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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2274

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2274
“B-but we haven’t done anything!”

“Yeah! We’ve been staying in the manor this entire time! If you don’t believe us, you can check the surveillance footage!”

“Is this about young master Frey? Is there any news about him?” asked the frightened men as they tried to remember whether they had accidentally violated any of the family’s rules.

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“How many days ago, Gerald?” asked Lucian.

“About a week ago,” replied Gerald.

“Send someone to go through all the surveillance footage from the past week! Conduct thorough investigations on anyone who’s left the manor for personal matters in the past week! ” ordered Lucian, prompting the butler to begin calling someone to review the footage.

Either way, after hearing all that, Frey’s men couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded. After all, aside from how serious Lucian and his butter looked, Frey’s men were well aware that Lucian barely ever requested for the surveillance footage to be checked. With that in mind, they knew that something major was definitely happening.

Once the butler was done with his call, he turned to look at Frey’s men before asking, “So… What have all of you been doing in the past few days?”

“As we’ve said, we really haven’t done anything! The footage will prove our innocence!”

“That’s right! Still, what’s all this about…? Did something big happen…?” asked one of the men with a gulp.

“You don’t need to know. However, note that till this matter is properly investigated, none of you are allowed to leave the manor. Know that all your movements within the manor will be monitored as well,” replied the butler with a frown.

“Understood!” declared the men in unison. Whatever was happening within the family, they were apparently involved.

Regardless, upon hearing that, the butler simply waved his hand before saying, “Now leave…”

Nodding in response, the men then left the scene, disappearing once more in the pouring rain.

Once they were gone, the butler closed the door behind them before walking up to Lucian and saying, “I don’t think they’re involved with her disappearance.”

“Let’s check the footage first before jumping to conclusions. Even if they didn’t leave the manor, there’s always a chance that they sent someone else to do the deed! With that said, I’m sure traces of the crime will be left behind! Either way, if they truly are the culprits, I won’t be letting them off lightly…!” growled Lucian.

“I’ll make sure to run a thorough investigation,” replied the butler.

“While I’d like to contribute, I only know as much as you do know,” said Gerald with a sigh. Since he didn’t even know where Lindsay had first gone missing, locating her was near impossible at this point in time.

Still, since this was for Aiden, Gerald was going to do his best. He, for one, had already experienced the pain of losing Mila, and he didn’t want Aiden to go through the same agony.

“Still, Mr. Lawrence is quite the character. After all, his daughter’s gone missing yet he refuses to notify us about it! Even if he has his reasons, he can’t just disregard Lindsay’s safety…!”

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