, completely drenched in rain. Not knowing why they were called over, they simply stood at the door, waiting for Lucian to say something. However, Lucian simply stared at them without saying a word, immediately causing all of them to gulp. Had they messed up? But that couldn’t be! After all, ever since Frey went missing, they hadn’t left the manor at all…!

Eventually, the butler who realized that Lucian wasn’t going to say anything soon was prompted to say, “So… Do all of you realize why you’ve been called over?”

“We don’t…” replied a few of the men as they shook their heads.

“I’d like you to consider everything you’ve done in the past few days. If you admit to doing something wrong, then you won’t be held responsible. However, if you continue trying to keep it a secret, then I’m afraid the consequences will be dire,” said the butler.

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